Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 216

“Impossible! If you are really a super wealthy heir, how could you become a door-to-door son-in-law.” Zhu Guangquan felt that Chen Feng was joking with himself. What are you doing if you are full?
“If you don’t believe me, I can’t help it.” Chen Feng shrugged, he had already told the truth, but Zhu Guangquan still didn’t believe it, then he was really wrong.
At this time, Deng Shiqi had returned to the hotel and went straight to the luxurious suite on the top floor of the hotel.
After a vigilant glance around, Deng Shiqi took out his room card and entered the room after seeing that there was no one around.
In the room, a lean old man in a black robe was closing his eyes and practicing.
After Deng Shiqi came in, the old man raised his eyelids and glanced at Deng Shiqi lightly: “How is the investigation?”
Deng Shiqi bowed slightly and said respectfully: “Uncle Wu, I have checked it out. It is an ordinary person who took the four girls away.”
“Ordinary people?” The thin old man frowned tightly together. Why would ordinary people give him such a strong sense of life and death?
“Are you sure he is an ordinary person?” Wu Jiuyou said in a deep voice.
“Yes.” Deng Shiqi said, “The man’s name is Chen Feng, he is twenty-five years old this year, and he is the son-in-law of the Xia Family in Cangzhou City…”
Deng Shiqi said all the information about Chen Feng without missing a word. After listening to it, Wu Jiuyou’s brow furrowed even tighter. He had no doubt about the authenticity of Deng Shiqi’s information.
But he couldn’t understand how an ordinary person made him give birth to such a strong sense of life and death.
Is it because my intuition is wrong? Wu Jiuyou couldn’t help thinking.
After a while, Wu Jiuyou sighed, and his brows gradually unfolded. He was twenty-five years old and still a son-in-law. This kind of person could not be a warrior at all. He has become more and more suspicious recently.
“Okay, go down.” Wu Jiuyou waved his hand. Now that Chen Feng is not a martial artist, he doesn’t need to be suspicious anymore.
“Uncle Wu…” Deng Shiqi didn’t leave, but gave Wu Jiuyou a bit hesitantly.
“Something?” Wu Jiuyou raised his brows.
Deng Shiqi bowed slightly and said respectfully: “My nephew does have something to ask for.”
“Say it.”
“My nephew wants to ask Uncle Wu to do my nephew a favor.”
“What’s busy?”
“Subduing Ye Haitang!” There was a trace of hatred in Deng Shiqi’s eyes.
“Ye Haitang?” Wu Jiuyou gave Deng Shiqi a puzzled look, and said, “Why did you do something with that girl? Isn’t that girl your fiancée?”
Deng Shiqi gritted his teeth. Perhaps in the eyes of outsiders, Ye Haitang is her fiancee. But only he knew that Ye Haitang had never looked at him directly!
Don’t even let him touch his hands!
Ye Haitang burned all the flowers he sent!
Today, Ye Haitang is still shaking hands with a married man in front of him, and also invites the married man to dinner. What a fiancée!
“Uncle Wu, it’s true, that bitch, she never thought of marrying me! I thought, sincerely, and Jinshi is open, I slowly pursue her, one day, she will be touched by me , Promised to marry me.”
“But then I discovered that it was purely my wishful thinking, that bitch, she never thought of marrying me from start to finish, and today she is still in front of me, seduce a married man!”
Speaking of this, Deng Shiqi’s eyes burst into anger again. He hates Chen Feng, but he hates Ye Haitang even more! If it wasn’t for Ye Haitang’s inferior strength, he would have shot Chen Feng in front of Ye Haitang today, and then slapped Ye Haitang severely.
“What you said is true?” Wu Jiuyou’s eyes fell gloomy. Deng Shiqi is Deng Fengnian’s son, and he and Deng Fengnian are close friends, so he always regards Deng Shiqi as half of his son. Now Deng Shiqi is a son. The woman treated this way, his mood was not much better.
“If anything is false, I will be struck by lightning!” Deng Shiqi gritted his teeth and swore to the sky.
“Then how do you want to deal with Ye Haitang?” Wu Jiuyou asked. Ye Haitang’s talent, even if it was him, had to compliment a few words. Like Deng Shiqi, both are twenty-five years old, but Ye Haitang is now in the late Ming Jin stage. On the other hand, Deng Shiqi only had the mid-term Ming Jin.
Although it sounds like there is only one level difference, the actual difference is earth-shaking!
If Deng Shiqi wants to break through to the late Ming Jin, it will take at least three years.
Three years later, Ye Haitang is very likely to break through to the early stage of Anjin!
Such Ye Haitang, looking at the two places in Cangzhou and Nanning, are the top existences.
So Ye Haitang has a proud capital. She looks down on Deng Shiqi, and no one can say anything.
“Uncle Wu can help me fight this bitch back to the middle of Ming Jin?!” Deng Shiqi said viciously. As a man, he couldn’t accept it. He had been pressed by a woman, so this time, he wanted to completely destroy Ye Haitang. , To fight Ye Haitang back to the middle of Ming Jin.
He wanted to see, Ye Haitang, who was in the middle of Ming Jin, dare not pretend to be high in front of him!
“Yes, yes, but have you asked Fengnian for your opinion on this matter?” Wu Jiuyou sighed. Deng Shiqi was completely blinded by hatred, and he wanted to destroy such a peerless seed of Ye Haitang. The original opinion of the Deng family was to let Deng Shiqi pursue Ye Haitang, and then let Ye Haitang marry into the Deng family openly and become the Deng family.
In this way, after a few years, the Deng family will add another dark power fighter, a pair of dark power, and the Deng family will become the first family in Nanning.
But now, Deng Shiqi wanted to destroy Ye Haitang.
“No.” After hesitating for a while, Deng Shiqi spoke truthfully, and in front of Wu Jiuyou, he did not dare to lie.
“Your father won’t agree.” Wu Jiuyou shook his head and said.
Deng Shiqi looked dark. Indeed, the probability of Deng Fengnian agreeing to this matter is very small. After all, Ye Haitang is the hope of the Deng family to become the No. 1 giant in Nanning. Deng Fengnian will not easily agree to let him ruin Ye Haitang.
This is the reason why Ye Haitang has been safe and sound in recent years.
Deng Fengnian wanted Ye Haitang, who lives both physically and mentally in Deng’s house, not Ye Haitang who lives in Cao Yingxin’s Han.
“Fine, your father, let me talk about it.” Wu Jiuyou sighed suddenly.
“Uncle Wu, you mean…you want to help me?!” Deng Shiqi said in surprise. He didn’t expect Wu Jiuyou to be on his side.
Wu Jiuyou nodded slightly. Deng Shiqi’s current state was very wrong. If he didn’t help Deng Shiqi, Ye Haitang would very likely become Deng Shiqi’s heart demon, and Deng Shiqi would never recover from then, and martial arts could no longer improve.
“Thank you Uncle Wu!” Deng Shiqi was so excited, he hurriedly bent over to thank him, and if Wu Jiuyou helped him speak, there would be no resistance to Deng Fengnian!

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