Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 205

With the firing of the starting gun, the game finally began.
More than 30 sports cars roared together, and the deafening sound waves slapped on the eardrums of many spectators.
The audience began to boil!
The leader is a blue Bugatti Veyron, and the owner is naturally Deng Shiqi.
There is no doubt about his driving skills, even if it is better than a professional driver, it is even worse.
Of course, most of the audience’s eyes fell on his Bugatti Veyron.
In the audience, many girls screamed and cheered wildly for Deng Shiqi.
Of course, there are also a few eyes on Sun Quan’s white Lamborghini and Chen Feng’s California.
Especially Chen Feng’s California is today’s’protagonist’.
Chen Feng did not disappoint everyone. From the very beginning, he lags behind everyone by a lot, driving fast on the Bohai Circuit.
The director also gave Chen Feng a lot of face, and deliberately put this scene on the public screen.
In the audience, a sneer suddenly sounded.
“It’s embarrassing stuff, this level dare to participate in the car god cup.”
“I bet against Sun Shao irresponsibly, I really don’t know how to write dead words!”
Zhu Jiayan could not help but sighed as she heard the scolding around him. She no longer had any expectations of Chen Feng. Chen Feng’s speed could not even eat Sun Quan’s exhaust, let alone surpass Sun Quan .
Zhu Guangquan was also a little speechless. He did not expect that Chen Feng was so much behind from the beginning. The entire track, with a total length of 30 kilometers, has the fastest passing record of five minutes and 21 seconds.
Almost a minute has passed. Deng Shiqi, the leader, ran more than four kilometers, while Sun Quan ran nearly four kilometers. However, Chen Feng didn’t even finish one kilometer. There is no doubt that Chen Feng was dumped. , If nothing else, he ran the entire course, it took almost half an hour, which was the slowest in history.
Sun Quan was watching Chen Feng from the audience. Seeing that in the many supercars behind, there was no such thing as Chen Feng’s California. Sun Quan couldn’t help but sneered. Sure enough, he expected Chen Feng from the beginning. It was for the loss.
Really a waste!
Sun Quan gradually filled the speed, he had to wait for Chen Feng!
Wait for Chen Feng to follow up, and then humiliate Chen Feng severely.
He has no interest in the champion of the supercar race, because the champion has been booked by Deng Shiqi.
He didn’t have the guts to compete with Deng Shiqi for the championship.
His main purpose is still Chen Feng!
After dozens of seconds, Chen Feng’s California followed.
Sun Quan began to deliberately control the speed of the car, so that his Lamborghini just overwhelmed Chen Feng’s California side.
His plan was that no matter how fast Chen Feng drove, he would keep one head faster than Chen Feng.
Just like a cat catching a mouse, a cat can obviously eat a mouse, but it just doesn’t.
He wants Chen Feng to lose the game in despair!
Sun Quan’s idea is very good, Chen Feng is also very cooperative, has been controlling the speed of California.
Not too slow, not too fast.
Soon, a strange scene appeared on the public screen of the track.
A white Lamborghini seemed to be humiliating, always leading the red California car next to it.
California slowed down, and Lamborghini slowed down.
California became faster, Lamborghini followed.
Naked molesting!
Anyone with a discerning eye can see that Sun Quan is molesting Chen Feng.
Obviously, Sun Quan didn’t care who the champion of the supercar race was at all, he only cared about humiliating Chen Feng.
Just win Chen Feng.
“This rubbish is so fucking skinny. If I were him, I would now find a piece of tofu and hit myself to death.”
“Knock yourself to death? Then I see who will learn how to bark? Hahaha, if you want to die, you have to wait until he finishes learning how to bark.”
In the audience, everyone mocked unscrupulously.
However, Yue Ling’s eyes widened, staring at California on the public screen. How did she look at the car owner in California, a bit like Chen Feng?
Is she dazzled? Or is Chen Feng really here?
No, if Chen Feng really wants to come here, he should drive his Koenigsegg.
“Yue Ling, why have you been staring at that Californian? Do you know that stupid car owner?” Song Na asked Yue Ling suspiciously.
“The California car owner seems to be the one who drove the Koenigsegg I told you last time.” Yue Ling said with some uncertainty.
“Shit! You must be dazzled, it’s impossible!” Song Na curled her lips in disdain, and said: “The Koenigsegg you said is a big man who can make Gu Dongchen and Han Long younger. How could such a big man drive a broken car like California and make Sun Quan so unscrupulously humiliated.”
“Maybe, I was wrong.” Yue Ling hesitated. She also felt that the possibility of Chen Feng opening California is extremely small.
“Okay, okay, don’t look at that idiot, look at Shao Deng, Shao Deng is so handsome, he has driven a third of it, and is almost ten kilometers away. Maybe this time, Deng Shaoneng has broken the Bohai Bay race. Dao’s record.” Song Na said.
“Yeah.” Yue Ling nodded and moved her gaze to Deng Shiqi, who was the leader on the public screen.
Deng Shiqi’s blue Bugatti, like an invincible king, led the audience and missed the second place by more than 600 meters!
The whole audience was screaming crazy for it.
Reflecting Sun Quan and Chen Feng, few people have paid attention at this time, because there is no suspense about the victory of the two.
This is purely a unilateral humiliation.
Everyone only needs to wait for the moment when the results are announced. Chen Feng crawls around the playground and just learns how to bark.
When everyone thought that Chen Feng would definitely lose, Chen Feng finally put his hands on the steering wheel
“It seems that my own qi control is still not enough.” Chen Feng sighed to himself. If anyone sees Chen Feng driving before, his eyes will fall off.
From the start of the race, Chen Feng did not put his hands on the steering wheel, but controlled the steering wheel with his energy!
The reason why Chen Feng wanted to use his strength to control the steering wheel was not because Chen Feng wanted to pretend, but because he had been unable to break through the early stage of Huajin and enter the middle stage of Huajin.
The key to breaking through the mid-term of Huajin lies in controlling Qi.
Precise control of Qi!
Because of the rapid breakthrough, Chen Feng has been unable to accurately control the energy in his body.
In this racing, after seeing the steering wheel, Chen Feng had the idea of ​​controlling the steering wheel vigorously.
The effect is not very satisfactory. After all, Chen Feng can’t control his vigor like an arm swing, he can only control the direction roughly.
However, Chen Feng was not discouraged either. After all, he only broke through to the initial stage of Huajin for less than two months. This speed can already be called the fastest in the world.
Therefore, it is only a matter of time to break through to the middle stage of Huajin. Chen Feng has absolute confidence in his talent.

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