Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 196

“Did you trash it?!” Lin Lan also walked over in angrily. Chen Feng’s trash was so bold and bold that he turned Xia Yun into a vegetative, which broke the Xia family’s heavens.
Moreover, I heard from the Xia family that before, Chen Feng uttered wild words in front of Xia Yunsheng and wanted to establish another Xia family.
When he heard this, Lin Lan was almost mad, a son-in-law, who gave him the courage to do this!
Chen Feng glanced at Lin Lan, and did not intend to follow Lin Lan, because Lin Lan is an idiot who has no brains at all, and she believes whatever others say.
It’s no use explaining it.
Seeing that Chen Feng ignored him, Lin Lan suddenly became angry.
He was about to get angry with Chen Feng, but at this moment, several policemen came over.
“Sir, please come with us.”
“Okay.” Chen Feng did not resist. He obediently followed a few people into the police car. Of course he was capable of handling these police officers, but he didn’t need to do so.
If he really wanted to do that, it showed that he had a ghost in his heart.
Chen Feng was taken away, and everyone in the Xia family clapped their hands and cheered.
However, only Xia Hao knew that those policemen would not treat Chen Feng at all, because he gave the medicine and had nothing to do with Chen Feng.
Taking Chen Feng away was just a routine matter. When you ask questions, Chen Feng will naturally be released.
After Xia Yunsheng was assigned to a senior nursing home, Xia Hao hurriedly called a shareholders meeting.
In the meeting room, Xia Hao said in a deep voice: “Grandpa can’t wake up for the time being, but our Xia family can’t be without a leader.”
Who is the chairman?
Many members of the Xia family looked at each other. It was obvious that this was a problem facing all the Xia family.
“I propose to let Zilan act as the chairman of the board temporarily.” The shareholders of Xia Zilan’s first series opened up, intending to support Xia Zilan in the position, saying that it is a temporary substitute, but in fact it is no different from direct acting.
“No! The chairman of the Xia family has not set a precedent for a woman!”
As soon as the voice of the shareholders of Xia Zilan’s family fell, someone objected. Naturally, this person was on Xia Hao’s side.
Although Xia Hao was removed from the position of vice president of the company, before him, after all, he was the only heir to the Xia family, so with him as the center, many interests have long been gathered.
At this moment, without Xia Hao speaking, these interests will stand up and speak for Xia Hao.
“Then who do you want to come?” Xia Zilan’s shareholders suppressed anger.
“Xia Hao! He is the only heir appointed by the chairman!”
“Impossible! The chairman of the board removed him from his post yesterday!” Many people in the Xia family objected.
At this time, Xia Hao took out a will and said calmly: “Your argument, in my opinion, is purely redundant! Grandpa made the will a long time ago. If something happens to him, I, Xia Hao, will be The only heir to the Xia family!”
With that said, Xia Hao threw the prepared will on the conference table.
Everyone circulated it.
After the circulation, many shareholders of Xia Zilan’s series suddenly looked a little ugly.
There is no doubt that the will is true, with Xia Yunsheng’s handprint on it, even if it is false, it must be taken as true!
“Does anyone have any opinions now?” Xia Hao gave everyone a cold glance.
“Nothing, Xia Dong.”
Everyone passed, and the will was taken out. Since no one dared to object anymore, everyone in the Xia family was considered familiar.
“In that case, I will be the chairman of the company from today.” Xia Hao said in a deep voice. As long as he becomes the chairman of the company, the entire Xia family will have the final say from now on!
On the other side, Chen Feng quickly left the police station.
Xia Yunsheng suddenly became a vegetative this time. It is indeed very strange. Of course Xia Hao is the most suspicious, but Chen Feng has no evidence. Of course, if he is determined to investigate, the real murderer has no way to hide. But there is no such thought.
His top priority is to unify Cangzhou as soon as possible.
“Shao Chen, as you might expect, people from the Ye family are looking for the Xia family’s VIP.” Outside the police station, Gu Dongchen spoke respectfully. When Chen Feng left yesterday, he said that the Ye family would look for the Xia’s VIP At that time, he still didn’t understand why the Ye family would ask the Xia family instead of Chen Feng.
Now he understands.
Because the Ye family whom Chen Feng had appointed in the name of the Xia family is now missing, the Ye family naturally seeks out the Xia family.
Instead of Chen Feng, the son-in-law who came to visit!
“I see.” Chen Feng nodded slightly, his projects were not something he could take if he wanted to.
If the Xia family wants to eat all the benefits, it depends on whether they have such a good mouth.
“In addition, I have been staring at Ye Haitang, but this woman has never been moving. Every day besides practicing yoga, she goes to SPA. Even people who know us are staring at her, she has no response.” Gu Dongchen said. He couldn’t see through Ye Haitang more and more.
It stands to reason that she is in charge of such a large family and should be very busy every day.
But she is better, every day is more leisurely than those rich ladies.
“Interesting.” The corner of Chen Feng’s mouth raised, he became more and more curious, Ye Haitang was a woman.
If he didn’t guess wrong, Ye Haitang would have known his identity a long time ago.
The identity of the heir to the Chen family!
“Okay, old Gu, you don’t need to stare at Ye Haitang. Your task now is to find a group of trusted brothers as soon as possible, the kind who have a foundation in martial arts.” Chen Feng smiled slightly and said.
Ye Haitang’s work is obviously the kind of dripping water, and Gu Dongchen stared at it, it was useless.
Might as well do something useful.
“Shao Chen, you want…” Gu Dongchen was a little surprised. Hearing what Chen Feng meant, he wanted to get a group of warriors out?
Chen Feng nodded, not evasive, and said directly: “I intend to cultivate a group of forces similar to the Anbu of the Ye Family.”
“Shao Chen, this… I’m afraid it won’t work.” Gu Dongchen couldn’t help but said, not because he didn’t trust Chen Feng, but he knew how difficult it is for an ordinary person to become a martial artist.
Many people started playing martial arts at the age of seven or eight, but at the age of thirty, they still can’t become martial artists. One can imagine how difficult it is to become a martial artist.
Now, what Chen Feng means is to find a group of adults who have established their roots and train them into warriors.
This is probably harder than reaching the sky!
“How do you know if you don’t try it?” Chen Feng smiled slightly. For others, it is very difficult to train a group of ordinary people who have already been shaped into martial artists.
But for him, the master of Huajin, this matter is not impossible.
Even if it was impossible, he would make it possible for Xia Mengyao!
“Okay, Shao Chen, I’m going to find someone now.” Chen Feng said so, and Gu Dongchen didn’t dare to doubt anymore.

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