Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 211

Soon, the lean old man made a decision that he wanted to run away.
Although there are only a handful of people in Cangzhou and Nanning who can threaten him, he still doesn’t want to gamble.
If by any chance the gambling is lost, the life will be lost.
As soon as the almost lean old man left his front foot, Chen Feng fell from the sky.
Taking a look at the four pale-faced young girls lying on the ground, Chen Feng’s eyebrows could not help but feel cold.
Practicing evil skills!
Just looking for death!
Chen Feng was furious, but he still forcibly suppressed the urge to chase the lean old man.
The lean old man has a chance to solve it at any time, but right now, if Zhu Jiayan and the other three young girls are not saved, he might not be far from death.
Chen Feng leaned down and probed the conditions of the four young girls, and found that the aura in the four young girls was very disturbed at the moment.
Chen Feng frowned. This disorder was obviously caused by excessive loss of vitality.
Absorb the evil power of vitality…
Miao Jiang!
Related to Miaojiang!
A gleam of light flashed in Chen Feng’s eyes. When he and Xiao Guozhong travelled in China, he met many young girls who died of life in the Miao area.
After investigation, it was found that those young girls who were cut off from life had all died by the same group of people.
At that time, these people practiced a kind of exercise called the Imperial Girl Scripture, and they were rampant in the Miao area, but all the young girls who were full of life were their prey.
There were no fewer than hundreds of young girls who died tragically under the evil power of Yunvjing!
When Xiao Guozhong learned of it, he was furious. He took Chen Feng and ran for three hundred miles overnight. He found the headquarters of the Imperial Girl’s Educator. With a palm, he killed dozens of high-level Imperial Women’s Educators and killed them. Dogs do not stay.
In the middle of Huajin, the Pope Queen was interrupted by Xiao Guozhong, thrown into the Snake Valley, and howled for three days and nights before he died.
The entire Miao border is terrified!
Chen Feng originally thought that the Imperial Girl Church was slaughtered by Xiao Guozhong.
Even if there are one or two missing fish, they should not dare to appear again.
Unexpectedly, I saw a person from the Maiden’s Cult here again today, and judging from the speed at which this person can absorb vitality, he is obviously still a senior member of the Maiden’s Cult.
The least cultivation base is also the mid-stage dark energy!
In the mid-stage of Dark Jin, perhaps it was nothing to Chen Feng now.
But for the entire Cangzhou martial arts world, the mid-stage Dark Jin is no different from a catastrophic existence.
Since Ye Dongxiao’s blood washed the Cangzhou martial arts world 20 years ago, there have been few martial artists who can stand out in the Cangzhou martial arts world.
Chen Feng estimated that in the entire Cangzhou martial arts world, the current strongest martial artist would die in the mid-term, and was comparable to this cult martial artist.
Shaking his head, Chen Feng suppressed the chaotic thoughts in his mind.
His top priority is to help the four girls in front of him get back to life as soon as possible.
After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng began to circulate the energy in his body.
After Huajin, the qi in his body has already reached a level of purity, so it can be used as a substitute for vitality in the human body.
The vitality of these four girls being absorbed by the maidens is not small, almost to the point where each of them has half their lives.
But for Chen Feng, these vitalities are less than one percent of his energy.
This is the horror of Huajin Warrior.
When it comes to this state, no matter what else, just talk about the vitality in the body, the Huajin martial artist is an inhuman existence.
If nothing unexpected happens, the vitality in a normal Huajin fighter is enough to support this Huajin fighter to live to one hundred and fifty years old!
Almost double the life span of ordinary people!
A few minutes later, the faces of Zhu Jiayan and the other three girls began to become ruddy.
After seeing that the four of them had no major problems, Chen Feng also stopped his movements.
Zhu Jiayan was the first to open his eyes and saw Chen Feng. Her beautiful eyes were suddenly full of surprise: “Mr. Chen, why are you here?”
“You have been kidnapped.” Chen Feng sighed. He didn’t intend to tell Zhu Jiayan the truth, because Zhu Jiayan couldn’t bear it at all. For Zhu Jiayan, the warrior in the middle stage of the dark energy is probably more terrifying than the Deng family.
“Kidnapping?!” Zhu Jiayan was shocked, then glanced at the surrounding environment, her face turned pale suddenly.
“Mr. Chen, what is going on?”
“Do you still remember how I went up the mountain?” Chen Feng asked. The place where he and Zhu Jiayan are now is seven or eight kilometers away from the hotel where they are staying. It’s such a long road. If Zhu Jiayan walked over, then She should have an impression.
“I don’t remember.” Zhu Jiayan shook her head, somewhat at a loss.
“It seems that a hotel attendant came into my room and put something in my room, and then I lost consciousness, and when I woke up, I saw Mr. Chen.” Zhu Jiayan said.
“Okay, I get it.” Chen Feng nodded. It was obvious that the imperial maiden was in the hotel.
Chen Feng estimated that Zhu Jiayan and the other three girls in front of him were definitely not the first victims.
In addition to them, there may have been some people who had been poisoned before, but they were not exposed.
A few minutes later, Zhu Guangquan took the people up the mountain in a hurry. Seeing that Zhu Jiayan was fine, Zhu Guangquan was finally relieved.
“Brother Chen Feng, how did you find Jiayan?” Zhu Guangquan couldn’t help asking. He mobilized so many people and he didn’t even see Zhu Jiayan’s shadow, but Chen Feng found it easily when he shot. On the mountain seven or eight kilometers away, it was amazing.
“I don’t know how to find it, maybe it’s… intuitive.” Chen Feng smiled and said, it is impossible for him to tell Zhu Guangquan that he was found by the unique spiritual mind of the Huajin martial artist, so it shouldn’t be scared. Zhu Guangquan died.
“Haha, Brother Chen Feng, your intuition is awesome.” Zhu Guangquan laughed and said, “By the way, Brother Chen Feng, where are the gangsters who kidnapped Jiayan and these three girls?”
“I haven’t seen it either.” Chen Feng shook his head and said: “When I went up the mountain, I saw Jiayan and the others lying here.”
“Damn bastards, it’s best not to let Lao Tzu meet.” Zhu Guangquan couldn’t help but explode.
“Brother Chen Feng, I won’t say thank you to Lao Zhu. After all, I don’t want to thank you, Lao Zhu, I owe you my life in the future. If you have anything to do with Brother Chen Feng, please call Lao Zhu. I have to do it for you.” Zhu Guangquan said seriously, his words were completely from the bottom of his heart, not half false. Since meeting Chen Feng, Chen Feng has helped him a lot and saved Zhu Jiayan’s life. He can only pay for this kind of kindness.
“It’s too serious, Lao Zhu, my brother, what he said is fatal.” Chen Feng smiled and said. From the moment Zhu Guangquan stood on his side against Deng Shiqi’s pressure, he regarded Zhu Guangquan as his own, so no matter what trouble Zhu Guangquan encountered, he would take action.

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