Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 206

After placing his hands on the steering wheel, Chen Feng slammed his foot and directly stepped on the accelerator pedal.
In an instant, a strong and direct feeling of pushing back came, and the red California, like a hurricane, rushed into a madness almost in an instant.
The white Lamborghini next to him was thrown ten meters away in an instant.
Sun Quan’s eyes widened, and he didn’t react for a while. How could this guy suddenly be so fast, as if he had taken Viagra?
After regaining his consciousness, Sun Quan also began to slam on the accelerator, Lamborghini’s engine roared frantically, and deafening sound waves echoed back and forth in the mountains and forests.
This sudden scene did not attract the attention of many people. Most of the audience’s eyes were still on the leading Bugatti Veyron.
However, Sun Quan, as the party concerned, was a little frightened, too soon!
If the California just now was just a sluggish tortoise, then the current California is just a wild horse running away!
Uncontrolled fast!
It even made Sun Quan feel that Chen Feng’s car was out of control!
The brake is broken, only the accelerator!
Is Chen Feng’s brake broken? not at all!
It was that Chen Feng disdain to step on the brakes, he had played enough with Sun Quan, and there was no need to continue playing next.
The only thing he needs to do is to slam on the brakes, and then let Sun Quan know what it means to be there, there are people outside the world!
There was a big drop of cold sweat on Sun Quan’s forehead, and he found that the situation was beyond his control.
The mouse in his eyes has become a tiger!
Although the performance of his Lamborghini is much better than that of California, even if it exceeds the performance, his car still has to slow down when cornering and drifting.
But Chen Feng’s car is not used!
Chen Feng completely violated this law. No matter what the corner, Chen Feng drifted through at full speed!
Sun Quan even felt that Chen Feng’s car was flying off the ground!
Inertia or something, as far as Chen Feng is concerned, it does not exist at all!
Sun Quan was scared, Sun Quan panicked!
In less than 30 seconds of practice, he was thrown over three hundred meters by Chen Feng, and he was almost out of sight of Chen Feng’s taillights.
If this goes on, let alone win against Chen Feng, it would be good not to be thrown out by Chen Feng for a few kilometers.
How could this waste suddenly be so powerful? !
Sun Quan was surprised and annoyed, stepping on the accelerator’s foot and couldn’t help but increase his strength a bit.
He doesn’t allow himself to lose to such waste as Chen Feng!
Seeing Sun Quan chasing him crazy, Chen Feng couldn’t help but sneered, idiot, now you know that you are afraid?
Chen Feng kicked the accelerator again, and the red California, like a sharp arrow off the string, once again threw Sun Quan several tens of meters away.
The anomaly here finally came into the sight of everyone.
When they saw that the leading car turned out to be Chen Feng’s California, everyone’s eyes fell from surprise.
“What’s going on?! How did that waste car get in front of Shao Sun?!”
“I don’t know, maybe there is something wrong with Sun Shao’s car.”
“No, the speed of Sun Shao’s Lamborghini doesn’t look like a problem at all. It’s almost 300.”
“So, is this waste surpassing Shao Sun by strength?”
Everyone talked a lot, some couldn’t believe that things would reverse so quickly.
A moment ago, Chen Feng, who was still being teased, suddenly turned over and sang, and ran in front of Sun Quan?
And seeing how Sun Quan was caught off guard, he obviously couldn’t catch up with Chen Feng.
In this way, doesn’t it mean that Sun Quan is going to lose?
After another two minutes, Sun Quan could not see Chen Feng’s California at all.
Sun Quan panted heavily, flapping the steering wheel frantically, looking hysterical.
He didn’t believe it, he didn’t believe that he would lose to Chen Feng so much!
In fact, not only Sun Quan, but even the many spectators on the field couldn’t believe it. Suddenly, Chen Summit stood upside down and the heifer went upside down.
After nearly one kilometer from Sun Quan, Chen Feng’s California, unexpectedly caught up with the first car echelon, and entered the top ten!
It’s incredible!
You know, at the beginning, Chen Feng was in the inverted position. He was thrown out two kilometers by a few cars from the first team.
But now, Chen Feng has caught up.
And still use the broken car from California.
“This rubbish car skill seems to be a bit embarrassing.”
“It’s not dangling, it’s dangling the sky!” Someone swallowed and said.
“I didn’t slow down at all when cornering, and drifted the whole time. Several times, I saw him crashing and crashing and killing people, but he just drifted back abruptly.”
In the audience, many people are racing enthusiasts. Naturally, many things can be seen from Chen Feng’s car skills.
Even if they are biased against Chen Feng, they have to admit that Chen Feng’s driving skills are simply impeccable!
The entry of Chen Feng’s car into the first echelon naturally puts pressure on many drivers of the first team.
If it is overtaken by Sun Quan’s Lamborghini, and overtaken by a four-seater California, they can’t afford to lose that person.
As a result, many drivers have accelerated a bit. At this time, it is not very important that the danger is not dangerous.
For them, face is more important.
After another two minutes, the game is drawing to a close.
Chen Feng’s California has already reached the third overall pick!
At this time, even Deng Shiqi, who was headed, looked a little serious.
Chen Feng’s speed also exceeded his expectations.
From the bottom to the bottom, to catch up to the positive third, and even to be second soon, this can no longer be described as terror.
Deng Shiqi can clearly feel the pressure brought by Chen Feng’s California.
Although there was only one kilometer left to the end, Deng Shiqi did not dare to be sloppy.
Instead, go all out!
After another fifteen seconds, Chen Feng’s car smoothly surpassed Rafa, which was originally in second place.
Be the second!
Deng Shiqi is only three hundred meters away!
At this time, the end is in sight.
After being caught up by Chen Feng, Deng Shiqi was also a little anxious, and almost used twelve points of effort to step on the accelerator.
The engine of the Bugatti Veyron spins frantically and the sound waves roar violently.
Fast as lightning!
The blue Bugatti Veyron took the lead in flying past the finish line.
Followed by Chen Feng’s red California.
The two cars crossed the finish line almost at the same time.
The audience screamed.
The cheers rang out like a tide.
“Woo, Deng Shao is too handsome.”
“Shao Deng, I want to have a baby for you!”
In the audience, many net red-faced girls were crying with joy, shouting for Deng Shiqi with excitement. They didn’t understand any car skills. They only knew that Deng Shiqi won the championship.
Moreover, the car Deng Shiqi drove was a Bugatti Veyron of more than 20 million.
In the audience, everyone was cheering for Deng Shiqi.
However, Deng Shiqi, who was sitting in the car, didn’t look so good at this time.

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