Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 209

A minute later, more than a dozen big muscular men in black came over, carrying various weapons in their hands.
“Shao Sun.” A dozen big men in black walked up to Sun Quan, bending over together.
Sun Quan glanced at Chen Feng triumphantly, as if he wanted to see Chen Feng’s expression of horror, but Chen Feng’s expression was still indifferent, as if he didn’t know what it meant to be afraid.
Sun Quan suddenly became angry, pointing at Chen Feng, and said viciously: “Unload this bastard’s legs for me!”
“Yes, Shao Sun.”
A dozen big men in black nodded together, then lifted the weapons in their hands and wrapped them towards Chen Feng.
“Want to clean up Brother Chen Feng? First pass Lao Tzu’s level!” Zhu Guangquan stood up angrily.
“Fight together! I’m responsible for killing!” Sun Quan sneered, Zhu Guangquan, the only one, really took himself seriously.
“Mr. Chen, run quickly, you are not their opponents.” Zhu Jiayan glanced at Chen Feng anxiously. Zhu Guangquan’s temperament, she knew very well that he was the kind of person with a streak. Chen Feng would not run. He won’t run away. Once Sun Quan comes to life, Zhu Guangquan may really be killed today.
Chen Feng shook his head and said, “Miss Zhu, don’t worry, I won’t let your brother have an accident.”
“But, there are more than a dozen of them…” Zhu Jiayan just wanted to say that there were more than a dozen people on Sun Quan’s side, but before she could finish her words, she saw that Chen Feng had walked toward a dozen big men in black.
Seeing Chen Feng standing in front of him, Zhu Guangquan suddenly became a little anxious: “Brother Chen Feng, will you fight?”
“A little bit.” Chen Feng smiled and said.
know a little? Sun Quan grinned, this idiot who doesn’t know the heights of the sky, thinks his bodyguards are the same as those on the street? It is no exaggeration to say that any of his bodyguards can fight ten or even twenty street gangsters!
Clean up Chen Feng, maybe you don’t need a hand!
In the next second, a dozen black-clothed men waved their weapons towards Zhu Guangquan and Chen Feng.
Zhu Guangquan took the lead in stepping out, and his iron fist swung sharply like a cannonball out of the chamber, slamming heavily on the chest of the leader.
With just a punch, the black-clothed man headed flew out like a kite with a broken line, flying a full seven or eight meters before landing on the ground.
There was a commotion in the crowd, and everyone apparently did not expect that Zhu Guangquan, who was obese, would have such an amazing fighting power.
Sun Quan’s gaze was also condensed for unchecked. He knew that Zhu Guangquan was just one step away from the martial artist, so he was not surprised that Zhu Guangquan had this behavior.
If Zhu Guangquan is a warrior today, then it is impossible for him to trouble Zhu Guangquan, and even kneel directly to Chen Feng.
But Zhu Guangquan is not after all.
Although he is only one step away from the martial artist now, this foot will not necessarily be crossed in his life.
Therefore, Zhu Guangquan, strictly speaking, he is still an ordinary person.
A slightly stronger ordinary person.
As long as it is an ordinary person, there will be some treatment.
The dozen or so people he sent could completely kill Zhu Guangquan in a wheel fight.
All the focus of the audience was on Zhu Guangquan, and few people paid attention to Chen Feng.
At this time, Chen Feng shot.
A fluttering punch hit the arm of a big guy who was brandishing a mountain knife.
There was a crisp fracture sound, and the screamer suddenly screamed, and his face rose to the color of pig liver.
This sudden scream finally attracted everyone’s attention.
Compared with Zhu Guangquan, Chen Feng’s moves are not very open.
On the contrary, Chen Feng seemed to have not eaten enough, and every punch gave people a soft feeling.
But it was such a soft fist that made everyone scalp numb, and they couldn’t stop sucking in cold air.
They found that anyone who was hit by Chen Feng’s fist would have their bones broken!
Whether it is an arm or a leg bone, as long as Chen Feng touches it, there will inevitably be a click!
It’s as if Chen Feng’s fist is like a hammer!
The onlookers all had scalp numbness. One can imagine how frightened the dozen or so men in black who are antagonizing Chen Feng at this moment.
They are scared!
Although Zhu Guangquan’s moves are fierce, at most he suffers internal injuries.
But Chen Feng was different. This guy broke the bones directly.
Almost subconsciously, a few big men in black went to Zhu Guangquan’s side. They would rather be bombarded by Zhu Guangquan than face Chen Feng.
In less than three seconds, Zhu Guangquan was surrounded by big men in black, and there was nothing in front of Chen Feng.
This scene almost directly exploded Sun Quan.
He never expected that things would turn into this way. The person he called to clean up Chen Feng was afraid of Chen Feng and didn’t dare to do anything to Chen Feng!
Chen Feng was also a little surprised. How could Sun Quan’s bodyguards be so spineless? He didn’t even show 1% of his strength, so he was afraid of this. Then if he tried his best, these people would not be scared. dead.
After shaking his head, Chen Feng walked towards Sun Quan.
“Brother, I have something to discuss.” Sun Quan swallowed. Now he is a polished commander, and it couldn’t be easier for Chen Feng to deal with him.
“Consultation?” Chen Feng glanced at Sun Quan with a faint smile: “Now I know the discussion. Why didn’t you discuss it with me when someone interrupted my leg?”
Sun Quan smiled and said: “Joke… Mr. Chen, I was just joking with you.”
Sun Quan’s performance made Chen Feng a little speechless. He knew, Sun Quan’s bodyguard, why is so spineless? With Sun Quan such a spineless master, it is strange that they have a spine.
“Really?” Chen Feng said with a playful smile, “Then how about I also make a joke with you?”
“What’s a joke?” Sun Quan spoke subconsciously. After he finished speaking, he regretted a bit, his mouth was too cheap.
“Either kneel down to learn how to bark, or I will interrupt your three legs.” Chen Feng smiled slightly, and he added one more leg to Sun Quan’s two legs, which men have.
Sun Quan’s mouth twitched, three legs, why Chen Feng was more ruthless than him.
“Give you a minute to think about it.” Chen Feng said lightly. He didn’t have the time to play with Sun Quan. If Sun Quan still doesn’t kneel down to learn how to bark after a minute, then he won’t be polite to Sun Quan.
Ten seconds, twenty seconds, thirty seconds…
Time passed every second, everyone in the audience stared at Sun Quan, wondering which one would Sun Quan choose between kneeling down to learn how to bark and being interrupted by Chen Feng’s three legs?
Sun Quan finally knelt on the ground with one knee full of humiliation.
He did not dare to bet whether Chen Feng had the guts to break his three legs in public.

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