Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 210

Sun Quan learned how to bark several times, but none of the onlookers dared to laugh.
On the contrary, the expression is complicated.
No one thought that the situation would evolve into what it is now.
In the beginning, when Sun Quan and Chen Feng bet, no one thought that Sun Quan would lose.
Even if Sun Quan loses, no one thinks that Chen Summit has the ability to make Sun Quan fulfill his bet.
But now…
Looking at Sun Quan, who was kneeling on the ground to learn how to bark, everyone felt their own faces aching.
Only Yue Ling in the court was not surprised by this result. She was the only person who knew Chen Feng’s approximate identity, so she knew that Sun Quan could not jump up in front of Chen Feng.
After Sun Quan fulfilled his betting contract, Chen Feng left the arena directly, preparing to return to the hotel, and he didn’t want to continue to care about Sun Quan.
Looking at Chen Feng’s back, Zhu Jiayan sighed slightly, Chen Fengshi sighed for their brothers and sisters, and severely humiliated Sun Quan.
But the price of this humiliation is a bit big.
Offended the Sun family, and… the Deng family! These two mountains!
The next Zhu family will inevitably walk on thin ice, and if you are not careful, they will be forever.
“Brother Chen Feng, wait for me!” Contrary to Zhu Jiayan, Zhu Guangquan didn’t think so much at all. In his opinion, it’s okay to be cool now, and I’ll talk about things later.
At night, Chen Feng’s identity was finally dug out by everyone.
The son-in-law of the Xia family!
There is no doubt that Chen Feng’s identity once again caused an uproar.
No one thought that the ruthless man who could beat Deng Shiqi in a supercar race and then let Sun Quan kneel and learn to barking would be just a door-to-door son-in-law!
The son-in-law now is so awesome?
Inside the hotel, Sun Quan panted heavily, and with red eyes, he tore up the information in his hands fiercely.
My son-in-law!
Turned out to be a waste son-in-law!
He could not have imagined that the person who caused him to be humiliated was such an identity.
Sun Quan was almost mad.
It is foreseeable how people outside will laugh at him.
The grandson of the grandson family was forced to kneel down to learn how to bark by a door-to-door son-in-law!
Not only his face was lost, the Sun family’s face was also lost!
This place must be retrieved!
Sun Quan gritted his teeth and thought, if he can’t kill Chen Feng before the end of the Cha Shen Cup, he will be killed by the family veteran when he returns to Sun’s house!
Chen Feng did not know that his identity had spread throughout Bohai Bay.
At this time, he was still in the room, trying to control his true energy.
At this moment, Zhu Guangquan pushed the door in anxiously.
“Chen Feng, Jia Yan is gone.”
“Jiayan is missing?” Chen Feng sank. Why was Jiayan missing?
“Well, I called her and couldn’t get through. I asked the staff of the hotel, and they said they didn’t see it.” Zhu Guangquan’s sweat burst out, and Zhu Jiayan is not the kind of person who leaves without saying a word. Now that it disappears mysteriously, it is very likely that it was kidnapped.
“Have you ever asked Sun Quan?” Chen Feng said solemnly. Although he offended Deng Shiqi and Sun Quan at the same time today, Deng Shiqi is not like the kind of person who can do things like kidnapping, but Sun Quan. People, it is very likely that Zhu Jiayan will threaten him and Zhu Guangquan.
“I asked, Sun Quan said that he didn’t know about that dog thing either.” Zhu Guangquan said.
“I will ask again.” Chen Feng got up, how Sun Quan was afraid of Zhu Guangquan, so he might not tell the truth to Zhu Guangquan.
“Good.” Zhu Guangquan nodded.
Soon, the two came to Sun Quan’s room.
Seeing Chen Feng, Sun Quan’s eyes suddenly burst into anger, but he was soon suppressed.
“Where is Jiayan?” Chen Feng said coldly.
“I don’t know!” Sun Quan suppressed his anger and said, Zhu Guangquan had just come to ask him, but he really didn’t know where Zhu Jiayan was.
“Let’s go.” Chen Feng frowned, turned and left, Sun Quan did not lie, he could tell.
“Could it be Deng Shiqi?” Zhu Guangquan couldn’t help asking after leaving Sun Quan’s room. Although he knew that Deng Shiqi was unlikely to do such a thing, he still couldn’t help but doubt.
“It should not be.” Chen Feng frowned. Deng Shiqi is obviously the kind of arrogant person. He can’t use this kind of kidnapping method. If he wants to deal with himself and Zhu Guangquan, he can use his hands directly. Power.
“Don’t worry, I’ll go to the mountain to look for it.” Chen Feng said, he is a warrior of Huajin. If he runs with all his strength, he will search the Bohai Bay.
“Okay, I’ll go to the foot of the mountain.” Zhu Guangquan nodded. Now, it’s useless to be anxious. If the other party takes Zhu Jiayan away and the ultimate goal is for him and Chen Feng, then sooner or later they will speak. If not, it will take more than an hour. After all, Zhu Jiayan’s hope of survival is probably not great.
After leaving the hotel, Chen Feng closed his eyes and began to feel Zhu Jiayan’s breath everywhere.
When the martial artist reached the realm of Huajin, in addition to the energy in his body, his divine consciousness began to develop slowly.
In the early stage of the transformation, even if he closes his eyes, Chen Feng can feel the wind and grass within a hundred meters.
This is the benefit of divine consciousness.
The reason why Huajin fighters can dodge bullets is because they have divine consciousness and can predict the trajectory of bullets in advance and react accordingly.
After a while, Chen Feng opened his eyes suddenly, and a ray of light burst into his eyes.
Originally, he just felt it with the attitude of giving it a try, but he didn’t expect that it really made him feel it!
Chen Feng stomped his foot abruptly, and his whole body flew away like an off-string arrow in the direction where Zhu Jiayan disappeared.
At this time, on a boulder deep in the forest.
A lean old man with dry skin in a black robe was sitting cross-legged, closing his eyes and practicing.
In front of the old man, there were also four young girls in different dresses sitting cross-legged, but at this time, the state of these four young girls was a bit strange.
Their pretty faces were pale, they had completely lost their blood, and their bodies were trembling uncontrollably.
On their wrists, each was wrapped with a red thread. The red thread was two meters long. One end was wrapped around the wrists of four young girls, and the other end was held in the hands of thin old people.
At this moment, the lean old man seemed to be performing some kind of exercises, and he kept breathing out in his mouth, and his abdomen kept rising and falling as he breathed out.
It looks terrifying.
After a while, it seemed that something was wrong, and the lean old man suddenly opened his eyes, his expression a little surprised.
Who is coming?
Why do I have a sense of crisis of life and death? The lean old man’s heart was enveloped by a strong anxiety. He had never felt such a strong sense of life and death, as if he was about to die in the next second!

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