Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 235

Weiguo is also in his old age this summer, and his old age is the age of Qingfu. Chen Feng can’t bear it. Xia Weiguo continues to live in this dilapidated resettlement community and climb the stairs every day.
Chen Feng’s original intention was to find a suitable opportunity to take Xia Weiguo into Yuquanshan’s villa after Xia Weiguo was discharged from the hospital, and invite a few servants to take care of Xia Weiguo, but now that Lin Lan has taken care of him, Chen Feng is gone for a while. idea.
The time came the next day, early in the morning, security captain Zhou He rushed to Xia Hao’s office.
“Xia Dong, it’s not good.” Zhou He rushed in without knocking at the door.
“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” Xia Hao felt a sense of anxiety.
“The few brothers I sent out to watch, none of them came back.”
“None of them came back?” Xia Hao was also surprised.
“Well, none of them came back, and I went to see the Ye family today, and found that the entire Ye Family Manor, let alone people, not even a dog.” Zhou He said with fear, the huge Ye family, overnight, people Going to the empty space is as if all traces have been erased by an invisible big hand. The meaning of this is really terrifying.
“You mean…” Xia Hao’s face was a little pale. It was obvious that the Ye family was gone, including those sent by Zhou He. Although they might not be dead, they didn’t even want to contact each other anymore. Will not give them a chance.
“Dong Xia, I’m afraid… that waste did it!” Zhou He gritted his teeth. In fact, he didn’t even believe that Chen Feng did all this. But in the current situation, he can’t help but believe it, because Xia Mengyao didn’t. So much energy.
Xia Hao’s body trembled. If Chen Feng did everything, then he didn’t dare to think about the meaning of this.
Quietly erased a first-line family, and it is still an old first-line family…
Xia Hao shivered again.
“Zhou He, are you sure that the trash did it? Could it be that the Ye family offended others?” Xia Hao swallowed and asked. He still couldn’t believe that Chen Summit had such monstrous energy. After all, What Chen Feng showed was a useless image.
Although Chen Feng suddenly became stronger in the past month, Xia Hao still couldn’t connect Chen Feng with the mysterious giant who erased the Ye family.
Zhou He hesitated for a moment: “Xia Dong, there is such a possibility, but…the probability is very small. The Ye family has been rooted in Cangzhou for more than 20 years. If it is going to be destroyed, it should have been destroyed long ago, but it happened at the node yesterday. It’s a bit of a coincidence.”
Zhou He’s meaning is obvious, and this matter still has a lot to do with Chen Feng.
“If it was the waste that destroyed the Ye family, why didn’t he come to trouble me?” Xia Hao asked unwillingly. If Chen Feng really wanted the energy to destroy the Ye family, then Chen Feng would definitely know that it was him who let me take care of it. Xia Weiguo sent it to Ye’s house, so yesterday, Chen Feng should have troubled him, but unfortunately, until now, Chen Feng has not seen any actions.
Zhou He shook his head, and said, “Xia Dong, I don’t know, maybe…what’s the scruples of that waste?”
Xia Hao’s face was uncertain, scrupulous? Chen Summit scruples him?
He didn’t think so. The reason why Chen Feng didn’t act on him was because of other considerations.
“Zhou He, let your people have a snack recently. The company’s security measures must be done well. In addition, I will hire a group of bodyguards to come back. They must be strong. The price is not a problem.” Xia Hao said with a sullen face. By now, things were clear, Chen Feng should have destroyed the Ye family.
The reason why Chen Feng hasn’t done anything to him for a long time is perhaps because of his disdain, or maybe he has some scruples. He doesn’t want to think about the reason.
The only thing he needs to do now is to accumulate strength to resist Chen Feng’s possible revenge. He doesn’t want his own life to be in the hands of others.
“Okay, Dong Xia, I will do it now.” After a moment of silence, Zhou He nodded and left.
Xia Hao let out a sigh of relief and couldn’t help pacing back and forth. In fact, everything he did now was nothing but futile. If Chen Feng could even destroy the Ye family, then the so-called bodyguards he invited were in front of Chen Feng. , Almost like a bug, you can shoot to death at will.
“Old Xia, get up quickly and go to the room with me.” Early in the morning, Lin Lan woke Xia Weiguo.
“Which room to look at? Lin Lan, are you going to end?” Xia Weiguo was a little annoyed with sleepy eyes. He persuaded him to spend the night last night, but Lin Lan didn’t listen to a word.
“Xia Weiguo! What do you mean by me is endless? I asked you to go to the house with me instead of asking you to pay for a house. What are you talking about here!” Lin Lan also got angry.
“Yes, you are not letting me pay, but you plan to let Chen Feng pay.” Xia Weiguo said angrily.
“What’s wrong with letting that waste pay? We bought the house, and it’s not just the two of us who live in it. Besides, if the two of us die in the future, the house will not be left to the waste.” Lin Lan curled his lips and said.
Seeing that Xia Weiguo was still indifferent, Lin Lan suddenly became a little annoyed: “Xia Weiguo, what kind of ecstasy soup was poured into you by that waste? Mengyao believes him and forget it, why now even you are on his side? Together with this family, I’m an outsider alone, right?”
“Lin Lan, don’t make trouble unreasonably.” Xia Weiguo widened his eyes and said, “When did I stand on Chen Feng’s side? Think it’s easy for Chen Feng to make money? You’re asking someone to pay you a few million. Why? Chen Feng’s money is not made by the wind!”
“I don’t care anyway, you see The room is okay, but let Chen Feng pay for it, no! I can’t look down on that face.” Xia Weiguo said with a bewilderment.
“Xia Weiguo, your face is a face, but my face is not a face?!” Lin Lan asked angrily, “Besides, you thought I wanted that waste to pay for it. If it weren’t for these two days, I just met a new sister. , Ren son-in-law works in the sales department of Yuquan Mountain
. Buying a house can get an internal preferential price. Do you think I will ask for that waste?” “What internal preferential price?” Xia Weiguo was taken aback.
Lin Lan put her hands around her chest, and said angrily: “Just a few days ago, I went to the beauty salon for SPA and met a sister named Fang Sister, the son-in-law of Sister Renfang, who is the sales manager of Yuquanshan’s sales department.”
“Sister Fang told me that her son-in-law has a very high status in the sales department and can get discounts that others can’t get. Others buy a house in Yuquan Mountain, and they can only get a 10% discount, but we have Sister Fang on this floor. Because of the relationship, her son-in-law can give us a 30% discount!” Lin Lan said proudly.

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