Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 194

Seeing Ye Mingwen who was being pressed to the ground constantly screaming, Kang Haibo and Wang Haishan couldn’t help but shudder. They felt that they were already miserable enough, but compared with Ye Mingwen, they were terrible!
“Spare, spare.” Ye Mingwen screamed for mercy, but the two thugs were indifferent, still pouring white wine into Ye Mingwen’s mouth without mercy.
“Miss Xia, save me, I am willing to hand over those projects…” Ye Mingwen began to choke again to Xia Mengyao for mercy.
Xia Mengyao looked indifferent, and Chen Feng had a way to get those projects, regardless of whether Ye Mingwen paid them.
Because that originally belonged to Chen Feng.
A few minutes later, Ye Mingwen lost his voice.
Kang Haibo and Wang Haishan also fell to the ground.
Chen Feng didn’t care about the life and death of the three of them. After a few words to Gu Dongchen, Chen Feng took Xia Mengyao and left the villa.
Prepare to hand over the contract to Xia Yunsheng.
At the same time, Xia Hao also came to Xia Yunsheng’s office.
“Grandpa.” Seeing Xia Yunsheng, Xia Hao’s expression became much more docile.
However, Xia Yunsheng snorted coldly, and didn’t give Xia Hao any good expressions.
Xia Hao didn’t feel annoyed, so he made a cup of tea for himself, and then he knelt in front of Xia Yunsheng with a puff while holding the tea.
“Grandpa, the previous thing was that the grandson did not do the right thing. The grandson was blinded by the lard, and he was fooled by Ye Mingwen, and asked grandpa to punish him.” Xia Hao’s attitude was very sincere.
“Punish?” Xia Yunsheng glanced at Xia Hao coldly, and said, “Is it useful to punishing you?! If you punishing you, can those projects come back?!”
“No.” Xia Hao lowered his head in shame.
After a while, Xia Yunsheng’s anger almost subsided, so he snorted and said: “Get up.”
“Thank you, grandpa.” Xia Hao looked happy, and hurriedly brought the tea cup to Xia Yunsheng.
After receiving the teacup, Xia Yunsheng didn’t doubt that he was there, so he took a sip.
“Haoer, it’s not that Grandpa said you, you are such a big person, and you should know the severity. Before, you used to behave nonsense. Grandpa can forgive you because you are still young. But now, you are 26 or 7 years old. I still don’t know the importance of doing things. If you’re like this, how will I give the Xia family to you in the future!” Xia Yunsheng sighed and said, although Xia Hao did something extraordinary in this way, he still couldn’t be cruel and take Xia Hao expelled Xia’s family.
The reason why Xia Hao’s vice president position was announced in public yesterday was just to give the Xia family an explanation.
Hearing Xia Yunsheng’s words like this, Xia Hao’s eyes couldn’t help being touched. He didn’t expect that he had smashed Xia Yunsheng like that before, and Xia Yunsheng still wanted to hand over the Xia family to him.
But this unbearable thing didn’t last long in Xia Hao’s eyes before it was firmly replaced.
“Haoer, if Chen Feng wants to return the Yuquanshan projects this time, let Zilan temporarily be the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project for a period of time. You have to wait some time.” Xia Yunsheng said, until now, he He didn’t know the details of Chen Feng, but he had an inexplicable trust in Chen Feng, thinking that Chen Feng had the ability to get those projects back from the Ye family.
“Grandpa, I can’t wait.” Xia Hao shook his head and said.
“Can’t wait?” Xia Yunsheng’s expression turned cold.
“Yeah.” Xia Yunsheng nodded, and then said: “Grandpa, I don’t want to wait for the future. I want to take the seat of the Yuquanshan project leader now.”
“Bastard! Do you want to forget me as the chairman of the board!” Xia Yunsheng scolded, he had already said this, Xia Hao still didn’t give up, thinking about being the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project , How he blocked the mouth of Xia Jia Youyou.
Xia Hao glanced at Xia Yunsheng sympathetically, and said, “Grandpa, the chairman’s seat, you don’t need to give me the seat, grandson will sit on it himself.”
“Niehu, what do you mean?!” Xia Yunsheng’s expression changed drastically.
“The grandson is meaningless.” Xia Hao shook his head and said: “The grandson just wants Grandpa to rest early.”
“Resting?” Xia Yunsheng was puzzled, still thinking about what Xia Hao’s words meant, but at this moment, there was a strong sense of dizziness in his mind.
“You…” Xia Yunsheng stretched out her fingers tremblingly, and looked at Xia Hao in disbelief and said angrily: “You bastard, did you put medicine in the tea?!”
“Yeah.” Xia Hao smiled slightly and said: “Grandpa put something in the tea, so grandpa can rest in bed for the rest of his life. Should grandpa thank grandpa?”
“Nizi!” Xia Yunsheng was heartbroken, trying to get up from the office chair, but found that he couldn’t use it at all.
Xia Hao sighed, walked behind Xia Yunsheng, stroked Xia Yunsheng’s office chair with his hand, and said, “Grandpa, grandson doesn’t want to be like this, but you, grandpa, have been sitting in this seat for too long.”
“Grandson really doesn’t want to wait for you, grandpa, after you die, sitting in this seat.”
“So grandson can only do it himself.”
“Grandpa, you don’t blame your grandson, do you?” Xia Hao lowered his head and asked softly.
Xia Yunsheng trembled, trying to say something, but at this time, he couldn’t say a word.
“Grandpa, you love your grandson here, you probably won’t be able to.” Xia Hao muttered to himself, then took out a prepared will from the bottom of the table, forcibly grabbed Xia Yunsheng’s hand, and let Xia Yunsheng press his handprint on On the will.
Xia Yunsheng’s muddy eyes were full of anger and regret. He would never have thought that Xia Hao would be so frantic when he killed him.
As the handprint was pressed, Xia Yunsheng finally closed his eyes, and his breath became inaudible.
Xia Hao let out a sigh of relief, with a satisfied smile on his face.
With this will, no matter how people in the Xia family object, he will be the chairman of the company in the future.
The Xia family will be under his control!
“Bang Bang Bang”
At this moment, there was a knock on the door.
Xia Hao couldn’t help being surprised, who was it?
Although panicked, Xia Hao did not panic. Before coming in, he thought of a way out.
Gently opening the window, Xia Hao turned out through the window with his will.
The person standing outside is naturally Chen Feng.
After knocking on the door a few more times, there was still no movement inside the door, and Chen Feng didn’t think much about it, and pushed the door directly into it.
After entering the door, Chen Feng discovered that Xia Yunsheng was lying on an office chair.
“Grandpa?” Chen Feng frowned. Is Xia Yunsheng asleep?
“Grandpa?” Chen Feng called again, but Xia Yunsheng still did not open his eyes.
Chen Feng couldn’t help but came to Xia Yunsheng, ready to wake Xia Yunsheng.
But when his hand fell on Xia Yunsheng, Chen Feng couldn’t help narrowing his eyes.
Xia Yunsheng’s state is not right!
As a warrior, Chen Feng almost felt the state of Xia Yunsheng at this time, somewhere between half alive and half alive.

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