Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 212

The group returned to the hotel again, it was late at night.
The waiter who walked into Zhu Jiayan’s room disappeared without a trace, and the monitoring in the hotel had long been cut off.
It is impossible for Zhu Guangquan to find any clues.
In this regard, Chen Feng did not have the slightest surprise. The people of the Imperial Girl Cult obviously have a relationship with the high-level officials of Bohai Bay.
It is not difficult to erase all suspicious traces with the help of high-level officials in Bohai Bay.
After washing, Chen Feng returned to the room.
At this time, in the living room of a small European-style villa not far from the Chenfeng Hotel, a tall and tall woman in a black dress was sitting on the sofa, looking bored at the photo in her hand.
If Chen Feng were here, he would be surprised.
Because these photos are all about him!
When I met the robbers up the mountain, and then rescued Zhu Jiayan in the back mountain, there was almost nothing left out!
“Heir of the Chen family, that’s nothing more.” After a while, the girl in the black dress pouted with disdain, and threw the photo in her hand on the table.
“Miss, why did you say this?” A hoarse old woman’s voice suddenly sounded behind the black dress girl.
“Aunt Qing, didn’t you say that this Chen Feng might be in the late stage of Anjin? How can he not even catch up to the middle stage of Anjin?” The black skirt girl curled her lips.
The old woman behind the black dress girl was a little helpless. In fact, she had seen the perspective taken by the Ye family drone. It was not that Chen Feng did not catch up with Wu Jiuyou, but Chen Feng did not chase Wu Jiuyou at all.
Although there is only one word difference, the meaning is completely different.
But her own lady is arrogant, she would rather believe that Chen Feng can’t catch up, or believe that Chen Feng is too lazy to follow.
“Miss, the heir of the Chen family, it’s better not to underestimate it. Only with the help of the heir of the Chen family can you escape the forced marriage of the Deng family.” The old woman sighed quietly. Since Ye Dongxiao disappeared, Ye Home is worse than one year.
In the eyes of secular people, the Ye family’s prosperity is beyond doubt.
But at the level of the martial arts world, today’s Ye Family has a taste of the west.
The old generation of warriors left by Ye Dongxiao walked and died, and there was not much left.
The new generation, except Ye Haitang, no one can stand out and stand alone.
If this continues, within a few years, the Ye family will completely become a vassal of some martial arts families.
“Aunt Qing, is the Deng family really that scary?” Ye Haitang was a little helpless. Although she is a daughter, she has always regarded herself as a boy. This is especially true in martial arts practice. This year, although she is only 26 She was already a martial artist in the late Ming Jin period, so she didn’t think how terrible the Deng family’s dark Jin mid-term was. Given her four to five years, she could also break through to the mid dark Jin mid-term.
Aunt Qing sighed, “Miss, you are still young, and you don’t understand what the Deng family really means to the current Ye family.”
“Don’t think Aunt Qing is in the early stage of Dark Jin, but Aunt Qing is in the hands of Deng Fengnian, and can’t even survive three moves. What’s more, besides Deng Fengnian, there are old things from Wu Jiuyou and Wu Jiuyou. In the past few years, he has been practicing evil arts, and his realm has gone a long way, and his breakthrough to the late stage of Anjin is just around the corner.”
“Once Wu Jiuyou breaks through, the Deng family will never talk to our Ye family at all. At that time, they will probably force the young lady to marry.”
“Okay.” Ye Haitang pouted. Although she was reluctant, she also understood how dangerous the current situation of the Ye family is. Ye Dongxiao is not there. These Xiaoxiao, all treat Ye family as a piece of meat, even without Deng Xiaoping. Home, there will be Li family, Zhao family.
“Aunt Qing, what if Chen Feng doesn’t dare to do anything to the Deng family?” Ye Haitang asked. This is what she is most afraid of now. Although Chen Feng is the heir of the Chen family, according to the information she found, Chen Feng is not very much valued in the Chen family, and even many people in the Chen family have the meaning of excluding Chen Feng a bit.
Such Chen Feng can be said to be weak, and it is normal to be afraid of a behemoth like the Deng family.
Aunt Qing shook her head, and said: “No, although Aunt Qing has never contacted this person, looking at this person’s journey, it is obvious that this person is not the kind of courageous rat, on the contrary, this People are very courageous. He even dared to calculate the Chen family, and the Deng family is so small that this person would never take it seriously.”
Ye Haitang nodded slightly, and the calculation Chen family mentioned by Aunt Qing naturally referred to Yuquan Mountain. The relationship between Chen Feng and the Chen family is still top secret in the outside world. The reason why she can understand it is because Aunt Qing has a relationship with someone in the Chen family who is at a high level.
The person revealed some news, and she and Aunt Qing learned some of the inside story.
“Miss, the only thing you need to think about now is how to use this person to resist the Deng family for you.” Aunt Qing warned. In fact, she had been eyeing Chen Feng a long time ago, but she has never been in contact with Chen Feng. Opportunity.
This time, the Cheshen Cup was also proposed by Ye Haitang after he discovered that Chen Feng’s people have been moving frequently recently and seemingly have a posture of dominating Cangzhou.
Ye Haitang’s idea is very simple. Since Chen Feng wants to unify Cangzhou, she must not be bypassed.
Instead of waiting passively for Chen Feng to find her, she would take the initiative to create an opportunity for Chen Feng.
So Ye Haitang held the Chashen Cup.
Ye Haitang’s original plan was to use the Cha God Cup to secretly cause a conflict between Chen Feng and Deng Shiqi, and without her showing up, let Chen Feng attack Deng Shiqi and make enemies with the Deng family.
Unexpectedly, Chen Feng actually drove the Audi up the mountain. Obviously, Chen Feng had never thought about allowing himself to appear on the bright side.
In this way, her plan naturally fell through.
But Liu Anhua was in another village. Just when she thought Chen Feng would not meet Deng Shiqi, Sun Quan appeared.
Moreover, he took the initiative to provoke Chen Feng recklessly.
As soon as Sun Quan appeared, everything became logical.
Deng Shiqi turned his head for Sun Quan, and naturally had an antagonism with Chen Feng.
All this has returned to the original track.
But the biggest problem now is that the gap between Deng Shiqi and Chen Feng is not big enough, and she needs to add fire.
Chen Feng didn’t know that there were so many calculations in this. At this time, his mind was all on the maidens.
In the afternoon, in order to save Zhu Jiayan and the other three young girls, Chen Feng missed the best opportunity to hunt down the imperial girl.
Now we can only rely on the only clues in the hand to judge the traces of the maidens.
Chen Feng didn’t intend to let go of this evil cultivation. As Xiao Guozhong’s closed disciple, Chen Feng naturally inherited Xiao Guozhong’s greatest qualities, and hated evil.
Therefore, even if he chases to the ends of the world, he will destroy the evil cultivation of the Maid Cult.
The maddening martial arts sect of the maiden cult should not exist in this world at all.

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