Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 204

Drive slowly? Sun Quan sneered in his heart, on the track, I can’t help you!
“Okay, you pay attention to safety.” Zhu Guangquan was a little helpless. Chen Feng had already made up his mind. He couldn’t persuade him anymore. He could only pray that Sun Quan would not go too far and would show some mercy.
“Trash, what car do you drive?” Sun Quan asked coldly. Supercars can only be supercars. If Chen Feng’s car is not supercars, I’m afraid he won’t be able to go on the court.
“I don’t have a car.” Chen Feng said truthfully. When Audi was going up the mountain, those stupid robbers punctured the tire. He got up in Zhu Guangquan’s car.
“No car?!” Sun Quan almost vomited a mouthful of old blood. Without a car, what car god cup would you participate in?
“Let me drive his car to compare with you.” Chen Feng glanced at Zhu Guangquan’s California and said.
“His car?” Sun Quan also glanced at Zhu Guangquan California, then sneered and asked: “Are you sure you want to drive his car to compare with me?”
“Why, is there a problem?” Chen Feng asked with a slight smile.
“No problem, of course no problem!” Sun Quan sneered again and again. He really didn’t know whether Chen Fengshi was stupid or pretending to be stupid. Although Zhu Guangquan’s California is a Ferrari, it also belongs to a sports car, but it is the most garbage kind of sports car.
Other sports cars generally use two seats in order to increase speed, but California has four seats.
In addition, Zhu Guangquan’s California car has obviously not been modified, not to mention the poor track performance, and the 100-kilometer acceleration is not at the same level as other supercars.
If Chen Feng takes such a car and compares it to his modified Lamborghini, he is simply playing a lantern in the pit and looking for shit!
“Since there is no problem, let’s start.” Chen Feng said lightly.
“Wait, it doesn’t make much sense to just bet on winning or losing, you have to add some color.” Sun Quan said again.
“Colors?” Chen Feng smiled playfully, and said, “What color would you like?”
“Simple, whoever loses, just climb around the track, climbing while learning how to bark.” Sun Quan sneered. Originally, his plan was to use small tricks during the game to let Chen Feng died unexpectedly, but if you think about it carefully, it would be too cheap for Chen Feng to die. It would be better to humiliate Chen Feng and leave Chen Feng a lesson he will never forget.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” Chen Feng looked a little strange.
“Why, don’t you dare?” Sun Quan gave Chen Feng a provocative look.
Chen Feng shook his head and said lightly: “There is nothing I dare not, anyway, I won’t lose.”
“Hahaha, won’t lose? Who gave you the courage, Liang Jingru?” Sun Quan laughed wildly, tears coming out of his laughter.
Chen Feng smiled and didn’t say anything. When the results came out, Sun Quan should know who gave him the courage.
Soon, Sun Quan hummed a little song and left to make preparations before the game.
Chen Feng got into the car slowly, preparing to get familiar with the performance of California.
“Brother Chen Feng, did you really win me over Sun Quan’s dog?” Zhu Guangquan couldn’t help asking, Chen Feng’s performance was so calm that he had to doubt.
“Yeah.” Chen Feng nodded.
“How sure are you?”
“Ten percent.” Chen Feng said truthfully.
“Ten…success?!” Zhu Guangquan’s tone couldn’t help but hesitated, you really dare to say.
Even professional drivers dare not say that they are 100% sure that they can beat Sun Quan.
Zhu Jiayan also frowned, obviously not believing Chen Feng’s words, she even felt that Chen Feng was a bit too arrogant.
Chen Feng’s character will not end well at all.
On the other hand, after Sun Quan returned to his venue, he publicized the gambling agreement. Soon, everyone in the stadium knew that this year’s Cheshen Cup had a player who could not help himself.
“These days, all kinds of cats and dogs can participate in the Car God Cup, and the broken cars of California are also daring to drive out.”
In the auditorium, a woman with a net-red face disdainfully spoke, and beside her, there were several equally fair and beautiful women.
“It doesn’t matter if I drive in California. I don’t have any brains yet. I want to compare my car skills with Shao Sun. Isn’t this a court death?”
“Yue Ling, look at what you said, why did you die? Maybe people just want to learn how to bark.” A woman with European and American makeup and big earrings giggled, sitting next to her. It’s Yue Ling.
Ever since she was frightened by Chen Feng and Han Long’s last time, Yue Ling blocked all of Xia Hao’s contact information and fled to Nanning.
Yue Ling didn’t dare to come back until this car god cup.
“Perhaps.” Yue Ling replied absent-mindedly, her eyes constantly wandering on the field, as if she was looking for something.
“Yue Ling, are you still looking for that Koenigsegg?” Song Na, a European and American makeup woman, couldn’t help asking. A few days ago, Yue Ling said that she ran into a Koenigsegg worth more than 20 million in Cangzhou, but she When asked about the identity of the car owner, Yue Ling kept secret, and refused to say anything.
This time, since the start of the Car God Cup, Yue Ling has been looking for the Koenigsegg, so Song Na is very curious, who is the owner of the Koenigsegg that Yue Ling can remember.
“Yeah.” Yue Ling nodded, without concealing it.
“The Koenigsegg owner you are talking about really has so much energy? Can Han Long and Gu Dongchen be his younger brothers at the same time?” Song Nahu questioned. Han Long and Gu Dongchen are the two kings of the underground world in Cangzhou. And the relationship between them has always been incompatible. Who can be so powerful and able to subdue both of them at the same time.
“Well, his energy is absolutely beyond your imagination.” Yue Ling said quietly, she didn’t dare to say Chen Feng’s identity directly, because after that day, Han Long sent someone to warn her not to disclose anything about Chen. Peak news.
The reason why Song Na was told part of the news was because Song Na was her best friend and she trusted Song Na, but she did not dare to disclose the core news about Chen Feng.
This time she came to the Cheshen Cup, she actually came here with the idea of ​​trying her luck, to see if she could meet Chen Feng again, to resolve the bad impression left on Chen Feng last time.
“Is there such a person in Cangzhou?” Song Na muttered with some suspicion. If there is any, then she must pay attention to them. The young model like them eats youth rice. If you are lucky Well, if you can get into a rich second generation and marry into a wealthy family, they won’t have to worry about them in the next life.
Of course, even if you can’t marry into a rich family, you can be a junior for the rich second generation.
Finally, the much-anticipated supercar race began.
More than 30 various supercars are neatly listed on the track. Among them, Chen Feng’s four California supercars are the most eye-catching, which is in sharp contrast with the other two supercars.

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