Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 197

At this time, the atmosphere inside the entire Xia family was very strange.
Although Xia Yunsheng had become a vegetable, not many people in the Xia family showed a sad look.
On the contrary, everyone in Xia Hao’s line looked very happy.
After all, Xia Hao is now the chairman of the Xia family, and every year from now on, the dividends given to them will definitely be much more than when Xia Yunsheng was in power.
But this happiness didn’t last long, because the Ye family came.
The people from the Ye family can’t talk softly with the people of the Xia family, but directly questioned where the people of the Xia family got Ye Mingwen.
Everyone in the Xia family was confused, Ye Mingwen?
Ye Mingwen is missing, what does it have to do with them?
It wasn’t until Xia Hao came out in person and asked with a smile that the Ye family came to tell the ins and outs of the matter.
Two days ago, Ye Mingwen went to the Xia’s family appointment and talked about the contract with Chen Feng. After that, Ye Mingwen mysteriously disappeared. There were also Kang Haibo and Wang Haishan who disappeared with Ye Mingwen. In addition, it was almost at the same time. A buyer who bought the Xiajia project but did not make it to the appointment has broken a leg!
One stone caused a thousand waves!
After hearing the news, everyone in the Xia family began to feel numb.
There is no doubt that Chen Feng did this!
This trash, where did he get so courageous? !
Everyone in the Xia family took a breath and was inexplicably horrified. They thought that Chen Feng had asked for help to get those projects back. But now it seems that Chen Feng didn’t ask anyone for this waste.
Direct violent collection!
Disrupt many buyers one person and one leg!
Ye Mingwen and Kang Haibo and Wang Haishan disappeared!
This is going to pierce the sky!
Xia Hao was busy explaining to the Ye family that the matter was Chen Feng’s work and had nothing to do with the Xia family, but the Ye family did not believe it at all.
Without the support of the Xia family, a door-to-door son-in-law would do this kind of thing.
Did he have the courage to eat the bear heart and leopard?
The people from the Ye family did not give Xia Hao more opportunities to explain, but directly gave the final notice.
Within three days, hand over Ye Mingwen and the project, otherwise, let the Xia family go around without food!
After the Ye family came to leave, Xia Hao hurriedly took out his cell phone and called Chen Feng, ready to ask Chen Feng’s dignitaries.
But after the call was made, Xia Hao found that Chen Feng had been busy.
Obviously, he was blackened by Chen Feng.
“This waste!” Xia Hao was immediately gritted with anger.
“Where did he come from Gogu to the Ye family.”
“I want to die, why should I drag my Xia family into the water!”
“Chairman, you have to find a way as soon as possible. If you can’t hand over someone within three days, the Ye family will definitely take action against our Xia family.”
All the relatives of the Xia family had the expressions of a dead mother, and Chen Feng’s hand could be said to have brought disaster to the Xia family.
At this time, no matter how they dismissed their relationship with Chen Feng, the Ye family would not believe it.
Xia Hao is also like a sorrowful critic. He has just become the chairman of the board for less than a day, and he is about to face this mess. If he knew this, he should act on Xia Yunsheng later, let Xia Yunsheng carry the anger of the Ye family first, and then do it. Not too late.
“Chairman, call Xia Mengyao and ask her to find the scumbag.”
“Yes, call Xia Mengyao, she is from my Xia family after all.”
Many relatives have offered suggestions.
Xia Hao gritted her teeth and said, “It’s useless, that bitch, she has changed her phone number long ago.”
“What?!” Everyone in the Xia family was shocked.
“This food is really hateful!”
“Send someone to find them as soon as possible!”
“Look for them? Why do you look for them! No need to find!” Xia Hao’s eyes flashed with a cold light, and said: “Just let people go to the hospital, drag Xia Weiguo’s old thing out, and give it to the Ye family. Let Xia Weiguo come to calm Ye. I don’t believe the anger at home, they can’t come out!”
Xia Hao’s idea was simple, using Xia Weiguo to threaten Xia Mengyao and Chen Feng.
Chen Feng can ignore the Xia family, but he doesn’t believe it. Can Chen Feng also focus on Xia Weiguo!
Chen Feng didn’t know that Xia Hao had already paid attention to his old husband.
At this time, all his attention was attracted by a message from Gu Dongchen.
Car God Cup!
Ye Haitang is going to hold the Cha God Cup in Bohai Bay!
As the name suggests, this is a racing game, located at the junction of Cangzhou and Nanning, Bohai Bay.
This is a large-scale competition initiated by Ye Haitang and organized by supercar clubs and racing clubs in Cangzhou and Nanning!
The prize amount in the competition alone is 100 million!
In terms of bonuses alone, this is probably the largest racing event in China.
And according to Gu Dongchen, Ye Haitang’s biggest hobby is racing.
In the Cheshen Cup this time, there was internal news from the Ye family that it was an event organized by Ye Haitang to choose a son-in-law.
This news drove the whole Cangzhou into madness.
Ye Haitang!
Not to mention her identity as the head of the Ye family, and her beauty alone is enough to make most men in Cangzhou fall in love with it.
When she was a teenager, she was known as the number one beauty in Cangzhou. Now Ye Haitang, although she is very simple, and very few people have seen her, but no one dares to doubt that she is not a beauty!
One can imagine what kind of sensation Ye Haitang’s choice of son-in-law will cause.
This time, not only Cangzhou, but even Nanning, there will be many wealthy children coming to join in the fun.
Chen Feng naturally became interested.
Of course, not for the one hundred million bonus, but more for Ye Haitang.
This Cheshen Cup is a good opportunity to get to know Ye Haitang.
If possible, he wanted to take this opportunity to win Ye Haitang.
Once Ye Haitang, Shen Hongchang and Li Juncheng were taken down, there was no evidence.
The situation in Cangzhou will also become completely clear.
“Old Gu, get me an invitation letter, I have to go.” Chen Feng ordered. Because the scale of this event is too high and the space in Bohai Bay is limited, the organizer decides in the form of an invitation letter. The number of participating drivers and guests watching the race.
However, with Gu Dongchen’s energy, it is naturally not difficult to get an invitation letter.
“Shao Chen, what car are you driving?” Gu Dongchen asked. This time, there will be a professional stadium and a supercar stadium.
The professional field is naturally prepared for professional drivers. The cars on the field are all professional formula cars.
The supercars are prepared for the children of the rich. They are all Lamborghini, Maserati and Bugatti supercars.
“Bring my Audi over here.” Chen Feng said. He passed this time and didn’t intend to participate in the competition. As he turned into a powerful warrior, to participate in the competition was a bit bullying.
So driving that Audi is most appropriate to keep a low profile.

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