Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 191

“Conditions?” Ye Mingwen shook the red wine glass in his hand, gave Xia Mengyao a playful look, and said, “Miss Xia, it’s worthwhile to talk about conditions.”
“What does Manager Ye mean?” Xia Mengyao said blankly.
“Very simple, a project, a glass of wine!” Ye Mingwen smiled and raised a finger.
“Miss Xia, I bought seven projects from Xia Hao.” Ye Mingwen smiled faintly and said: “Now, I can take the initiative to return those seven projects to Miss Xia. The only thing Miss Xia needs to do is drink with me. …Seven glasses of wine.”
Seven glasses of wine!
Xia Mengyao’s face changed, her drink volume was average, not to mention seven glasses, or three glasses.
Besides, even if she can drink seven glasses of wine, what if Ye Mingwen breaks his promise?
“Miss Xia, my condition is not excessive, right?” Ye Mingwen shook the red wine glass in his hand and asked with a joking smile.
Xia Mengyao bit her red lips tightly. Is this condition excessive?
It’s not too much!
Because the seven projects of Xia Hao were purchased by Ye Mingwen at a price of 20 million yuan, if Ye Mingwen resold it, he could sell for 40 million, or even 50 million!
But now, she only needs to drink seven glasses of wine, Ye Mingwen can get her back the seven projects at the original price of 20 million, which is equal to her seven glasses of wine, worth 20 to 30 million, so it is not too much.
If it was Xia Mengyao before, even if she knew that Ye Mingwen had a great probability of lying, she would desperately drink seven glasses of red wine and gamble on the probability of one in ten thousand.
But can she do it now?
Xia Mengyao couldn’t help but glanced outside the box. She knew very well that Chen Feng was standing not far away from the box. With a word from her, Chen Feng could come in and solve all the troubles for her.
She doesn’t need to drink a drop of wine to get those seven projects back.
But she… is she really going to do that?
Does she really have to always rely on Chen Feng?
Xia Mengyao was confused. At a time when Chen Feng was still a well-known wimp, at that time, her greatest wish was that Chen Feng could one day become excellent and give her a broad arm that she can rely on.
But when Chen Feng became excellent, Xia Mengyao found that she no longer wanted to rely on Chen Feng so much.
Especially when she learned that Chen Feng was a child of the Chen family, her feelings became stronger.
She even wanted to prove herself in front of Chen Feng and prove that she is not useless except for looking good!
She wanted to make herself worthy of Chen Feng.
So this time, she proposed that she should talk to Ye Mingwen and others.
To put it bluntly, she just wanted to use this opportunity to prove herself.
“Not too much.” Xia Mengyao took a deep breath and said, now that she has made a decision, she will not hesitate anymore. From today onwards, she will no longer rely on Chen Feng for everything, and will never meet again. Little trouble, just thinking about relying on Chen Feng.
She wants to become stronger!
She doesn’t want herself to be Chen Feng’s weakness!
She hopes that she will become Chen Feng’s good help!
When Chen Feng is in trouble one day, he can help Chen Feng instead of standing aside helplessly!
“Since it’s not too much, Miss Xia drank these seven glasses of bars.” Ye Mingwen poured seven glasses of red wine with a smile, and pushed them to Xia Mengyao one by one.
Xia Mengyao didn’t look at the seven glasses of red wine in front of him. Instead, she turned her gaze to Ye Mingwen and asked coldly: “If I drink wine, what should Manager Ye say?”
“Between words?” Ye Mingwen squinted his eyes and said: “Miss Xia, I, Ye Mingwen, speak, and it is difficult to follow a horse without a word! I have never done such a thing of breaking my promise.”
“What if I did it?!” Xia Mengyao’s eyes were cold, rather aggressive.
“If you do, leave it to Miss Xia!” Ye Mingwen snorted coldly. Xia Mengyao’s tone already threatened him a bit, but why did she threaten herself?
Where is her confidence?
“Okay, I hope you remember what you are saying now!” Xia Mengyao gave Ye Mingwen a cold look, then picked up the glass of red wine in front of him and drank it in one go.
Ahao’s lips moved behind him, trying to stop Xia Mengyao, but Chen Feng did not speak, but he did not dare.
Outside the box, Chen Feng couldn’t help sighing.
Because of the monitoring, every move of several people in the box was within his vision, including Xia Mengyao’s demeanor and behavior.
How could Chen Feng not understand that Xia Mengyao wanted to prove herself in front of him.
Chen Feng also knew that the reason Xia Mengyao had such thoughts was because the Chen family behind him had brought unparalleled pressure on Xia Mengyao.
In the past few days, Xia Mengyao has been very depressed.
A large part of her depression comes from the Chen family.
“Shao Chen, do you want me to stop now?” Gu Dongchen asked. He didn’t understand what Chen Feng was thinking now. He could see that Chen Feng loved Xia Mengyao very much. In theory, Chen Feng would not let him. Xia Mengyao drank so much alcohol, but now, looking at Chen Feng’s appearance, he intended to make Xia Mengyao drink.
Chen Feng shook his head and said, “No, let her drink, she should be drunk too.”
“Drunk?” Gu Dongchen was even more stunned, not understanding what Chen Feng meant.
At this time, in the box, in front of Xia Mengyao, there were already four empty wine glasses.
Xia Mengyao’s pretty face also became a little red, with a touch of seductive look.
“Miss Xia has a good drink!”
“Miss Xia is really a hero of the female middle school!”
Wang Haishan and Kang Haibo were flattering, and the lust in their eyes was not concealed. Ye Mingwen is eating meat tonight, and they can also drink some soup.
Xia Mengya is the number one beauty in Cangzhou. I don’t know how many men’s dream lovers can ride such a beauty under the crotch, and they can wake up with a smile in their dreams.
“Miss Xia, don’t drink.” Seeing Xia Mengyao trembling and holding up the fifth glass of red wine, Ahao couldn’t help but persuade Xia Mengyao to be obviously drunk. No matter how much he drinks, he can’t finish the remaining three glasses of wine. .
“No, I want to drink.” Xia Mengyao was a little stubborn, and swayed the glass in her hand.
A Hao wanted to stop, but Ye Mingwen stood up suddenly and stood in front of A Hao.
“Boy, don’t be nosy!” Ye Mingwen said in a bad tone. This is the critical moment. He can’t let Ahao ruin his good deeds.
“Ye Mingwen, who Miss Xia belongs to Shao Chen, you should know in your heart, I advise you not to mistake yourself!” Ahao gave Ye Mingwen a cold look.
“Shao Chen?” Ye Mingwen smiled disdainfully, and said sarcastically: “You said Shao Chen, is Mengyao her trash husband, right?”
Ahao pursed his lips and said nothing.
“Young Master Chen?! Stupid thing, in your eyes, can any cat or dog be called the young master?” Kang Haibo couldn’t help but sneered. In his opinion, the only one who can be the title of young master, There are a few super-rich second-generation generations in Cangzhou City, and Chen Feng is just a wasteful son-in-law. What qualifications do such wastes have to be called Chen Shao, are they afraid of being laughed at.

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