Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 190

Hearing the three words Huang Lian Po, Wang Haishan’s complexion changed obviously. He was still very jealous of the Li family, but in the presence of Kang Haibo, Wang Haishan couldn’t recognize it, so of course he had to express it. Be harder: “That yellow-faced lady, if I dare to have an opinion, I will divorce her.”
“Haha, divorced her? You’re fine if she keeps going, and you still divorced her.” Kang Yunbo sneered loudly. Wang Haishan, this is purely a cooked duck, with a hard mouth. People from the Li family, you can rest if you want to. of?
“Kang Yunbo, don’t worry about anything!” Wang Haishan was a little bit irritated. There were so many women in the box. Kang Haibo made him unable to get off stage.
“It’s okay to look for things? Wang Haishan, TM, if you didn’t have to look for things first, I would be okay to look for things?” Kang Haibo was also a bit angry, he was the first to look at people, but you Wang Haishan also wanted to get in. thing?
Wang Haishan still wanted to explain a few words, but at this moment, Ye Mingwen frowned and said: “People haven’t come yet, why are you making a noise?”
When Ye Mingwen spoke, the two of them were silent. Ye Mingwen’s face, they still want to give, after all, the family behind them is not in the same class as the Ye family.
“That Xia Mengyao is really that beautiful?” Ye Mingwen was a little suspicious. He had heard of Xia Mengyao’s name before, the number one beauty in Cangzhou City, but he never had the chance to see it because he felt that this matter is likely to be hyped. , Xia Mengyao really wants to be so beautiful, she should have been married to a rich family a long time ago, rather than marrying a useless.
But today, before the Xia Mengyao people came, Kang Haibo and Wang Haishan were red-faced fighting for Xia Mengyao. The two were considered to have seen the world, and even third-line celebrities had played. Ye Mingwen rarely saw them. They would do it for a woman. In this way, Ye Mingwen was not curious.
“Manager Ye, Xia Mengyao, she is indeed very beautiful.” After hesitating for a while, Wang Haishan couldn’t help but speak. Xia Mengyao’s beauty is radiated from the inside out. It is naturally beautiful. Maybe at first glance, it doesn’t. How amazing, but the more you look at it, the more you like it, the more you are surprised, and you will eventually give birth to a kind of illusion that this woman should only be in the sky, so why not hear it in the world.
“Since she is so beautiful, why is she still a young child until now.” Ye Mingwen couldn’t help but ask. Xia Mengyao and Chen Feng were still a virgin after three years of marriage. This matter is no longer a secret to the outside world, and Chen Feng’s biggest Many people suspect that there is a problem with Chen Feng.
“Because her husband is a trash.” Kang Haibo curled his lips. Apart from Chen Feng trash, he couldn’t think of other reasons to explain this.
“Yeah.” Wang Haishan rarely echoed Kang Haibo once. The version he heard was that Xia Mengyao didn’t like Chen Feng, so he was unwilling to have a relationship with Chen Feng.
Ye Mingwen nodded and wanted to say something, but at this moment, the door of the box was pushed open.
Xia Mengyao wore a black OL suit and walked in. Behind her, A Hao followed.
The moment Xia Mengyao came in, the whole box was silent.
Both Ye Mingwen and Kang Haibo saw Xia Mengyao for the first time. Their eyes were straight for an instant, and their eyes glowed green.
Kang Haibo felt that his lower abdomen was uncontrollably hot.
This willow waist, this hip, this slender leg…
Naked stunner!
If he could get such a stunner, he would be happy to make him live less than ten years!
Ye Mingwen also had dry mouth and tongue, and at this time he could no longer consider why the person who came was not Chen Feng, but Xia Mengyao.
He only has one idea, no matter what, even if it is unscrupulous, he will get Xia Mengyao!
Such a stunner, marrying Chen Feng that trash, is simply a violent thing!
“Miss Xia, hello, this is Ye Mingwen.” Ye Mingwen got up first and stretched out his hand.
Afterwards, Wang Haishan and Kang Haibo also followed suit and stretched out their hands with a smile.
Xia Mengyao frowned slightly, she didn’t like the narrowed eyes of the three of them, but she understood that since she decided to stand alone, this situation will inevitably be inevitable in the future, and she will have to face it sooner or later.
So Xia Mengyao stretched out her hand reluctantly, shook hands with the three of them, and then sat down.
“Manager Ye, Manager Wang, Manager Kang, I’ll be here this time…” Xia Mengyao was straightforward and wanted to say the purpose directly, but before she could finish her words, she was interrupted by Ye Mingwen with a smile: “Miss Xia, work matters Let’s not talk about it. Let’s drink first. When we are happy, we will talk about work.”
With that said, Ye Mingwen pushed the poured red wine to Xia Mengyao.
“Manager Ye, I can’t drink.” Xia Mengyao frowned.
“Can’t drink?” Ye Mingwen chuckled and said, “Miss Ye is kidding me? Are there anyone who can’t drink these days?”
“That’s right, Miss Ye, I want to talk to us about the project, how can I not show it with any sincerity.” Kang Haibo smiled and informed them that the person who came was Chen Feng, but when he arrived at the scene, Chen Feng did not come. Instead, let his wife come over.
The meaning of this is already obvious. In his opinion, Chen Feng intends to contribute his wife and let his wife talk to them in bed.
So Xia Mengyao’s move is tantamount to pretending to be high-minded.
Xia Mengyao was a little embarrassed, and immediately picked up the red wine on the table and drank it all in one go.
She doesn’t want to live under Chen Feng’s protection all the time. She also wants to have the ability to stand alone. Although Chen Feng said that she doesn’t want her to be wronged at all, but in this world, how can people not be wronged at all?
“Haha, Miss Xia is really refreshing!” Ye Mingwen laughed, poured another glass of red wine and pushed it to Xia Mengyao.
With A Hao staring at him, it is impossible for him to make such a small action as medicine, but it is still possible to get Xia Mengyao drunk.
When Xia Mengyao is drunk, and then find any reason to send Ahao away, can Xia Mengyao be at his mercy.
“Manager Ye, I can drink this glass of wine.” Xia Mengyao gave Ye Mingwen a blank expression and said, “But also ask Manager Ye to give me a clear answer.”
“What answer does Miss Xia want?” Ye Mingwen smiled lightly.
“The projects Xia Hao sold you, I want to get them back.” Xia Mengyao said calmly.
“Take it back? Miss Xia is embarrassing me a little bit. I bought the projects from Xia Hao with real money. The contracts in black and white were signed. Now Miss Xia wants to go back with a word. I’m afraid…it’s not that easy.” Ye Mingwen paused and didn’t go on, but the meaning was obvious.
“What are the conditions for Manager Ye? To put it bluntly.” Xia Mengyao took a deep breath and said, she naturally understood that it was impossible for Ye Mingwen to hand over those projects with just a few words.

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