Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 207

There is no doubt that he lost!
Although he was the first to cross the finish line, in terms of driving skills, he was thrown out a lot by Chen Feng!
Let alone the four Californias that Chen Feng opened, how much worse than his Bugatti Veyron.
Just because Chen Feng was nearly two kilometers behind him at the beginning, he couldn’t finish the loss!
Deng Shiqi’s expression was a bit gloomy. He has always been arrogant and conceited. When participating in the Car God Cup, he never considered the situation of losing.
In his opinion, he should sweep the audience.
But now, instead of sweeping the audience, he has lost!
Deng Shiqi was a little unacceptable.
After a minute, most cars crossed the finish line.
Sun Quan’s Lamborghini is also on the list.
When Sun Quan got out of the car, the atmosphere of the audience was suddenly a bit strange.
Many people looked at Sun Quan with weird faces and wanted to see how Sun Quan reacted.
After all, before the start, Sun Quan offered to make a bet with Chen Feng.
Whoever loses will crawl around the track, climbing while learning how to bark.
At that time, Sun Quan had a confident look, but everyone saw it.
Of course, no one thought that there was any problem with Sun Quan, because Chen Feng was obviously a novice, and he drove a recognized broken car.
But the result was that Chen Feng not only slapped Sun Quan in the face, but also almost everyone in the audience!
Zhu Guangquan ran up to Chen Feng with excitement on his face, and patted Chen Feng on the shoulder again. He was a little bit incoherent with excitement: “Brother Chen Feng, it’s hard for you to hide from Lao Zhu.”
Play as a pig and eat a tiger!
There is no doubt that Chen Feng is pretending to be a pig and eat a tiger!
Before starting the run, Zhu Guangquan had never thought that Chen Summit would win Sun Quan. He even prayed that Chen Feng would not lose too badly.
But in the end, not only did Chen Feng win against Sun Quan, even Deng Shiqi almost ate Chen Feng’s exhaust!
These rich second-generation car skills in the field are not on the same level as Chen Feng!
Zhu Guangquan even felt that Chen Feng’s true identity was a retired car god, and he came here purely to abuse food.
“I seem to have said, I am 100% sure that I can beat Sun Quan.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly, and Zhu Guangquan felt that he was hiding it from him.
“Hey, how could Lao Zhu take it seriously when you were at that time.” Zhu Guangquan smiled, a little embarrassed.
Zhu Jiayan on the side was also flushed. She didn’t believe Chen Feng at the beginning, and felt that Chen Feng was arrogant and bragging.
But facts have proved that Chen Feng is not only not arrogant, on the contrary, Chen Feng is very humble.
With Chen Feng’s strength, if he runs earnestly from the beginning, he can definitely win the championship of this supercar and even break the record of the Bohai Bay circuit.
But Chen Feng was not like that.
Zhu Jiayan hasn’t seen a person like Chen Feng for a long time.
Chen Feng is completely different from the young Junyans she has seen in the past. The Junyans she has seen in the past have a three-point ability and can’t wait to show off to others.
However, Chen Feng was very capable, only showing three points, as if he was afraid that others would know that he was so good.
“Go, brother Chen Feng, let’s go over and let Sun Quan’s dog stuff fulfill the gambling agreement.” Zhu Guangquan pulled Chen Feng excitedly, and rushed to Sun Quan, fighting with Sun Quan for so long. This is the first time that Sun Quan can eat. It’s impossible for Zhu Guangquan to miss such a big deflated and such a good opportunity to watch Sun Quan make a fool of himself.
On the other side, Sun Quan came down from Lamborghini without saying a word, his face dripping with gloomy expression.
The few young models who were originally surrounded by him were so far away from him that they did not dare to come up and touch Sun Quan’s brow.
“Sun Quan!” At this moment, Zhu Guangquan shouted in excitement.
Everyone’s eyes all cast over.
“Sun Quan, do you remember what I said before the game?” Zhu Guangquan asked, looking at Sun Quan proudly.
“Zhu Guangquan, this matter seems to have nothing to do with you, right?” Sun Quan suppressed his anger. He was betting with Chen Feng, and Zhu Guangquan ran up to join in the fun.
“Why does it have nothing to do with me?” Zhu Guangquan raised his brows and said: “Chen Feng is my brother, and he drove the car I lent him. If he wins you, it is equivalent to I win you. Do you think this has anything to do with me?”
What Zhu Guangquan said is a righteous man, he has never been so proud in front of Sun Quan.
“What do you mean?!” Sun Quan suddenly turned his gaze to Chen Feng. The dangerous light flashing in his eyes is self-evident. Anyone with a discerning eye can see that Sun Quan is threatening Chen Feng. As long as Chen Feng lets go , Then he doesn’t have to fulfill the gambling contract and learn to bark on the ground.
“I mean?” Chen Feng smiled playfully, and said: “I mean of course you climbed around the track, climbing while learning how to bark.”
“Brother, don’t be too much! You should understand the truth of being a human being and meeting each other in the future!” Sun Quan threatened in a low voice. He didn’t want to be too blatant and make this matter full of storms, giving someone one, he Sun Quan Can’t afford to lose the image.
Chen Feng shook his head, and said lightly: “I don’t understand what to stay in the line of life, so I will meet each other in the future. I only know that the gentleman takes revenge, not overnight! You make me upset today, then I don’t need to make you upset!
“Get down and learn how to bark.”
“Are you sure you want to do this?!” Sun Quan’s teeth clenched, and the anger in his eyes almost turned into substance.
If he really lay down and learn to bark in front of so many people, then his reputation would be completely over.
And the face of the Sun family will be lost.
“Why, you don’t want to?” Chen Feng’s expression also turned cold. If Sun Quan dared to break the contract in public, then he wouldn’t mind letting Sun Quan know what it means to regret!
“Sun Quan.” At this moment, a faint voice sounded in the arena.
Everyone turned their heads in amazement, but saw Deng Shiqi in a red and white motorcycle uniform walking over without expression.
Everyone voluntarily gave way, and Deng Shiqi came to a few people like a stroll in the courtyard.
“Shao Deng!” Sun Quan looked overjoyed and bowed respectfully.
“Shao Deng.” Zhu Guangquan and Zhu Jiayan also bowed slightly, and said hello to Deng Shiqi. They didn’t dare not give Deng Shiqi’s face.
Only Chen Feng didn’t say anything during the whole process, or even glanced at Deng Shiqi.
“Your name is Chen Feng?” Deng Shiqi examined Chen Feng and spoke calmly.
Chen Feng smiled slightly and did not respond. It is not surprising that Deng Shiqi can investigate him so quickly, because Deng Shiqi has that strength.
“Chen Feng? Does anyone know this kid? There seems to be no family surnamed Chen in Cangzhou.”
“Neither in Nanning, this kid probably came out of an unknown family.”
“The little family dared to be so mad, so if Deng Shao asks questions, dare not answer?”
Everyone talked in low voices, not paying attention to Chen Feng at all.

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