Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 233

Chen Feng frowned and didn’t say anything. Lin Lan’s impression of him had already solidified, so what he said was a sophistry in Lin Lan’s eyes.
Xia Weiguo frowned. He didn’t think that Chen Feng established another Xia family to satisfy his own desires. Chen Feng might have other plans. However, psychologically, Xia Weiguo still didn’t want his own line to be separated from the Xia family. Get out.
After all, he grew up in the Xia family since he was a child. The Xia family has many of his brothers and sisters. Now if Chen Feng establishes another Xia family, he doesn’t have to think about it. The relationship between the new Xia family and the old Xia family will be the same.
“Chen Feng, your thoughts… Dad understands more or less, but do you want to think about it again?” Xia Weiguo paused, then added: “I know, your two have the biggest heart disease now. It’s Xia Hao. Xia Hao is really ignorant. For the position of a project leader, he can even do things like brotherhood.”
“But no matter what he said, he is also your cousin, as the saying goes. Well, the bones are broken and still connected. You and Xia Hao are close relatives of blood. This relative is actually like a husband and wife. They are both quarreling at the bedside and at the end of the bed. There is nothing you can’t get through, so Dad thought, It’s better for you couple to think carefully about this matter.” Xia Weiguo said bitterly. He is a very feudal and traditional person. The concept of clan has long been entrenched in the blood. For him, the relationship between Xia Mengyao and the Xia family is Like the palm of the hand and the back of the hand, they are all fleshy, and it hurts to cut any piece.
If Chen Feng establishes another Xia family, he will be caught in the middle, not a human being inside and out.
Chen Feng sighed. Xia Weiguo didn’t know how serious the matter was now. He thought that Xia Hao was just ignorant, selfish, and committed such extraordinary things as brotherhood.
But in fact, brotherhood is nothing to Xia Hao.
Xia Hao now even dared to deal with Xia Yunsheng, turning Xia Yunsheng into a vegetable, and the third uncle of Xia Weiguo, who was also sold to the Ye family by Xia Hao. If he hadn’t helped him, Xia Weiguo’s life would have been lost. .
So now Xia Hao is a frantic beast, Chen Feng is not at all assured, let Xia Mengyao and such beast live under the same roof.
“Lao Xia, it’s useless. You said it for nothing. Now that people have good skills, how can they put us in their eyes.” Lin Lan was ridiculed by yin and yang again. When Xia Weiguo came back, she instantly With the backbone of the main body, talking with Chen Feng, it is also more and more unscrupulous.
“Lan Lan! How do you say it?” Xia Weiguo glared at Lin Lan with some irritation. From the moment he entered the door, Lin Lan changed his way to mock Chen Feng. The key is that he is not a person of right and wrong. He is very clear. From beginning to end, Chen Feng had never done anything to be sorry for Xia Mengyao or the Xia family, so Lin Lan was completely unreasonable.
Seeing Xia Weiguo glaring at him, Lin Lan suddenly refused to follow him, hands on hips, and full of breath: “Lao Xia, what do you want me to say? Isn’t it the fact that this waste has hardened wings and is going to split up?”
“What is separation? Did Chen Feng say that he would take one stitch and one thread from the Xia family?” Xia Weiguo said angrily.
“It’s because this rubbish doesn’t take a needle and a thread from the Xia family, I’m angry!”
“You don’t know how stupid this rubbish is now. He establishes another Xia family. Not only does he not take a penny from the Xia family, but he pays it back. Meng Yao worked so hard to put our sign of Yuquan mountain project, gave intact summer home. ” ”
that was five billion project, Meng Yao Why should he call the shots for us! ” ”
to me, the other the beginning of summer Home, it’s not impossible, but we have to take half of those projects in Yuquan Mountain.”
Lin Lan confidently said. In fact, she supports Chen Feng’s establishment of the Xia family because she has not supported the Xia family for so many years. After starting, her status and status will only be higher if Xia family is established.
She is now angry that Chen Feng’s bargaining chip when discussing the establishment of the Xia family with the Xia family turned out to be Yuquanshan’s 500 million-worth project. In her opinion, these projects should belong to Xia Mengyao, so she must establish another Xia family. Even if not all of the family is taken away, at least half of it should be taken away as the capital for the rise of the new Xia family.
But Chen Feng, an idiot, actually told Xia Yunsheng that he wanted to give all the five hundred million projects to the old Xia family, as long as the old Xia family agreed to establish a new Xia family.
The news almost made Lin Lan half-to-dead. If his brain gets into the cement, he won’t be able to do such a stupid thing. You don’t want a point for a project of 500 million yuan. You don’t want to give it all away, and it’s Xia Mengyao’s typical. Can Lin Lan not be angry about being generous with others?

Huh trouble !” Xia Weiguo said a little upset. Lin Lan, a financial fan, only has money in her eyes. What she worries about is that after the Xia family is established, she will have no money to spend, but she doesn’t know what Chen Feng is. There is so much energy that even first-line families like the Ye family can be destroyed with one hand, so making money is not difficult for Chen Feng, even Xia Weiguo suspects that Chen Feng’s current assets have long surpassed the Xia family. That’s why he didn’t hesitate to hold the Yuquanshan Project.
“Lao Xia! Why am I messing around!” Lin Lan began to scorn, “Everything I do is for the good of my family, why do you say I mess around?!”
“What are you not being messing around? Then Yuquan. The project of the mountain is not Mengyao alone!” Xia Weiguo blew his beard and stared, and was also angry.
Seeing that there was a tendency for the two to quarrel, Chen Feng couldn’t help but sighed and said: “Dad, Mom, don’t talk about it. I will reconsider the Lixia family’s affairs.”
“Reconsider? What can I consider I don’t want to take care of the Xia family if you don’t establish a separate project, but you must give me back for those projects in Yuquan Mountain. It is our Mengyao, and you have no right to be the master for her.” Lin Lan was unreasonable.
“Mom, those projects were requested by Chen Feng from his classmate Lin Zongwei. Strictly speaking, it should be Chen Feng’s, not mine.” Xia Mengyao said impatiently. She already told Lin Lan about this issue. I talked about it no less than ten times, but not once did Lin Lan hear it. In fact, let alone the projects of the Xia family, all the projects in the entire Yuquan Mountain belonged to Chen Feng.
“Mengyao, what are you talking about? Lin Zongwei is not a fool. What kind of classmate relationship can be worth five hundred million? The reason why people give you the project is because of the face of our Xia family. As for this waste, It’s just incidental.” Lin Lan pouted.

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