Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 213

The only clue in Chen Feng’s hands now is breath.
Although the evil cultivator who absorbed Zhu Jiayan’s four life chances escaped quickly, he still left his breath.
Chen Feng had remembered this breath for himself, and if he saw it again, he could totally recognize it.
Now let’s see if the evil cultivator has the guts to reappear in Bohai Bay again, Chen Feng thought to himself.
Early the next morning, Chen Feng got up on time.
Yesterday’s supercar race was just an appetizer for the Chashen Cup. The real highlight is today’s professional race.
The so-called professional races are naturally professional drivers. Most of them are the top level in the world, which can completely crush the rich second generation of yesterday.
However, Chen Feng didn’t care about these, and his mind was all on the people of the Imperial Girl’s Church.
After walking in the crowd for a while, Chen Feng gradually found several suspicious figures.
The breath radiating from these figures is almost the same as the cult of the Imperial Girl Cult that I encountered in Houshan yesterday!
Chen Feng frowned. He thought that after the fright he did yesterday, the cultivators of the Imperial Girl Cult should rush out of Bohai Bay in a panic, but they didn’t even think about running away.
This is because I am sure I can’t do anything with them?
Chen Feng couldn’t help but feel cold, since you don’t want to run, then you guys don’t run!
“Brother Chen Feng, the professional game is about to start, why are you still here?” At this moment, Zhu Guangquan hurried over.
“Professional game?” Chen Feng was stunned, he didn’t seem to have said that he would participate in a professional game.
Seeing Chen Feng’s dazed face, Zhu Guangquan was also taken aback: “Don’t you know?”
“Do you know what?” Chen Feng smiled bitterly. He went to sleep immediately after coming back last night, and received no news about the professional game at all.
“The top three in the supercar race can be directly registered for the professional race.” Zhu Guangquan said, unlike yesterday’s supercar race, the Cheshen Cup professional race, because the participants are all professional drivers, so the intensity Very high, it is not something you can participate in if you want to.
Requirement to compete.
The last time he has to be a B-class driver certified by the Racing Association.
Of course, there are exceptions, that is, the top three players who have won the supercar.
Generally speaking, to get the top three supercar races, the level is not much weaker than that of professional drivers.
Just like Deng Shiqi, he is already an A-class driver in the serious grade of the Racing Association.
It is only one level lower than the top S-class drivers in the world.
Even in this professional competition, Deng Shiqi’s level is at the top.
Of course, this information is only known to people in the circle. Chen Feng doesn’t pay attention to it at all on weekdays. I don’t know that the inside story is normal.
“I won’t sign up.” Chen Feng was a little helpless. He didn’t know that there was such a rule. If he knew it, he wouldn’t run second yesterday, and he would just run fourth or fifth. In short, he could beat Sun Quan. That’s it.
“Why didn’t you report?” Zhu Guangquan was taken aback, and said: “Brother Chen Feng, it is a pity not to participate in the professional game at your level. If you play, there is nothing to do with Deng Shiqi’s grandson.”
“And, did you know? The prize money for the professional championship is one hundred million!” When it comes to money, Zhu Guangquan’s eyes flashed green.
“It’s one hundred million, not ten million!” Zhu Guangquan repeated again, “Brother Chen Feng, if you can win the title, you won’t say anything about fame. Just the bonus will be enough for you to have nothing to worry about for the rest of your life. ”
Zhu Guangquan looked at Chen Feng with scorching eyes. From his point of view, this matter was not considered at all. If he had the level of Chen Feng, he would definitely not say anything, and go to the competition.
That is a bonus of 100 million!
What is the concept of a billion, in layman’s terms, is equivalent to an ordinary person winning the 5 million lottery 20 times in a row!
But winning the lottery requires luck. Many ordinary people cannot win once in their lifetime, let alone win 20 times in a row.
But now, Chen Feng only needs to take part in the competition, and he can do many things that ordinary people can’t do in a lifetime.
“Okay, I’ll try.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Zhu Guangquan had already said this. If he didn’t pass, he would be a bit too much. Although he doesn’t lack the one hundred million, he is also good for fun.
“Walk around, Brother Chen Feng, I’ll take you to change your clothes.” Zhu Guangquan said happily. He can’t wait to see what Chen Feng looked like when he was leading the audience on the professional field for a while.
“Master, he is participating in the competition.” Almost as soon as Chen Feng entered the locker room, someone reported the news to Deng Shiqi.
Deng Shiqi’s eyes flickered indistinctly, and he said gloomily, “Do it!”
“Yes, master!”
At the same time, inside the Ye Family Villa.
The female secretary in an OL skirt said respectfully: “Miss, as you might expect, Deng Shiqi’s people have moved on Chen Feng’s car.”
Ye Haitang nodded slightly and said, “I see.”
understood? The female secretary was stunned: “Miss, don’t you plan to remind Chen Feng?”
“Remind?” Ye Haitang raised his mouth and said, “Do you think that Chen Feng is so stupid?”
“Stupid?” The female secretary was even more puzzled.
Ye Haitang shook his head and said, “Xiang’er, don’t worry, there is a Deng Shiqi, he can still deal with it. If he can’t even deal with Deng Shiqi, then he deserves to die!”
After Chen Feng changed into his safety clothes, it was already ten thirty, half an hour before the start of the game.
Other professional drivers participating in the competition have also appeared one after another.
Deng Shiqi, who was wearing a red and white motorcycle uniform, was on the list. Today’s Deng Shiqi is not only wearing a motorcycle uniform, but also a white safety helmet on his head.
Although the whole body was covered tightly, but his tall and straight figure was very eye-catching among the crowd.
Several cameras next to him have aimed their cameras at him, doing pre-match interviews for Deng Shiqi.
As one of the few A-class drivers in the Car God Cup, Deng Shiqi definitely has the ability to win the championship. Coupled with his status as the young master of the Deng family, it is difficult for people not to pay attention to him.
At this time, there was another agitation in the crowd.
A slender figure wearing a black motorcycle suit and a black safety helmet appeared.
Ye Haitang!
Chen Feng squinted his eyes. Although this figure was also wearing a safety helmet and only a pair of eyes were leaked out, Chen Feng could still recognize it.
This figure is Ye Haitang.
Not much worse than what Chen Feng had expected, Ye Haitang was indeed a martial artist, and his realm was still very high.
Late Ming Jin!
It’s horrible!
In Cangzhou, a place where Wudao fault martial arts practice is extremely scarce, Ye Haitang’s ability to reach the late Ming Jin realm at this age can already be said to be unique.

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