Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 193

If Ye Mingwen thought that he could rely on the Ye family to scare Chen Feng, then Ahao could only say that Ye Mingwen was too young.
A Hao’s slap completely slapped Ye Mingwen. He didn’t expect that he had already reported the name of the Ye family, and A Hao dared to do it.
Ye Mingwen panted heavily and stared at A Hao, his eyes constantly erupting with anger.
“Why, dissatisfied?” A Hao gave Ye Mingwen a cold look. If Ye Mingwen was dissatisfied, he would be defeated by Ye Mingwen!
“Serve! I’ll take it!” Ye Mingwen gritted his teeth and spit out a few words. Does he dare to refuse? He dare not!
“Don’t kneel down before serving.” Ahao said calmly. To Chen Feng, he respected him in his heart. On the one hand, it was because of Chen Feng’s strength, but more because of Chen Feng’s character and true righteousness. Bo Yuntian!
Ye Mingwen can insult him, but he can’t insult Chen Feng!
With a “puff,” Ye Mingwen knelt directly in front of Chen Feng.
Heroes do not suffer from immediate losses!
Ye Mingwen gritted his teeth, letting the spite hit his mind, he must remember his feelings at the moment, and when he leaves this door, he will impose the humiliation he has suffered on Chen Feng and Ahao a hundredfold!
Seeing that Ye Mingwen was kneeling, Kang Haibo and Wang Haishan didn’t dare to take any chances, and they were ready to ask Chen Feng for mercy.
But at this moment, a group of people swarmed into the box again.
Seeing the big man headed, Kang Haibo and Wang Haishan looked happy.
“Master Chen!”
Why is Lord Chen here? !
For Gu Dongchen, the two of them are no longer familiar with each other. The underground black emperor in the western district of Cangzhou City has a reputation as a heavenly name!
Even the Patriarch behind their two families must be respectful and respectful when they meet Gu Dongchen!
“Gu Dongchen!” Ye Mingwen’s face also had joy, but unlike Kang Haibo Wang Haishan, he did not call Gu Dongchen’s name, but directly called Gu Dongchen’s name. After all, he was backed by the Ye family and was the chief steward of the Ye family. In terms of status and status, although it was a grade worse than Gu Dongchen, it was not worse than Gu Dongchen, calling Gu Dongchen his master.
“Master Chen, help!”
Kang Haibo and Wang Haishan climbed almost to the foot of Gu Dongchen.
“Gu Dongchen, help me kill this bastard!” Ye Mingwen pointed at A Hao’s nose and ordered viciously. In his opinion, Gu Dongchen should know how to be between the Ye family and a trash son-in-law if he is not stupid. Stand in line.
Gu Dongchen did not speak, but walked directly to Ye Mingwen and said blankly: “Who are you going to kill?”
Ye Mingwen was stunned, pointed at Ahao, then pointed at Chen Feng, and said, “This bastard, and this rubbish, kill me both!”
“And this bitch, I want her to lie on my bed tonight!” Ye Mingwen turned his gaze to Xia Mengyao again, and the evil in his eyes made no secret of her.
Gu Dongchen sighed, Ye Mingwen really did not know how to write dead words.
Seeing Gu Dongchen not speaking, Ye Mingwen couldn’t help frowning: “Gu Dongchen, this is your site, don’t tell me you can’t do it?”
Gu Dongchen shook his head, glanced at Ye Mingwen sympathetically, and suddenly asked, “Ye Mingwen, how do you want to die?”
Ye Mingwen’s face changed drastically as soon as he said this.
“Gu Dongchen, what do you mean?! I’m the Ye Family…”
“Ye family?” Before Ye Mingwen finished speaking, he was interrupted by Gu Dongchen with a sneer, “Ye Haidong, your Patriarch, is here, and Lao Tzu also said that, not to mention you a dog!”
After all, Gu Dongchen kicked Ye Mingwen’s abdomen and kicked Ye Mingwen a dog gnawing on feces.
“Gu Dongchen, you are looking for death!”
Ye Mingwen’s eyes were red, and he roared at Gu Dongchen like a mad lion.
Gu Dongchen sneered, waved his hand, and seven or eight thugs emerged instantly behind him.
A group of people surrounded Ye Mingwen and began to punch and kick.
In less than a minute, Ye Mingwen was beaten with only air in but no air out.
After cleaning up Ye Mingwen, Gu Dongchen walked in front of Chen Feng, clapped his hands, and said respectfully: “Shao Chen, what should I do with these three idiots?”
Shao Chen!
Hearing this, Kang Haibo and Wang Haishan, who were hiding in the corner and dare not even dared to get out of the atmosphere, almost were scared to pee.
Gu Dongchen actually called this waste Chen Shao? !
The word Chen Shao, like a bolt from the blue sky, slammed on the minds of the two of them, making them unsteady even standing.
Ye Mingwen, who was lying on the ground groaning, also widened his eyes in an instant, and Gu Dongchen turned out to be this waste person!
How is this possible!
Chen Feng glanced at the three shaking like chaff, and said lightly: “Bring them a few boxes of wine.”
“Yes, Shao Chen.” Almost instantly, Gu Dongchen understood what Chen Feng meant.
But Kang Haibo and Wang Haishan couldn’t figure out what Chen Feng would do with the wine.
After a while, several boxes of liquor were moved into the box, and then opened one by one.
At this time, no matter how stupid the two were, they should understand what Chen Feng was going to do with the wine.
“Drink, when will you finish drinking, and when will you leave.” Chen Feng said with a cold glance at Kang Haibo and Wang Haishan.
“Chen Shao…”
The two only felt that their scalp was numb. This was not a bottle or two, but a few boxes, or white wine. If you really want to drink it all, even if you don’t die, you will be paralyzed.
“Drink or die!” Chen Feng said calmly. Since the two dared to catch Xia Mengyao’s attention, they must be prepared to pay the price.
“I drink, I drink!”
Upon hearing this, Kang Haibo was so frightened that his legs were soft, he directly picked up a bottle of white wine, and began to pour it into his mouth.
Wang Haishan also picked up a bottle of white wine with a sad face and began to pour it into his mouth.
They understood it, if they didn’t give Chen Feng an explanation today, I’m afraid they would really not be able to get out of Guyue Villa alive.
Lying on the ground, Ye Mingwen was entangled. He knew very well that among the three of them, Chen Feng was the least likely to let him go. Therefore, if he knew each other, he should take the initiative to get up and drink with Kang Haibo Wang Haishan.
Ye Mingwen was still thinking about how to drink less, but suddenly two expressionless faces appeared in front of him.
“What are you doing?!”
Ye Mingwen was a little frightened, and a sense of anxiety suddenly appeared in his heart.
Immediately, Gu Dongchen’s two younger brothers confirmed Ye Mingwen’s anxiety.
The two younger brothers brutally pressed Ye Mingwen, one of them opened Ye Mingwen’s mouth, the other raised the liquor bottle in his hand and pointed the mouth of the bottle at Ye Mingwen’s throat.
Start drinking directly!
Yes, drink wine!
It hurts so hot!
Pour over fifty degrees of liquor directly into your throat!
What kind of feeling is that? !
Anyone who has drunk liquor knows it!
In just a few seconds, Ye Mingwen’s eyes were red, and he felt that his throat was about to smoke.
The pain in the throat is nothing. After the liquor enters the intestines, it directly turns into a fire, and then enters the stomach.
Ye Mingwen’s stomach wall seemed to be burned by fire!
Heartbreaking pain!

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