Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 21

“Fuck you…!”
Gu Dongchen was taken aback by the sound and just wanted to scold him, but when he turned around and saw the scene, his pupils suddenly tightened and he couldn’t help but take a breath.
The word “Mom” made him hold back for a lifetime.
“Did brother go to the wrong door?”
Gu Dongchen quietly took out a dagger from the bottom of the table, squinted his eyes and asked, he has seen all kinds of people on the road for more than 20 years, so he is very accurate, who can provoke and who can’t, he It can be seen at a glance.
The calm-looking man in front of him is a rare one, and he is afraid of not provoke him!
Chen Feng ignored Gu Dongchen. At this moment, only Xia Mengyao was in his eyes. Seeing that Xia Mengyao was fine, Chen Feng’s hanging heart finally let go.
“Brother fell in love with this woman?”
Gu Dongchen tentatively asked, since Chen Feng entered the door, he began to observe Chen Feng’s expression, so at this time Chen Feng’s performance fell in his eyes, and he had a illusion that Chen Feng fell in love with Xia Mengyao .
Gu Dongchen didn’t even think about it. The man in front of him was the trash he didn’t even want to see.
“If brother doesn’t dislike it, you can join me…”
With a smile on his face, Gu Dongchen walked towards Chen Feng.
The cold light bursts!
The moment he approached Chen Feng, Gu Dongchen’s expression suddenly became savage, and he took out the dagger behind him, and slammed it towards the aorta in Chen Feng’s neck!
Gu Dongchen smiled triumphantly, as if he had seen Chen Feng’s blood gushing.
I have to say that Gu Dongchen’s shot speed is really fast. If he changes to an ordinary person, he may really lose his life under his unexpected stabbing.
But Chen Feng is no ordinary person!
From the age of six, he began to receive his mother’s hell-style training, fighting skills, assassination skills, body tempering…day after day, year after year!
At the age of ten, Chen Feng was already able to fight three strong adults without losing.
Thirteen years old slaughtered wolves, 16 years old fighting tigers…
It can be said that Chen Feng spent the first half of his life in battle and training almost every day.
Because his mother once told him that if you want to live in this world where the weak and the strong eat, you must have the power to crush ordinary people a hundred times!
No pain No gain!
In order to become a master and protect his mother from being humiliated by the Chen family, Chen Feng suffered countless hardships, so at this moment, Gu Dongchen’s actions seemed ridiculous to him.
Slow as a snail!
Chen Feng smiled disdainfully and stretched out two fingers.
The cold dagger stopped an inch in front of Chen Feng’s neck, unable to advance.
Gu Dongchen flushed with amazement.
Chen Feng applied lightly.
The dagger made of cold iron broke at the sound, like wood chips.
Gu Dongchen’s Adam’s apple squirmed, dumbfounded.
“You…are a warrior?!” Gu Dongchen blurted out. Apart from the warrior, he has no way to explain why Chen Feng is so terrifying.
Chen Feng sneered and slammed his fist on Gu Dongchen’s face.
Gu Dongchen flew out like a ball, and cracked the wall of the box.
Gu Dongchen vomited a big mouthful of blood and was instantly depressed.
“Brother, if you have something to say, I don’t want this woman…” Gu Dongchen staggered and stood up from the ground, subdued.
Chen Feng’s expression was cold, and he kicked Gu Dongchen’s calf again.
There was a crisp bone cracking sound, and Gu Dongchen let out a miserable cry, half-kneeling on the ground, his face turned into pig liver color.
“Big Brother!”
At this time, a loud voice sounded.
Hearing this voice, Gu Dongchen yelled excitedly as if he had caught a straw, “Ahao, help me!”
Chen Feng turned his head, his eyes condensed slightly, and immediately raised his hand with a punch and smashed towards a black figure.
Not to be outdone, the figure punched Chen Feng fiercely!
After a loud noise, Chen Feng only took a step back, but that figure took three steps back!
Under the light, the man’s face slowly became clear.
The man Gu Dongchen called A Hao was less than 1.7 meters tall, and he was very thin and slender. In terms of his size alone, A Hao could not compare to any of the dozen men behind him.
But these dozen men are headed by Ahao, and this Ahao has a strong blood that cannot be removed.
Chen Feng is very familiar with this blood energy!
It is the murderous aura that can only be produced by killing a lot of people!
This Ahao, I am afraid that he has carried a lot of lives.
“Ahao, kill him, kill me this bastard.” When he saw Ahao, Gu Dongchen immediately gained confidence. Ahao was a talent he dug out from an underground black boxing ring in a certain European country seven years ago. , The black boxing market there is different from the domestic small fights, every game there is a bet!
As long as you stand in the ring, one party must die before the battle can end.
At that time, Ahao’s record was seventeen consecutive victories! Almost swept the boxing field!
Gu Dongchen spent more than 20 million yuan to buy A Hao from the boxing ring owner.
After returning to China, A Hao never let him down. Over the years, A Hao has fought for him. Most of the properties under his hand were A Hao worked hard for him. For A Hao, Gu Dongchen has a blind eye. confidence.
Even if Chen Feng in front of him is really a warrior, Gu Dongchen feels that A Hao can fight!
A Hao didn’t do anything again, but looked at Chen Feng with dread, and asked, “Brother don’t plan to give an explanation?”
“What do you want to say?” Chen Feng said lightly.
“Brothers broke into our golden years for no reason, and even beat our boss…”
“For no reason?” Before Ahao finished speaking, he was interrupted by Chen Feng’s sneer. “Do you know who she is?” Chen Feng asked Xia Mengyao who was unconscious on the sofa.
Ahao looked back at Gu Dongchen. He still didn’t know the whole story. He only knew that someone broke into the golden age and beat Gu Dongchen.
Now it seems that this matter has another hidden story.
“She…she is my woman.” Gu Dongchen bit his head. He still didn’t know Chen Feng’s true identity, only that Chen Feng was the mysterious master of the Xia family.
Chen Feng slapped Gu Dongchen’s face, and in an instant, five or six bloody teeth flew out of Gu Dongchen’s mouth.
“Your woman?” Chen Feng sneered: “What are you!”
Gu Dongchen was full of humiliation and was slapped in front of so many younger brothers. It could be said that his majesty was lost, but at this time, he did not dare to say anything.
He is not stupid. A Hao was not there just now. It is normal for him to be taught by Chen Feng, but now A Hao is in front of him, Chen Feng can still hit him in front of A Hao to give him time to react. No, Gu Dongchen realized instantly that even A Hao might not be Chen Feng’s opponent!
As Gu Dongchen expected, Ah Hao’s muscles were already tight at this time. If Chen Feng just made him afraid, then Chen Feng was already enough to scare him.
Chen Feng’s speed was too fast, and Gu Zhengdong had lost five or six teeth before he could react.
If he and Chen Feng fight life and death, his chance of survival is less than 10%!
“Brother, make a point, what can you do to let my elder brother go.” A Hao took a deep breath and said.
Don’t look at the dozen or so strong men standing behind him, but he knows very well that there is no chance on his side. In front of a master like Chen Feng, the number of people is a joke, let alone a dozen, it means a hundred. Nor can it pose any threat to Chen Feng.
Gu Dongchen’s heart was ashamed, and even A Hao said this, which proves that he really has a hard time today.
Gu Dongchen smiled miserably, the person he wanted to kill most was Xia Hao. Because it was Xia Hao who promised that there would be no problems with Xia Mengyao, he was daring, but in the end, he hadn’t even touched Xia Mengyao’s hand, and such a fierce man came to the door.
Chen Feng smiled, this Ahao is quite familiar.
“Left hand or right hand, choose one yourself.” Chen Feng glanced at Gu Dongchen and said lightly.

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