Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 23

At the same time, Xia Hao was walking around the office with his mobile phone, feeling very nervous.
It’s been an afternoon, I guess Gu Dongchen should finish the work too, Xia Hao thought.
In doing this, he also took a great risk. If Xia Yunsheng knew that he was helping an outsider to deal with his family, then he would be severely punished by Xia Yunsheng, even if he was the only heir to the Xia family. It’s useless.
However, once things are done, his benefits will be huge. As long as Gu Dongchen manages Xia Mengyao and cooks raw rice for mature rice, he can knead Xia Mengyao at will with the video in hand.
Coupled with Gu Dongchen’s support for him, he can walk completely sideways in the Xia family!
Thinking of this, Xia Hao couldn’t help being a little excited, and couldn’t wait to dial Gu Dongchen’s phone.
At this moment, in the hospital, Gu Dongchen had just finished the operation, and the hand that Ahao had cut off was barely renewed, but it was impossible to return to normal in the future.
So Gu Dongchen, regretting his intestines are almost blue right now, so he shouldn’t listen to Xia Hao’s silly B’s instigation to provoke this sorrow.
To say that the person he hates most right now is definitely not Chen Feng, but Xia Hao!
At this moment, Xia Hao called.
“Master Chen, how is it? Is it cool?”
Xia Hao said with a smile, Xia Mengyao’s appearance, that is really nothing to say, even if it is a lot of jade female stars, they are not comparable, if it were not for blood relationship, he would like to be refreshed.
Hearing this, Gu Dongchen almost didn’t burst out fire in his eyes.
Cool? Lao Zi Shuang, you are paralyzed!
It’s all about having something to happen to Xia Mengyao. The key is that he was chopped off a hand without even touching Xia Mengyao, which made him make sense.
However, even though Gu Dongchen’s heart had been chopped off Xia Hao at this moment, he did not forget that Chen Feng’s hand before leaving, the three-inch-thick marble table, was slapped to pieces by Chen Feng with a light palm. It was almost non-human.
If that palm is slapped on a person, the bones must be broken!
Gu Dongchen naturally didn’t want to try his own risk. He didn’t dare to talk about Chen Feng’s death.
“Sweet shit, the police came when I wanted to fuck with her.” Gu Dongchen pretended to be depressed.
“Police?! Why did they come?” Xia Hao’s eyes widened, why is so unlucky.
“Hey, who knows, maybe they will just find out today.”
“Master Chen, what should I do? Did you let Xia Mengyao run away?” Xia Hao asked in a panic. If the video was not made, what would he use to threaten Xia Mengyao, and Xia Mengyao designated to tell Xia Yunsheng about this. Xia Yunsheng will never spare him!
“Nonsense, if I don’t let her go, why don’t I leave her to eat!” Gu Dongchen cursed, “As for you, just do what you should do, I don’t care.”
“Master Chen, this…you have to save me. If you let my grandfather know that if I collude with you and give medicine to that little bitch, my grandpa will kill me.” Xia Hao suddenly became anxious, and Xia Yunsheng didn’t dare. Trouble with Gu Dongchen, but definitely dare to trouble him.
“What’s the matter for Lao Tzu if you are not dead! Tell you, don’t bother Lao Tzu again, and trouble Lao Tzu again, without Xia Yunsheng’s old thing, Lao Tzu will kill you first!” Gu Dongchen cursed fiercely, and after the curse, he died phone.
Anyway, he wouldn’t tell Xia Hao the truth. First, he was really afraid that Chen Feng would come to him and cut his hand.
Second, he also had his own careful thinking. If Xia Hao knew that Chen Feng was a non-human, then Xia Hao would definitely admit it and would not dare to trouble Chen Feng again.
But if Xia Hao didn’t know that Chen Feng was a non-human, and still treated Chen Feng as a trash, he would still make Chen Feng trouble and disgust Chen Feng.
Both people are his enemies, and Gu Dongchen is very happy to watch two people biting a dog.
After Gu Dongchen hung up the phone, Xia Hao immediately moved with the ants on the hot pot, and was anxious.
How should I confess this to Xia Yunsheng? Why don’t you just run away?
When Xia Hao was anxious, Xia Zilan came in.
“Xia Hao, I heard people say that Xia Mengyao went to the golden age at noon, do you know this?” Xia Zilan asked.
“How did you know?!” Xia Hao’s expression turned pale after brushing her face. Could it be that the matter has been revealed?
“One of my best friends went there to sing today. She said she saw Xia Mengyao entering Gu Dongchen’s box when she left. You said, Xia Mengyao, this stinky bitch, won’t hook up with Gu Dongchen again.” Xia Zilan said angrily, since Xia Mengyao talked. After going to the Yuquan Mountain project, she made the limelight in Xia’s house, which made Xia Zilan very unhappy. Isn’t she just a bitch who can sleep on her head?
Hook up?
Xia Hao’s eyes lit up suddenly, and he clapped his hands violently, yes, why didn’t I think of this?
Xia Mengyao can go to Xia Yunsheng to complain, saying that she was deceived by herself.
But I can also tell Xia Yunsheng that Xia Mengyao took the initiative to seduce Gu Dongchen, and then planted it on herself!
After all, Xia Mengyao is not without criminal conviction, she just slept with Lin Zongwei a few days ago.
Xia Hao was immediately excited.
“Cousin, I thought that as long as I knew about this, hey, I didn’t expect you to know it too.” Xia Hao sighed, pretending to be heavy.
“Is it true?!” Xia Zilan’s eyes widened in surprise.
Xia Hao nodded heavily and said, “I just finished my business talk with Gu Dongchen at noon today and was about to leave. I saw Mengyao. She looked a little flustered at the time. Obviously, I didn’t expect me to come here. After coming out of the box, I saw her sneaking into Gu Dongchen’s box, and then she didn’t come out all afternoon…”
“Grass! This stinky bitch! I really don’t have any face!” Xia Zilan cursed sharply.
“Yes, Mengyao no longer has the slightest sense of courtesy, righteousness and shame in order to be in the upper ranks, and she doesn’t want to think about Gu Dongchen’s kind of people, she can live in.”
“No, you must tell grandpa about this, and let grandpa drive this stinky bitch out of the Xia family! Our Xia family’s face has completely lost the stinky bitch, so let’s not talk about sleeping with Lin Zongwei, even Gu Dongchen’s She is attracted to people, and if this continues, wouldn’t any man be able to sleep with her.” Xia Zilan scolded, she did not consider the authenticity of Xia Hao’s words at all. In her opinion, Xia Hao doesn’t Dare to spread rumors about this kind of thing. After all, the Xia family is a well-known family. If something like this happens, it will lose the face of the entire Xia family. Moreover, Xia Yunsheng is extremely ethical. Xia Hao must dare to do this kind of thing. If you spread rumors, no one can protect him.
A successful smile appeared on the corner of Xia Hao’s mouth, and Xia Zilan was helping him to speak. This matter can be said to be sure.

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