Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 208

Among the crowd, only Yue Ling was shocked and couldn’t even speak.
It turned out to be Chen Feng!
When she only saw California cross the finish line, she felt something was wrong and felt that the person in the car looked like Chen Feng.
When she walked closer, she immediately set off a huge wave in her heart.
It really is Chen Feng!
She read it right!
At this time, Yue Ling’s inner shock was beyond words.
For Chen Feng, she was both fearful and afraid. When she was in the hotel last time, Chen Feng taught her a good lesson, letting her know what it means to be outside, there is heaven outside.
This time, Chen Feng came to the Chashen Cup again. Although it was not for her, she was also curious about what Chen Feng would do.
Obviously, apart from her, no one knew Chen Feng’s identity in the field, and even everyone thought that Chen Feng came from an unknown family.
But Yue Ling knew it was impossible!
Although she didn’t know what Chen Feng’s true identity was, it was definitely not the heir to a small family that Gu Dongchen and Han Long could bow their heads at the same time.
At the very least, it is on the same level as Deng Shiqi!
Yue Ling was very curious whether Deng Shiqi, a strong dragon, could suppress Chen Feng, a local snake.
“Zhu Guangquan, give me a face, how about?” Deng Shiqi shifted his gaze to Zhu Guangquan and said with a smile.
“Shao Deng, what do you mean by…?” Zhu Guangquan said with a smile. In fact, he knew very well what Deng Shiqi meant.
Just want to stand up for Sun Quan and not let Sun Quan make a fool of yourself!
The reason why Deng Shiqi did not ask Chen Feng, but asked him, was obviously because Deng Shiqi was not sure to let Chen Feng bow his head.
But for him, Deng Shiqi is sure!
“What do I mean, you should understand.” Deng Shiqi took a deep look at Zhu Guangquan, and said that he underestimated Chen Feng’s position in Zhu Guangquan’s heart. He thought that after he said that he was saving face, Zhu Guangquan should immediately agree with sincerity and fear.
But Zhu Guangquan was here, gagging with him, intending to get through.
Obviously, Zhu Guangquan was afraid of hurting Chen Feng’s face. After all, Chen Feng and Sun Quan made the bet. If he directly agreed on Chen Feng’s behalf, he would not have Chen Feng in his eyes.
“Shao Deng, this matter depends on the opinions of Brother Chen Feng!” Zhu Guangquan gritted his teeth and said. He also understood that saying this was tantamount to offending Deng Shiqi, but he could not help it. He still valued Chen Feng more than Deng Shiqi.
Although he had only met Chen Feng for less than a day, Zhu Guangquan thought Chen Feng as his brother, and let him lose Chen Feng’s face in public at this time. He couldn’t do it!
“Are you sure?” Deng Shiqi’s voice became a little cold, Zhu Guangquan was a little too ignorant of praise.
“OK!” Zhu Guangquan categorically cut the railway.
Zhu Jiayan on the side sighed insignificantly. Her brother was too irrational. He even offended Deng Shiqi for someone who had only met him for a day.
Now it is difficult for the Zhu family not to go bankrupt.
“Very good.” Deng Shiqi smiled slightly, and returned to his previous appearance.
But anyone with a discerning eye can see that Deng Shiqi was really upset this time, but his good upbringing did not let him show it.
“Zhu Guangquan, this stupid pig, has his brain flooded? He actually offended Shao Deng for a hillbilly.”
“That’s right, I’m so impatient to live, Shao Deng has already given him and this hillbilly a lot of face, and these two idiots are still not satisfied.”
“Now just wait to see the Zhu family go bankrupt.”
Zhu Guangquan listened to everyone’s whispering sarcasm, but he still didn’t change his face. Now that he made a choice, he will not regret it. The Deng family’s revenge, he will do it!
There was no expression on Chen Feng’s face, but there was a bit of warmth in his heart. He could see that Zhu Guangquan’s performance was not fake, it was completely true.
I have to say that there are not many people with true temperament like Zhu Guangquan. This is the first time Chen Feng has met in Cangzhou in the past few years.
Perhaps in the eyes of outsiders, people like Zhu Guangquan are stupid and not worth making friends with.
But in Chen Feng’s view, a sincere person like Zhu Guangquan is someone who can truly entrust his friends for life. You can trust him with your back, and he will never betray you.
Soon, Deng Shiqi left the field, leaving Sun Quan alone.
Obviously, he does not intend to stand up for Sun Quan.
Sun Quan didn’t dare to complain. Deng Shiqi’s ability to show this attitude already made him very frightened.
He has to deal with the next thing himself.
“I’ll give you one last chance. This matter will be exposed! From now on, our well water will not violate the river water!” Sun Quan said coldly, as a last resort, he didn’t want to tear his face with Chen Feng, but let him It’s impossible to learn how to bark on the ground!
“I will also give you one last chance. Now I immediately kneel down and learn how to bark.” Chen Feng said lightly.
“You! Find! Die!” Sun Quan gritted his teeth and said word by word, his eyes were cold and terrifying, and Chen Feng was so ignorant to promote, then he didn’t need to reason with Chen Feng.
“Looking for death?” Chen Feng jokingly smiled and said, “Not necessarily.”
“Not necessarily?!” Sun Quan grinned, and you knew right away, not necessarily!
Seeing Sun Quan directly took out his cell phone and began to call people, Zhu Guangquan’s expression suddenly changed: “Sun Quan, what are you going to do?”
“Dead pig, now I know I’m afraid?!” Sun Quan sneered. Zhu Guangquan, an idiot, didn’t know if he was really naive or fake, and thought he would really get down and learn how to bark.
“Sun Quan, you can’t afford to lose?” Zhu Guangquan was a little frustrated. He didn’t expect that Sun Quan would dare to break the contract in front of so many people, completely shameless.
“I just can’t afford to lose, what can you do to me?” Sun Quan looked arrogantly provocative. Since he has torn his skin, he doesn’t bother to pretend to be with Zhu Guangquan.
“You…grass!” Zhu Guangquan swears, and there is really no way to make sense with a rogue like Sun Quan.
“Brother Chen Feng, let’s go.” Zhu Guangquan couldn’t help but glanced at Chen Feng and said, now that the situation is up, he can only leave. After all, heroes don’t suffer from immediate losses. The person Sun Quan called is definitely not in combat. Gai, although he has studied martial arts, before he became a Ming Jin martial artist, he was hard to beat with four hands.
Ten thousand steps back and said, even if he could beat the person Sun Quan called, Chen Feng couldn’t stand it.
“Go?” Chen Feng raised the corner of his mouth and said, “Why are you going? I haven’t heard the dog barking yet.”
Zhu Guangquan was shocked, barking dogs? At this time, you are still thinking about the barking of dogs. Are you not afraid of death?
“This hillbilly… is he stupid? He thought that Shao Sun would be as good as Shao Deng?”
“It’s probably itchy, I want to be loosened by Sun Shao’s people.”
“No, I think his brain is broken, and I want Sun Shao’s people to fix his brain.”
The people ridiculed unscrupulously.

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