Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 232

Although doubtful, Xia Weiguo didn’t ask much, everyone should have their own secrets, and Chen Feng did the same.
In fact, three years ago, he realized that Chen Feng was unusual, because a normal person would not be able to live with such a serious injury.
But Chen Feng’s performance at the time was very tenacious.
It was this tenacity that made Xia Weiguo move the heart of the silhouette and brought Chen Feng back to the Xia family.
Ahao drove the three people to the hospital in a BMW.
Gu Dongchen and Han Long stayed in the Ye family to deal with the remaining power of the Ye family.
Not long after, Chen Feng received a message from Gu Dongchen: “Chen Shao, it was Xia Hao who asked the Ye family to tie Uncle Xia over.”
“Well, I know.” Chen Feng’s eyes were slightly cold, and he said in a deep voice .
Xia Hao!
It really is Xia Hao!
In fact, when he heard the news, Chen Feng felt that Xia Weiguo’s appearance in the Ye family was strange. Normally, if the Ye family were looking for it, they should be looking for him and Xia Mengyao directly, not Xia Weiguo.
But the Ye family had found it, and one can imagine that someone must have encouraged him behind the scenes.
At that time, Chen Feng had doubted Xia Hao, but he had no chance to prove it.
Now I got the answer from Gu Dongchen.
“Shao Chen, do you want me to bring Xia Hao to you now?” Gu Dongchen asked tentatively.
“No, on Xia Hao’s side, I will take care of it. You should deal with the Ye family first, don’t let the wind leak.” Chen Feng said lightly, Xia Hao touched his bottom line again and again. This time, It is bound to not make Xia Hao better.
“Yes, Chen Shao.” Gu Dongchen nodded. Although he had expected Chen Summit to take action against the Ye Family, he did not expect that Chen Summit used this method to directly kill the Ye Family and destroy Wang An. And Ye Haidong.
As soon as Ye Haidong died, the Ye family fell and fell into scattered sand.
“Are you saying that only Xia Mengyao was there alone?” Xia Hao frowned in Yunsheng Building, the chairman’s office.
Standing in front of him was Zhou He, the security captain of the company.
“Well, chairman, after the old thing was taken away by the Ye family, the nurse in the hospital called Xia Mengyao’s cell phone for the first time, so Xia Mengyao was the only one going over.”
” Where is Chen Feng’s waste?” Xia Hao asked in a deep voice that he was still most worried about Chen Feng. This time he asked the Ye Family to take Xia Weiguo. In fact, his fundamental purpose was to use the Ye Family’s hands to eradicate Chen Feng.
“Chairman, Chen Feng’s trash, we don’t know where he went. We haven’t seen him in Cangzhou these days.” Zhou He said.
“Let your people continue to stare at the Ye family and see if the trash will go to the Ye family.” Xia Hao waved his hand and said somewhat upset. He thought that Chen Summit appeared for the first time, but now, There is no news about Chen Feng. Could this trash know that the Ye family is not easy to provoke this time, so he was persuaded?
Xia Hao didn’t know that the entire Ye family was now heavily surrounded by Gu Dongchen and Han Long’s people. Even the people sent by Zhou He were controlled by Gu Dongchen’s people.
At night, Chen Feng returned home with Xia Weiguo and Xia Mengyao who had treated their wounds.
Pushing the door open, Lin Lan sat on the sofa and watched TV.
“Old Xia!” Lin Lan’s eyes widened after seeing Xia Weiguo, and he stood up from the sofa.
“Lan Lan.” A smile appeared on Xia Weiguo’s face. During this time in the hospital, he had been half asleep and in a coma. Although he knew that Lin Lan came to see him every day, he could not speak.
Today, although the people of the Ye family hung him on the tree, they also woke him up by accident. Seeing Lin Lan at this moment, Xia Weiguo felt the joy of reunion after a long absence.
“Lao Xia, why are you… discharged? Also, why did you have a cast on your leg again?” Seeing Xia Weiguo on crutches and a cast on his leg, Lin Lan was shocked. She didn’t know that Xia Weiguo was caught. I thought Xia Weiguo had another accident with the things brought to the Ye family.
“And Mengyao, what’s the matter with the bandage on your head?” Lin Lan shifted her gaze to Xia Mengyao again. Why didn’t you see each other for a day, and the father and daughter were both hanging out at the same time.
“Mom, it’s like this. Today my dad woke up, I went to pick my dad out of the hospital, and then when he helped my dad down the stairs, my dad stepped on the empty foot and accidentally fell down. I…”
“You Also fell down?” Lin Lan interrupted Xia Mengyao suspiciously. How did she feel that Xia Mengyao’s words were so unreliable?
“Well, I also fell.” Xia Mengyao lied without reddening and heartbeat. On the way back, she discussed with Xia Weiguo and unanimously decided not to tell Lin Lan about this.
After all, Lin Lan is famous for her big mouth, and she has always hated Chen Feng. If she knew that Chen Feng had killed someone, the first thing she would do is to report to the police station.
“Lao Xia, tell me how old you are, why are you so careless.” Lin Lan gave Xia Weiguo angrily. Although both father and daughter were colored, they didn’t seem to be a big problem. It’s good to be discharged.
“Isn’t this being discharged today? I’m so happy, so I didn’t pay attention to my feet.” Xia Weiguo said with a smile.
“You are happy. Some of these people are probably not happy anymore.” Lin Lan’s tone became yin and yang again, obviously, it was aimed at Chen Feng.
Chen Feng frowned and did not speak. Xia Weiguo had just been discharged from the hospital today. He didn’t want Xia Weiguo to be caught in the middle, so he didn’t plan to quarrel with Lin Lan.
“Lan Lan, what do you mean by this?” Xia Weiguo smiled bitterly. Didn’t Lin Lan see Chen Feng’s improvement over the past month? Why does she still have such a big prejudice against Chen Feng? When Chen Feng delivered the food, Lin Lan didn’t even dislike Chen Feng. Now Chen Feng has such a long face, why does Lin Lan still target Chen Feng?
“Huh, it’s meaningless.” Lin Lan snorted
coldly, and said, “Lao Xia, you don’t know, your son-in-law wants to establish another Xia family, right?” “Another Xia family?” Xia Weiguo was taken aback. This is Xia Mengyao. I really haven’t told him.
“Yes, another Xia family. Some people’s wings are hard now, and they want to leave the Xia family alone.” Lin Lan yin and yang cynically mocked, and said: “But it is also, if I change me, I will be the son-in-law for a long time. I’d rather, I definitely want to try, let others see how his face feels.”
“Mom, you think too much.” Chen Feng said lightly. Lin Lan’s meaning was obvious, saying that he wanted to turn over and become the master of the Xia family. Let Xia Mengyao act on his face instead of him acting on Xia Mengyao’s face.
“Thinking too much?” Lin Lan jokingly smiled: “Chen Feng, dare you say that you did not raise the matter of the Lixia family?”
“I raised it, but my intention was to make Mengyao suffer less. Some grievances.” Chen Feng said lightly.
“High-sounding.” Lin Lan snorted, speaking better than singing, obviously for her own sake, and pushed all this to Xia Mengyao.

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