Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 215

No one knows how frustrated Deng Shiqi is at this time.
At first, after learning the identity of Chen Feng’s door-to-door son-in-law, he didn’t put Chen Feng in his eyes, and he even had a bit of disdain.
He felt that any man with some ability would not run to be a door-to-door son-in-law.
So he looked down on Chen Feng in his heart.
Of course, look down on Chen Fenggui and look down on Chen Feng. He is still very afraid of Chen Feng’s driving skills. He knows very well that if Chen Feng is allowed to perform normally, his chances of winning should be small.
So he made people move on Chen Feng’s car.
He can allow himself to lose to Ye Haitang, but he does not allow himself to lose to Chen Feng.
But in the end, not only did Chen Feng beat him, but Ye Haitang also won.
Deng Shiqi has lived for half of his life and has never been so frustrated!
Chen Feng got out of the car with a calm expression on his face, Zhu Guangquan greeted him with excitement and gave Chen Feng a thumbs up: “Brother Chen Feng, awesome! Old Zhu, I have never been disobedient in my life, brother Chen Feng, you are First!”
Chen Feng smiled slightly, and did not take Zhu Guangquan’s words to heart.
At this moment, Zhu Guangquan’s eyes suddenly widened, as if he had seen something incredible.
Chen Feng frowned, what happened to Zhu Guangquan?
Without giving Chen Feng any more time to think about it, a gust of fragrance came from behind.
Ye Haitang, wearing a black motorcycle uniform, came to Chen Feng, took off his safety helmet, and his black hair spun out naturally, revealing an overwhelming face that was enough to make the sun and the moon pale.
“Hello, this is Ye Haitang.” Ye Haitang smiled and stretched out his hand.
“Chen Feng.” Chen Feng smiled slightly, and stretched out his hand to hold Ye Haitang together.
The audience was silent, and the needle dropped!
Didn’t that mean Ye Haitang never shook hands with men?
What’s going on today? !
Everyone felt that their brains couldn’t turn around, and many of Ye Haitang’s admirers were even short of breath, and their faces were as uncomfortable as their dead mother.
Ye Haitang does not like to shake hands with men. As Ye Haitang’s admirer, no one knows this better than them!
But today, Ye Haitang took the initiative to reach out to a man. What does this mean? !
Everyone dared not think about it, nor did they want to think about it!
In Deng Shiqi’s eyes, there was also anger surging continuously at this moment. He felt that his lungs were about to explode, and he usually regarded himself as Ye Haitang’s fiance.
It can be said that among all the suitors, he is the closest to Ye Haitang.
To be fair, he never touched Ye Haitang’s hand. Every time he offered to shake hands with Ye Haitang, he would be rejected by Ye Haitang with various reasons.
But today, Ye Haitang took the initiative to reach out to a man in front of him.
And this man is still a son-in-law he looks down upon!
“Mr. Chen used to be a professional driver?” Ye Haitang asked. She was still a little bit unconvinced. Chen Feng’s martial arts skills were more advanced than her. She could accept it, but she couldn’t accept it. Chen Feng was also better than her in racing. It seems that Chen Feng must have systematically learned racing skills before, and even worshipped a certain car god as his teacher.
And what puzzled her the most was that Deng Shiqi’s people obviously moved their hands and feet to Chen Feng’s car, but Chen Feng drove the car safely all the way.
Chen Feng shook his head and said, “No, today is my first time driving a car.”
Ye Haitang was choked and didn’t know what to say. Of course she could see it. Chen Feng said the truth. Today is indeed his first time driving a car.
This also means that her previous illusions have been disillusioned. Chen Feng has not learned any racing skills, nor has he ever visited a teacher. He won this championship entirely by virtue of his terrifying talent.
Ye Haitang was a little unbalanced in her heart. She didn’t expect that there would still be a geek like Chen Feng in this world. His martial arts talent was a monster and his racing talent was equally amazing.
“Miss Ye?” Chen Feng frowned.
“Ah? What’s the matter?” Ye Haitang was startled.
“Hand… when are you going to hold it?” Chen Feng glanced at Ye Haitang speechlessly. He didn’t know what Ye Haitang was thinking. After holding his hand, he began to be in a daze, and he was very close. One minute.
“Oh, oh.” Ye Haitang blushed, and quickly let go of Chen Feng’s hand, “I’m sorry, Mr. Chen, I was thinking about something just now.”
“It’s okay.” Chen Feng shook his head. Ye Haitang was different from what she had imagined. The image of Ye Haitang he imagined was a resourceful iceberg goddess, but the Ye Haitang he saw now looked like a… …Silly girl?
I have to say that the contrast is a bit big, of course, it is also possible that Ye Haitang was pretending to dispel his vigilance.
“Does Mr. Chen have time tonight?” Ye Haitang soon returned to normal.
“Yes.” Chen Feng smiled slightly. He originally thought about how to find a chance to talk to Ye Haitang about Cangzhou, but he didn’t expect that Ye Haitang came to him first.
“Then Mr. Chen can appreciate his face and have a meal with Haitang?” Ye Haitang raised his mouth, revealing two cute little tiger teeth.
“Miss Ye is serious, I can’t ask for it.” Chen Feng chuckled, Ye Haitang’s attitude was so low, it was obvious that he meant to use him.
There is no need to look back, Chen Feng also knows how bitter Deng Shiqi’s eyes are at this moment.
However, Chen Feng didn’t care. Just the same thing. If Deng Shiqi is acquainted, he should be the young master of his Deng family in Nanning. If he is ignorant, he must go to Cangzhou to provoke him. Then he doesn’t mind, let Deng Shiqi know. Know, what is regret!
After telling Chen Feng the time and place, Ye Haitang greeted everyone’s shocked eyes and left calmly.
Beside Chen Feng, Zhu Guangquan was already dumbfounded.
Ye Haitang took the initiative to shake hands with Chen Feng and invited Chen Feng to dinner? !
Zhu Guangquan couldn’t believe what happened just now, he felt that he must be dazzled.
Not only Zhu Guangquan, but the many passersby who were onlookers couldn’t believe that Ye Haitang, who had always been arrogant, would be so proactive about a man.
Only when I met for the first time, I proposed to eat with this man.
And it is rumored that this man is still a son-in-law, that is to say, he is a person with a family.
What exactly does Ye Haitang picture?
Let the super rich second generation like Deng Shiqi not marry, but walk so close to a door-to-door son-in-law with a family!
No one can figure this out.
“Brother Chen Feng, you can honestly explain, are you the heir of a super rich?” Zhu Guangquan swallowed and asked. Chen Feng’s awesomeness refreshed his knowledge time and time again, and first won the Cha Shen Cup championship. , And then let Ye Haitang take the initiative to meet, all of this is not like a door-to-door son-in-law can do, Zhu Guangquan believes that Chen Feng definitely has other outstanding identities.
“Yes, I am indeed the heir to the super rich.” Chen Feng admitted with a mocking expression. Although he knew that Zhu Guangquan was joking, he took this seriously.
“Really?!” Zhu Guangquan’s eyes widened.
“Really.” Chen Feng nodded solemnly.

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