Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 214

Jinling Yang Family, Yang Tai, known as the prince, is now only the late Ming Jin.
There is no need to say more about Yang Tai’s own talent.
Behind him, there is also the huge Yang Family, providing him with training resources, and even more secretive late martial artists to show him the way.
But even so, Yang Tai is only in the same state as Ye Haitang.
One can imagine how terrifying Ye Haitang’s talent is.
Many drivers were in place one after another, and official maintenance personnel began to inspect the vehicles.
Chen Feng sat in the car with a touch of playfulness at the corner of his mouth.
Deng Shiqi did not let him down. He changed the car that was officially prepared for him. The brakes, clutches, jets, tires…almost everywhere, he moved his hands and feet.
If a normal person drives such a car to race for a few minutes at most, the car will be destroyed and killed.
The official maintenance personnel arrived at the scene and inspected Chen Feng’carefully’, and then made an OK gesture to indicate that there was nothing wrong with Chen Feng’s car.
Chen Feng didn’t have the slightest surprise about this. Deng Shiqi can do things in his car, and naturally he can buy the official maintenance personnel, which is not difficult for him.
At this time, many people in the field were observing Chen Feng in secret.
Deng Shiqi breathed a sigh of relief after seeing that the official maintenance personnel left, and Chen Feng did not check it himself.
Chen Feng didn’t find it!
Since you haven’t found it, you are a trash, just wait for the car to crash and die! Deng Shiqi glanced at Chen Feng coldly, and thought secretly.
“Miss, Mr. Chen doesn’t seem to notice anything wrong.” Ye Haitang’s people also felt that Chen Feng was a little too calm, as if nothing happened, didn’t he plan to check his car himself? Although the hands and feet of Deng Shiqi’s people are very cryptic, if you check carefully, you can still find something wrong.
Ye Haitang’s pretty willow eyebrows frowned, why is Chen Feng so eager? This kind of life-threatening matter did not end up personally.
“Forget it, don’t worry, the medical team will be staring at him for a while, if something goes wrong, save the person as soon as possible.” Ye Haitang said, the game will start in one minute. At this time, she can’t go again Remind Chen Feng that it would only stay inside and outside and not a person. The reason why the medical team was staring at Chen Feng was not because she cared about Chen Feng, but because Chen Feng’s identity was too special. After all, he was the heir of the Chen family and Deng Shiqi didn’t know. She still knew Chen Feng’s identity.
If she sits and watches Chen Feng’s death here, then she will not escape the Chen family’s responsibility.
With the firing of the starting gun, the game officially began.
The audience cheered thunderously.
Douyu and Huya’s drones on all major platforms aimed their perspective on the track and began to broadcast the Car God Cup.
The harsh racing sound echoed throughout the audience.
A series of lightning catapults started.
Today’s professional race track used the Bohai Eighteenth Bend, known as the death track.
Winding and twisting, shaped like a dragon.
The entire track is built entirely on the hillside, and the terrain is extremely high. If you are not careful, the vehicle will rush out of the track and fall into the valley.
Every year, there are two or three hapless professional drivers who are buried in the Bohai Bay circuit, using their lives to achieve the prestige of the death circuit.
Today’s Chen Feng did not control the steering wheel like yesterday.
But by hand.
The effect is also obvious. From the beginning, Chen Feng ran to the first echelon.
The ranking is second only to Ye Haitang and Deng Shiqi, and there is another professional driver.
A minute later, Chen Feng had already surpassed the professional driver and came behind Deng Shiqi, almost on par with Deng Shiqi.
After seeing Chen Feng catching up, Deng Shiqi sneered in his heart and didn’t panic. If nothing happens, Chen Feng’s car should be able to run for two or three minutes at most. After two or three minutes, it will completely lose control, and then Out of control, rush out of the track and become the ghost of Bohai Bay!
As time passed, Ye Haitang, Deng Shiqi, and Chen Feng’s car had already pulled the other cars a long way.
No one was surprised by the performance of Ye Haitang and Deng Shiqi.
However, Chen Feng was beyond the expectations of many people.
After yesterday’s supercar race, everyone almost knew the identity of Chen Feng.
It is the son-in-law of the Xia family.
Therefore, everyone did not pay attention to Chen Feng, a door-to-door son-in-law, how capable, although in the supercar race, everyone’s attention was amazed.
But in the professional competition, everyone didn’t think that Chen Feng could be so brilliant.
After all, these are two completely different systems.
But Chen Feng slapped everyone in the face again.
A door-to-door son-in-law can also be awesome!
At this moment, Chen Feng’s car has gradually surpassed Deng Shiqi’s trend!
Deng Shiqi was in a hurry. He had been calculating the time in his heart. It stands to reason that at this point, Chen Feng’s car should have a problem.
But not at all!
Chen Feng’s car is still stable, even more stable than his car.
Could it be that your own people didn’t get involved in Chen Feng’s car? Deng Shiqi couldn’t help thinking.
After another minute, Chen Feng completely passed Deng Shiqi and followed Ye Haitang closely.
This also aroused Ye Haitang’s competitiveness.
From the beginning, she did not pay attention to Chen Feng and Deng Shiqi. She did not think that Chen Feng and Deng Shiqi could beat her in her best field.
But now, Chen Feng gave her a great sense of crisis.
The three of them almost started to step on the accelerator.
Ye Haitang is too competitive, but Deng Shiqi is not reconciled.
Only Chen Feng was the most calm in the whole process. He was actually not very concerned about winning or losing the game. The reason for participating in the game was just because of Zhu Guangquan’s face.
In this state of mind, Chen Feng’s performance is the most stable one.
Ye Haitang and Deng Shiqi both made a lot of mistakes because of their anxiety. There were several corners, and both of them had problems.
Gradually, Chen Feng’s car started to lead the audience, leaving Ye Haitang behind.
In the end, Chen Feng crossed the finish line without any suspense.
The audience was silent.
Nine minutes and twenty-one seconds!
After seeing the time it took Chen Feng to complete the course, the audience fell into deathly silence.
There is no doubt that Chen Feng broke the record!
Break the fastest record of the Bohai Bay circuit!
Thirty-two seconds ahead!
The original Bohai Bay track’s fastest passing record was 9 minutes and 53 seconds, held by an S-class driver.
But today, this record was broken!
It was broken by someone without a driver rating!
What’s this?
Ye Haitang was the second to pass the track and Deng Shiqi was the third.
Ye Haitang gritted her silver teeth, obviously not convinced.
Deng Shiqi’s complexion was pale, and his anger almost spurted out his eyes.
Losing to Chen Feng is not terrible!
The scary thing is that he moved his hands and feet in Chen Feng’s car, and he still lost.
It’s equivalent to playing a game, but still can’t beat normal players after opening and hanging!

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