Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 192

“Boy, if you are acquainted, you can get rid of Lao Tzu as soon as possible and tell you the truth, this woman, Lao Tzu is set tonight, even in the presence of her rubbish husband, Lao Tzu also said these words!” Ye Mingwen looked cold. Looking at Ah Hao, the threat was obvious.
If Ahao is acquainted, fortunately, if he is ignorant, then the dozen bodyguards outside him are not vegetarian!
At this moment, a loud noise came from the door.
Ye Mingwen and Kang Haibo were both startled. They looked towards the door, only to see that the solid wood door that had just been closed had been kicked open, and a calm young man walked in without expression.
Who is this TM?
“Who let you in?!” Ye Mingwen scolded with a sullen face. He didn’t know Chen Feng and thought that Chen Feng was a guest in the villa and came to find fault on purpose.
Chen Feng ignored Ye Mingwen, but walked to Xia Mengyao’s side, gently removed the wine glass in Xia Mengyao’s hand, and said softly, “Don’t drink it.”
“Woo, husband, I’m sorry, I’m so useless.” Seeing that the person here is Chen Feng, a layer of mist suddenly appeared in Xia Mengyao’s blurred beautiful eyes, and she couldn’t control her emotions anymore and hugged him. Chen Feng’s waist began to cry.
Chen Feng sighed: “Fool, I’m sorry to say something, you have done a good job, if you want to say sorry, I am sorry for you…”
“But… I really want to help you…” Xia Mengyao said with red eyes, sobbing.
“Help me!” Ye Mingwen scolded angrily. He thought it was a ruthless character who kicked in, but it turned out to be Xia Mengyao’s trash husband. This scumbag, who gave him the courage to kick him? !
“Get out! I only give you three seconds!” Ye Mingwen glared at Chen Feng, pointed at the door and shouted, his lower abdomen was already hot and hot, and Xia Mengyao could be done soon, but he was interrupted one after another. It can’t help that he is not angry.
“Let me get out?” Chen Feng gave Ye Mingwen a blank expression.
“Why, unwilling?” Ye Mingwen smiled grinningly and said: “If you don’t want to, then I will play with your wife in front of you as a trash!”
See you poorly!
Ye Mingwen didn’t bother to pretend to be with Chen Feng, anyway, there were a dozen thugs at the door. As long as he gave an order, the dozen thugs could rush in and subdue Chen Feng and Ahao.
At that time, he could play with Xia Mengyao in front of Chen Feng, and put on a green hat for Chen Feng!
“Manager Ye, want me to say, don’t let this rubbish go out at all, just let him stay here, and then watch, he has been married for three years, and he hasn’t touched a woman before, moaning under your crotch. Breathless!” Kang Haibo urged excitedly, with a perverted smile on his face. He has played with many young women from good families on weekdays, but he has never played with one in front of this young woman’s husband.
That feeling must be very exciting!
“Okay! I’ll listen to you, since this trash doesn’t plan to go out, I just let him see how sassy his wife is today!” Ye Mingwen licked his lips excitedly, Kang Haibo, this kid really knows how to play. This method can be imagined.
“Give me all in!” Ye Mingwen gave an order, and a dozen thugs at the door swarmed in almost instantly.
Unkind eyes swished towards Chen Feng.
At that time, when Chen Feng came in, he said he knew Ye Mingwen, so they did not stop him. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng kicked the door open in a blink of an eye, but they were very scared, and Ye Mingwen scolded them when they were ready. Bloody plans.
But looking at Ye Mingwen’s current appearance, but he was not very angry, several people suddenly sighed with relief.
But Chen Feng, still have to clean up!
“Kneel yourself or let Lao Tzu’s people kneel for you?” Ye Mingwen smiled and looked at Chen Feng and A Hao. In his opinion, if Chen Feng and A Hao knew each other, they should kneel down immediately and knock him a few times. Ringing.
“act recklessly!”
A Hao snorted, and stepped directly to Ye Mingwen. In Ye Mingwen’s horrified eyes, he pinched Ye Mingwen’s neck like a chicken, and lifted Ye Mingwen out of thin air!
“Let go of Manager Ye!”
The dozens of big hands suddenly burst into tears, took out their daggers, and surrounded them angrily.
A Hao threw Ye Mingwen onto the wall like trash.
Then, like a tiger into the flock, rushed to a dozen thugs.
After a burst of crackling, a dozen thugs fell to the ground like soft-footed shrimp, and no one stood!
All this is extremely slow, but from Ahao mentioning Ye Mingwen to a dozen thugs falling to the ground, the whole journey took less than 30 seconds!
The dozen or so thugs Ye Mingwen invited were directly crushed by Ahao, and there was no power to fight back!
In the quiet box, the cold sweat on the foreheads of Kang Haibo and Wang Haishan could be heard clearly.
Ye Mingwen’s eyes widened, and the horror on his face could no longer be described in words. He spent more than one million professional thugs hired, and he couldn’t hold it for 30 seconds? !
What kind of monster is this? !
Only Chen Feng didn’t lift his eyelids from the beginning to the end. He knew Ahao’s skill best. He had touched the edge of the martial artist in the middle of Ming Jin. .
“Kneel yourself or should I help you kneel?” Ahao looked at Ye Mingwen and Kang Haibo Wang Haishan blankly. These three were so cowardly that they dared to make Chen Feng kneel down. write.
“Misunderstanding, misunderstanding…” Kang Haibo and Wang Haishan shivered together. The hero did not suffer from the immediate loss. A Hao’s skill was already there. Even Ye Mingwen’s dozen thugs were not A Hao’s opponents. They went up, absolutely Ahao will be treated as an adult meat sandbag and be beaten violently.
So at this moment, admitting counseling is the best choice, but it is impossible for them to kneel down on Chen Feng’s trash.
“Don’t kneel?” Ah Hao raised his brows.
Kang Haibo and Wang Haishan still wanted to explain, but A Hao didn’t give them a chance at all. He walked in front of them with lightning speed.
A crisp fracture sounded.
The two screamed together, their calves bend softly, and they knelt to the ground in an instant, making their bodies hurt and sweat.
Then A Hao walked to Ye Mingwen again.
“I am a member of the Ye family, if you dare to move me, the Ye family will destroy you all!” Ye Mingwen looked hard at the threat, and now he can only hope that Chen Summit is afraid of the name of the Ye family. In other words, the Ye Family is an insurmountable mountain.
Destroy the door? A Hao sneered, not being polite with Ye Mingwen, he slapped Ye Mingwen on the face.
Several bloody teeth were fanned out.
Chen Summit is afraid of the Ye family? Not at all!
Ye family is not afraid of Chen Feng.
Others don’t know Chen Feng, but Ahao still knows a little bit.
A Hao knew very well that Chen Feng hadn’t put Ye Family in his eyes at all. What’s more, the Ye Family behind Ye Mingwen was just the puppet Ye Family. The real Ye Family was Ye Haitang’s Ye Family!

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