Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 226

Deng Yuze said nothing, but his deep eyes said everything.
“I said, Brother Chen Feng is more than just a door-to-door son-in-law…” Zhu Guangquan muttered to himself, his expression was extremely complicated, excited, disappointed, bitter…
He remembered the scene of meeting Chen Feng on the mountain, he said Zhu The family is now in crisis, and when it needs 500 million, Chen Feng said that he could help him, but he didn’t believe it. He felt that Chen Feng was hitting the swollen face to fill the fat man. Now it seems that he is the one who beat the swollen face to fill the fat man.
People who can force the Deng family to give out one billion yuan to apologize at once, will they not have five hundred million?
And Chen Feng’s calm and self-confidence facing Sun Quan and Deng Shiqi, as if Sun Quan and Deng Shiqi were like ants…
Zhu Guangquan figured it out, and he figured out everything.
Chen Feng went down the mountain without saying a word. It was not that he had escaped, but that he had handled everything for him long before going down the mountain!
Zhu Guangquan was very moved. Apart from being touched, his heart was a little heavy. He owed Chen Feng too much, and it was not just a life that could be paid off.
Zhu Guangquan’s complicated expression immediately confirmed the speculation of the Zhu family.
It turned out to be the son-in-law at the door!
Crazy jealousy!
This is what Zhu Guangquan looks at now. They don’t know what kind of shit luck Zhu Guangquan has.
But they know that Zhu Guangquan has made a noble man!
A real nobleman!
A noble person who can make Nanning Deng’s family quietly take out one billion yuan as an apologetic!
Although the identity of that nobleman is just a door-to-door son-in-law, it is not important!
The important thing is that the other party has monstrous power!
With just a word from the other party, the Zhu family can become a first-line family in Cangzhou!
Everyone in the Zhu family was enthusiastic, and they never felt that Zhu Guangquan in front of them was so pleasing to the eye.
“Brother Fengchun, Mr. Chen’s matters must not be told to the outside world. In addition, these billion-dollar matters are only known within the Zhu family.” Deng Yuze smiled and exhorted that Chen Feng’s news has been taken as Deng’s house. After the top secret, he naturally didn’t want it to leak out at Zhu’s house.
“Don’t worry, Mr. Deng, I will make them tight-lipped!” Zhu Fengchun’s eyes narrowed slightly and he said in a deep voice.
“The old man will leave first.” Deng Yuze smiled slightly and turned to leave.
Everyone in the Zhu family stayed in place, until Deng Yuze walked away, and they turned their attention to the 500 million cash in front of them.
How to divide?
There is no doubt that this is a problem before everyone.
The Deng family has already helped the Zhu family pay off the bank’s 500 million loan, so the 500 million is now extra.
There will be an extra 500 million at once, and in the next few days, they will probably count the money every day and get cramps.
Just when everyone in the Zhu family was thinking about how to divide the five hundred million yuan, Zhu Guangquan stood up with a cold face.
“You don’t want these five hundred million!” Zhu Guangquan looked at the Zhu family coldly.
“What?! Don’t want a single point!”
“Zhu Guangquan, what do you mean! Do you want to swallow it alone?!”
“Zhu Guangquan, do you want to make a face ? These five hundred million are given by the Deng family to all of us in the Zhu family. , It’s not for you alone, why do you swallow it alone!”
“That is, swallow everyone together.”
Many relatives of the Zhu family were furious, showing an ugly face that was bound to win.
Zhu Guangquan sneered, and did not pay attention to everyone. Instead, he turned his attention to Zhu Fengchun: “Grandpa, what do you mean?”
Zhu Fengchun paused. He naturally wanted Zhu Guangquan to hand over the five hundred million, but he did. It’s a shame to say this. After all, Zhu Guangquan has solved the biggest bank loan problem for the Zhu family. If he still stared at Zhu Guangquan’s five hundred million yuan, it would be too much.
“These five hundred million, you make your own decision.” After hesitating for a while, Zhu Fengchun still said this sentence. He now dares not offend Zhu Guangquan, or in other words, dare not offend the door-to-door son-in-law behind Zhu Guangquan.
The other party’s background is too big, so big that even the Nanning super giant Deng’s family has to whisper to the Zhu family.
You can earn more if you don’t have 500 million, but the Zhu family won’t find a second one in this life.
“Master, I’m not convinced? The Deng family paid the five hundred million to our Zhu family, and not to Zhu Guangquan alone.”
“That is, it really doesn’t work. You can let Zhu Guangquan take 200 million by himself, and the remaining 300 million. Give it to us.”
Many relatives of the Zhu family are blushing. Under the temptation of hundreds of millions of people’s life coins, no one can remain calm.
“Shut up all!”
Zhu Fengchun was furious, slammed the table, and the tea cups on the table were buzzing.
“I’ll say it one last time. For these five hundred million, Guangquan alone is in charge. If anyone has an opinion, let me
get out of the Zhu family now!” When the old man became angry, everyone in the Zhu family was speechless, but looked at Zhu Guangquan. The expression in his eyes was full of resentment.
Zhu Guangquan faced everyone’s resentment and resentment, and he was not afraid.
“Do you think I want to swallow these five hundred million?” Zhu Guangquan sneered.
“What is it not to swallow?” someone asked loudly.
“Idiot!” Zhu Guangquan snorted coldly, and said: “I won’t get a point for these five hundred million.”
“What?” Everyone in the Zhu family was shocked and didn’t take a point?
“I will return the five hundred million to Brother Chen Feng.” Zhu Guangquan said in a deep voice. This was a decision he made after careful consideration. He already owed Chen Feng a lot. When Chen Feng was on the mountain, he saved Zhu Jiayan’s life. After going down the mountain, he also solved the troubles between Sun Quan and the Deng family for him, and let the Deng family pay off a 500 million loan for the Zhu family.
With these alone, he couldn’t change it clearly.
Not to mention the five hundred million in cash.
He is not the kind of insatiable person, five hundred million, although he wants it too, but what he values ​​more is the relationship with Chen Feng!
“Give it back to the door-to-door son-in-law?” Everyone in the Zhu family was shocked by Zhu Guangquan’s words and didn’t know what to say.
Zhu Guangquan’s brain is flooded, this is five hundred million!
Not fifty thousand, nor five million fifty million, but five hundred million!
People gave it to you for nothing, don’t you want it, do you want to return it? !
Zhu Fengchun was also stunned. He didn’t expect that Zhu Guangquan would make such a decision, five hundred million, without frowning, he would return?
“Zhu Guangquan, you don’t have a fever? This is five hundred million…”
“Brothers Chen Feng have already paid off a five hundred million loan for the Zhu family.” Zhu Guangquan said coldly.
“But, this money is not from Chen Feng, it’s from the Deng family, besides, your brother Chen Feng, who is so capable, certainly does not lack these five hundred million.” The Zhu family still did not give up. Still want to persuade.

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