Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 224

“Okay, I promise!” Zhu Guangquan gritted his teeth.
“Jiayan.” Zhu Fengchun turned his gaze to Zhu Jiayan again.
“Grandpa, I’m here.” As if knowing what Zhu Fengchun was going to do, Zhu Jiayan stood up calmly.
“You will marry tomorrow, when you arrive at Sun’s
house …” “I don’t agree!” Before Zhu Fengchun finished speaking, Zhu Guangquan anxiously interrupted: “Grandpa, I don’t agree with Jia Yan marrying Sun Quan!”
“Grandpa” I offend the Sun family and the Deng family. It has nothing to do with Jiayan. Why do you decide Jiayan’s destiny?”
“Sun Quan’s inferior pig and dog raised seven or eight outside. Woman, Jiayan will never be happy after marrying…”
“Happiness? Zhu Guangquan, you still have the face to say happiness, your sister is happy, what about all of us? Shall we drink northwest wind?”
“Two Aunt is right, you are the cause of the disaster, and it should be your family’s responsibility. Besides, Jiayan will have to marry sooner or later anyway. What’s the difference between marrying sooner or later!”
“That’s right, it’s better to marry sooner or later. I will marry tomorrow to please Sun Quan and let Sun Quan let our Zhu
family go .” Many of the Zhu family’s relatives talked about each other and wished to send Zhu Jiayan to the Sun family immediately.
“You guys have to be shameless!” Zhu Guangquan roared, stood up, clenched his fists and looked at the Zhu family with blood red eyes: “Jiayan is a girl…”
“Brother!” At this time, Zhu Jiayan lightly lightened. Speaking softly, interrupted Zhu Guangquan.
“Brother, they are right. Sooner or later, I will marry Sun Quan. I will marry sooner or later, and I will marry later.” Zhu Jiayan’s smile on Qiao’s face was a little reluctant, and Zhu Guangquan felt his heart dripping with pain. Before a moment, he regretted it so much.
Originally, Zhu Jiayan didn’t have to marry Sun Quan. The Zhu family had a chance to get rid of this marriage, but now, because of his impulse, everything has become impossible.
“Jiayan, I’m sorry, brother.” Zhu Guangquan held back his tears and choked out.
Zhu Jiayan smiled slightly: “Brother, what nonsense are you talking about.”
“Jiayan, you are wronged.” Zhu Fengchun sighed, how could he not know that Sun Quan’s character, greedy for money and lust, must be repaid, is a typical cricket. But if Zhu Jiayan is not married, Sun Quan’s anger will not be subdued at all.
“Grandpa, there is nothing wronged.” Zhu Jiayan shook her head, “After I marry the Sun
family, I will please Sun Quan and let him spare the Zhu family .” In fact, when she was on the mountain, she realized her fate. Zhu Guangquan couldn’t bear the anger of the Sun family alone, and she needed her sister to fight together.
Zhu Fengchun sighed, the atmosphere in the Zhu’s living room was somewhat depressed.
At this time, Zhu Recreation could not resist opening: “Grandpa, and Chen Feng, who called the door-law, he is the culprit of this incident, I would suggest, let him apologize to Chia along with Big Brother.”
“Yes, That Chen Feng is the culprit, and we must not let him go!”
“Let him kneel and kowtow to Sun Quan with Guangquan, when will he be forgiven by Sun Quan, and then let him go back.”
Zhu Kangle’s words were obtained from the Zhu family. The unanimous approval of all relatives, in their opinion, Chen Feng is more hateful than Zhu Guangquan. If it were not for Chen Feng, the Zhu family would not have had such a disaster.
“Impossible! Don’t think about it!” Zhu Guangquan’s face was flushed, and the relatives in his own family really got more and more talking, and even Chen Feng got involved.
“Don’t think about it? Zhu Guangquan, your brain is flooded but our brains are not. That Chen Feng is just a door-to-door son-in-law. It is his honor to let him kneel down for Sun Quan.
“Yes, honored! I have inquired that the Xia family where Chen Feng joined the family is a small third-line family, inferior to our Zhu family. If the Xia family knew, his son-in-law had offended the Sun family and the Deng family. , They would never let the idiot go.”
“Brother Chen Feng, he is more than just a door-to-door son-in-law…” Zhu Guangquan blushed and defended his neck. Everyone felt that Chen Feng was a waste door-to-door son-in-law. Haven’t thought about that, a door-to-door son-in-law, can a lot of professional drivers be beyond the reach of the Cheshen Cup professional race?
A door-to-door son-in-law, can Queen Ye take the initiative to put down her shelf and invite dinner?
“Brother Chen Feng, Zhu Guangquan, your name is quite affectionate, but where is your brother Chen Feng now?”
” Yes , where is the other person? After knowing that you are in trouble, he might have avoided 100,000 Eight thousand miles away.”
“Brother, you treat others as brothers and others as stupid.”
Everyone ridiculed, Zhu Guangquan clenched his fists in humiliation and gritted his teeth.
At this time, a panicked figure rushed into the living room.
“Master, it’s okay, the people of the Deng family are here!”
“What?! The people of the Deng family are here!”
“How can the people of the Deng family come so fast?”
“It’s over, the people of the Deng family, It must have come to trouble us.”
Many relatives of the Zhu family were panicked.
Zhu Fengchun also looked uncertain and pacing back and forth. The Deng family came over, but it was a little bit beyond his expectation. When he wanted to come, even if the Deng family troubled the Zhu family, it would be after the Sun family, not now.
too fast.
“Go out to welcome it.” Zhu Fengchun sighed, and the only thing he can do now is to face it bravely.
Headed by Zhu Fengchun, a group of high-level Zhu’s with gray faces followed closely behind him, and everyone from the Zhu family greeted them.
At the door, I discovered that the Deng family came from an old man with fair skin wearing a silk Tang gown.
The old man looks elegant and easy-going, but he has an aura of no anger and prestige.
“The Deng’s housekeeper, Deng Yuze!”
Someone recognized the identity of the old man.
Everyone in the Zhu family was shocked. Unexpectedly, the Deng family dispatched such a big figure to come to Xingshi to question the crime.
“Lao Deng, there are misses to welcome, and some misses to welcome!” Although Zhu Fengchun was worried, he did not show any signs on his face and greeted him with a smile.
“Brother Fengchun, you are polite.” Deng Yuze arched his hands, with a kind smile on his face, with no signs of anger at all.
Everyone in the Zhu family looked at each other. Why didn’t Deng Yuze’s attitude be like Xingshi’s questioning.
“Brother Fengchun, where is your eldest grandson?” Before Deng Yuze came, he had already inquired about Zhu Guangquan’s news and knew that Zhu Guangquan was Zhu Fengchun’s eldest grandson and heir to the Zhu family.
Seeing Deng Yuze heading straight to the subject, Zhu Fengchun’s heart sank, with a smile on her face: “Old Deng, the evil animal is behind me.” The
evil animal? Deng Yuze was taken aback for a moment, and turned his gaze to Zhu Guangquan. He was about to speak, but he heard Zhu Fengchun’s roar: “Naughty animal, don’t kneel down!”
“Kneel down?” Deng Yuze was shocked, and he did not realize why Zhu Fengchun said so. However, Zhu Guangquan in front of him had already gritted his teeth and knelt on the ground.

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