Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 22

Gu Dongchen’s face changed wildly, and he asked for a hand to open his mouth? Gu Dongchen paused, still wanting to talk about the conditions, but A Hao directly picked up the dagger and slashed towards Gu Dongchen’s left hand without blinking his eyes.
After a miserable cry, Gu Dongchen’s bloody left hand fell to the ground.
“Brother, are you satisfied?” Ahao asked blankly.
Chen Feng nodded slightly. He admired this Ah Hao more and more. He was decisive in his work, and he had great vision.
If Gu Dongchen dared to continue negotiating conditions with him just now, Chen Feng would not give Gu Dongchen any choice, he would cut off both hands of Gu Dongchen!
Ahao saw it, and he saved Gu Dongchen a hand!
“You are very good, if you don’t want to be a messenger someday, you can come to me.” Chen Feng glanced at A Hao appreciatively and said.
To fight against a behemoth like the Chen family, a fierce general like Ahao is indispensable, and judging from his attitude towards Gu Dongchen, he is still a man of loyalty. There are really not many people like this in this world.
Ah Hao pressed his lips tightly and did not speak.
Chen Feng doesn’t mind. He knows very well that masters like A Hao have their own arrogance. They will not easily surrender to others, but once they surrender, they will entrust their lives to that person, which is truly true. The turn of life!
“In addition, what happened here today, if anyone dared to say it…” Chen Feng smiled slightly and patted the long table in the box lightly, “click”, the three-inch-thick long marble table shattered!
“The table is his end.” Chen Feng said lightly, and after speaking, he got up with Xia Mengyao in his arms and left the box.
A dozen big men with earth-colored faces at the door all gave way, no one dared to stop!
“Check! Check it out for me! I want to know who he is!” After Chen Feng left, Gu Dongchen clutched his bloody wrist and spoke in pain.
“Master Chen, his name is Chen Feng.” The little brother who had just guarded the door said weakly.
“Chen Feng?!”
Gu Dongchen’s eyes widened, and he was almost fainted by the news.
This is Xia Mengyao’s rubbish husband? ! The green hat in Xia Hao’s mouth, who dared to be angry but didn’t dare to speak? !
“Haha!” Gu Dongchen laughed miserably, tears of laughter came out. If even such a man is rubbish, then there is no man in this world that is not rubbish.
Xia Hao, Xia Hao!
Lao Tzu cares your mother!
“Big brother, listen to my advice, just take this hand and buy a lesson, don’t trouble that person!” Ahao glanced at Gu Dongchen’s severed hand on the ground, his expression extremely solemn.
“Ahao, that Chen Feng, is he really that strong? If you fight with him with a gun, can you kill him?” Gu Dongchen asked unwillingly. He has been in Cangzhou for more than 20 years and has never eaten. After such a loss, if you want people on the road to know that he was chopped off by a door-to-door son-in-law, then he doesn’t need to be confused.
Ahao shook his head, “Brother, don’t think about it, in front of him, I don’t have a chance to shoot.”
Gu Dongchen took a breath, didn’t even have a chance to shoot?
“I don’t know why Chen Feng would be a door-to-door son-in-law, but if a person like him wants to be on the road, he is at least the leader of our Cangzhou city.” Ahao continued.
Gu Dongchen stopped talking. He knew that he had no hope of revenge. He had been on the road for more than 20 years, and he naturally understood how difficult it is to be the leader of a prefecture-level city. It can be said that he Gu Dongchen It is impossible to get to that position in this life.
But Chen Feng and A Hao gave Chen Feng such a high evaluation after only less than ten minutes of contact.
This shows that the real Feng Chen has more than one Cangzhou leader!
Chen Feng came to a small clinic with Xia Mengyao in his arms. Judging from Xia Mengyao’s state, she didn’t have any major problems, she just passed out in a coma.
But Chen Feng didn’t dare to gamble, he was not afraid of ten thousand, just in case.
What if there is any sequelae?
So Chen Feng came to this small clinic.
This is one of the forces he cultivated in Cangzhou. He rarely came here because he was worried about being discovered by Chen Zhennan.
But now, Chen Feng can’t take care of that much.
The safety of Xia Mengyao is the most important.
The owner of the clinic is a middle-aged woman. Her appearance looks the same as an ordinary middle-aged woman, but Chen Feng knows that in terms of medical skills alone, this middle-aged woman in front of him, even in the entire Qiannan Province , Can be ranked in the top three!
The middle-aged woman is the only female disciple of Sun Xici, a Chinese medicine doctor!
“Little Lord!”
Seeing Chen Feng, Liu Wanmei’s expression suddenly became very respectful.
“Aunt Mei,” Chen Feng smiled slightly, and said, “Help me check Mengyao. Someone just asked her to drink erotic potions.”
“Yes, Young Master!”
Liu Wanmei nodded, holding Xia Mengyao into the cubicle.
After a while, Liu Wanmei walked out.
“Young Master, Mengyao is okay, she was just too frightened and passed out into a coma.”
“It’s okay.” Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief, “Yes, Aunt Mei, after I leave, the Chen family may investigate you, so be careful.” Chen Feng knew very well that the ghost servants were behind him and acted on them. His rigorous attitude will definitely investigate Liu Wanmei.
“Don’t worry, Young Master, I’ve already prepared another set of identity.” Liu Wanmei said.
“Yeah.” Chen Feng nodded slightly, fighting against the old fox Chen Zhennan. He must be extremely cautious, and if he takes a wrong step, he will lose all the games!
Xia Mengyao didn’t wake up until the afternoon. After waking up, when she saw Chen Feng, she could no longer control her emotions and hugged Chen Feng and started crying.
“Woo, Chen Feng, I’m so scared…”
“Don’t be afraid, I am here.” Chen Feng said softly. Even if Xia Mengyao looks strong, she can’t change the fact that she is a woman. If you encounter a villain like Gu Dongchen, if you don’t handle it well, I’m afraid it will leave a psychological shadow. , So Chen Feng did not tell Xia Mengyao what happened later, but said that the police arrived in time and saved her.
“Chen Feng, why should Xia Hao be so cruel? I’m her cousin, how could he be so vicious…” In fact, what makes Xia Mengyao the most unacceptable is that her cousin put a line on her, her relatives , Even for the benefit, to ruin her life.
“Xia Hao!”
A cold light flashed in Chen Feng’s eyes. When the tiger-patterned man came to make trouble for him, he knew that the instigator of this incident was Xia Hao. Apart from Xia Hao, no one would deal with him like this.
If it were the Chen family, I would never send such a small person.
Xia Hao repeatedly insulted Xia Mengyao, not to mention, this time it was even Xia Mengyao who was almost deprived of her body, and had completely touched his bottom line!
This time, he would never let Xia Hao feel better!
In the past, because of Xia Mengyao’s relationship, Chen Feng didn’t want to do too much. People like Xia Hao and Xia Yunsheng were, after all, Xia Mengyao’s relatives.
But now, Xia Mengyao regards them as relatives, but they never regard Xia Mengyao as relatives!

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