Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 217

“You don’t need to thank you. After your uncle helped you abolish the girl, you have to practice hard so that you won’t waste Uncle Wu’s hard work today.” Wu Jiuyou waved his hand and said. In fact, he promised Deng Shiqi, not all for Deng Shiqi’s sake, he also had his own selfishness.
He has been stuck in the middle stage of the dark power for seven years. Although the practice of the maiden power has made him a realm, he can’t break through the level of the middle stage of the dark power.
The vitality in a normal girl is of little use to him.
What he needs now is a more refined girl’s vitality.
Ye Haitang is a good choice.
In the virgin body, and in the late Ming Jin stage, the vitality in the body has undergone a qualitative change.
If he can absorb the vitality in Ye Haitang’s body, then he will most likely break through to the late stage of Anjin.
At that time, the world was so big that he could go.
Instead of sneaking around as it is now, being hunted and killed by people from the Budo Association.
“Uncle Wu, my nephew will study hard in the future, and will never disappoint Uncle Wu’s trust.” Deng Shiqi clasped his fist in excitement. After he subdued Ye Haitang, the first thing he had to do was to ride Ye Haitang on his hips. Down, humiliated him severely and vented all the humiliation he had suffered over the years.
Wu Jiuyou nodded slightly, Deng Shiqi’s talent was still good. Although it was incomparable to Ye Haitang, it was more than enough than the average young man. It was not hopeless to break through to the dark energy.
“Uncle Wu, my nephew wants to wait for the bitch and the trash to have dinner. Then, you will deal with the bitch and Liu Qing, and I will deal with the trash.” Deng Shiqi said, night is the best time. He was going to break Chen Feng’s bones inch by inch in front of Ye Haitang! Let Ye Haitang know how stupid her choice is!
“Okay.” Wu Jiuyou nodded. The only one of the three who was on the stage was Liu Qing in the early stage of An Jin, but although it was the early stage of An Jin, Liu Qing’s combat effectiveness was due to his early injuries. Because of this, it’s not that the general Ming Jin is much stronger in the late stage.
He can solve it with one hand.
Soon, the time came to night.
People from the Ye family took Chen Feng to an ancient-style decorated villa on the mountain.
This villa is the Ye family’s industry in Bohai Bay. It integrates holiday catering and entertainment. On weekdays, it is not open to the public and will only receive important guests inside the Ye family.
After entering the door, a faint fragrance of flowers pounced on him, making people feel much lighter in an instant.
Today’s dinner is a private dinner, so Ye Haitang did not fan out.
Just made a few home-cooked dishes in the small courtyard of the villa.
In the courtyard, there was no one else except Ye Haitang and a crooked old woman.
For Ye Haitang, Chen Feng didn’t pay much attention, but the old woman behind Ye Haitang made Chen Feng a little bit surprised.
The old woman in front of me, with a rickety figure, a withered old face, was full of wrinkles like folds. This kind of wrinkles was obviously not caused by time, but it seemed to be caused by some kind of dark wounds and vitality.
Of course, what surprised Chen Feng was not the old woman’s wrinkles, but in his impression, he seemed to have seen this old woman once when he was a child.
“Mr. Chen?” Seeing Chen Feng staring at the old woman, Ye Haitang couldn’t help but reminded.
Chen Feng recovered, and after an apologetic smile, he sat in a chair.
“Mr. Chen knows Aunt Qing?”
Ye Haitang couldn’t help asking, she didn’t know much about Aunt Qing, anyway, as long as she remembered, Aunt Qing stayed with her, but at that time, Aunt Qing was not like what she is now. Auntie, is a great beauty who is famous in Cangzhou, and she is no less than she is now.
“do not know.”
Chen Feng smiled slightly and shook his head. Perhaps he had seen the old woman in front of him when he was a child, but that happened more than ten years ago. At that time, he just met, did he have to say something.
Even if he had seen it, looking at what the old woman looked like now, he obviously didn’t want to mention old things, and he didn’t need to sprinkle salt on other people’s wounds.
“Miss Ye, let’s talk straight to the point.” Chen Feng smiled. Ye Haitang obviously knew her identity a long time ago, so he didn’t need to cover up with Ye Haitang.
“Get to the point?” Ye Haitang was shocked, what did Chen Feng mean.
“Miss Ye, I can help you resist the pressure from the Deng family.” Chen Feng smiled. He knew from the moment that Deng Shiqi was pursuing Ye Haitang from the mountain. He was calculated by Ye Haitang. Of course, he didn’t. Blame Ye Haitang, because he took the initiative to jump into Ye Haitang’s pit.
“Mr. Chen is really… straightforward.” Ye Haitang smiled bitterly. She thought that Chen Feng would still think of a snake with her for a long time before stepping into the subject, but she didn’t expect Chen Feng to be so direct and directly handle everything All moved to the bright side.
“This is not a straightforward question. Since Miss Ye knows who I am, Miss Ye should understand that sooner or later there will be a battle between me and the Chen family. Before fighting the Chen family, the first problem I need to solve is Cangzhou, and Miss Ye is the most unstable factor in Cangzhou.” Chen Feng looked at Ye Haitang and said, his words were not exaggerated. Ye Haitang was indeed the most unstable factor in Cangzhou.
Because she is a warrior, a warrior with extremely talented talents, and behind her, there is the Ye Family, a first-line family.
As for the so-called first-line families, Chen Feng is not so jealous now. Although the first-line families are very powerful, they are also subject to great restrictions in the world.
Just like the two first-line families of the Shen family and the Li family, their families have hundreds of members. As family minds, no matter what they do, they must consider hundreds of members of the family, so they are unlikely to do that kind of Things that hurt Xia Mengyao, because they couldn’t bear their anger.
Moreover, Gu Dongchen and Han Long are protecting Xia Mengyao, even if they want to do it, they have to weigh whether they are qualified.
But Ye Haitang was different. She had no feelings for the Ye Family at all, and she was still a warrior. She really wanted to go crazy, and no one could stop her.
Chen Feng’s original idea was to warn Ye Haitang or drive Ye Haitang out of Cangzhou before he left.
But this time when he went up the mountain and saw Deng Shiqi, he changed his attention.
He can cooperate with Ye Haitang.
Ye Haitang did not want to marry Deng Shiqi, and he had the strength to prevent Ye Haitang from marrying Deng Shiqi.
He can take this opportunity to pull Ye Haitang to his side, and even let Ye Haitang protect Xia Mengyao secretly. Although the possibility is very small, Chen Feng still wants to try.

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