Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 236

“30% off?” Xia Weiguo doubted, how could there be such a high discount, the ordinary residences in Yuquanshan generally start at 10 million, compared with 10%, 30% is equivalent to a direct saving of 2 million!
“Lan Lan, the Sister Fang you mentioned is not a liar, right? The discount is too high.” Xia Weiguo couldn’t help but said.
Lin Lan rolled her eyes: “Old Xia, do you know where Sister Renfang lives
” Where do you live?” “Sister Renfang lives in the high-end residential area of ​​Yuquan Mountain. The house of Renfang has a net area of ​​280 square meters. It costs more than 40 million to buy it. Do you think someone with such money is a liar?” Lin Lan asked.
“How come you can’t be a liar if you have money?” Xia Weiguo still doubted that when he was a soldier in his early years, most of the liars he had met were rich people.
“Xia Weiguo, don’t you make people think so sinister? My relationship with Sister Fang is good. Sister Fang deceives anyone and won’t lie to me.” Lin Lan said irritably.
“I still don’t think this is reliable, that sister Fang, she has only known you for a few days. If you really want to have such a good thing, people must consider their relatives the first time, how can they find you.” Xia Weiguo was bored. Said, he is not the kind of person who can speculate. He never believed in such things as pie in the sky.
“Xia Weiguo, don’t you know that?” Lin Lan suddenly smiled deeply and said: “When the discount quota was first released, Sister Fang really wanted to give this discount quota to her relatives, but I bought it.”
“Bought it?” Xia Weiguo was taken aback, can I still buy the preferential quota?
Lin Lan nodded, and said, “I paid half a million and bought it.”
Xia Weiguo was shocked, and said with a bit of hatred for iron and steel: “Lin Lan, why are you so confused? You dare to think of such a vain thing. buy?”
Xia Weiguo was about to vomit blood. He didn’t expect Lin Lan to be so stupid, spending 500,000 yuan to buy a vain discount quota, what if someone didn’t admit it by then.
“Confused? Xia Weiguo, who is confused? Don’t you do the calculations yourself? I spend half a million, and buy a 30% discount, and then when I buy a house, I can give it to 15 million. Three million less, which is equivalent to an indirect saving of 2.5 million. Do you dare to say that I am confused? You are confused.” Lin Lan looked triumphant, and obviously felt that she was very witty this time.
There is no preferential quota for a house of 15 million, so you can only get a 10% discount. If you buy it, you will need 13.5 million yuan. With the preferential quota, you can get a 30% discount. It needs 10.5 million.
Excluding the 500,000 sent to Sister Fang, it is equivalent to indirectly saving 2.5 million.
“Two and five million!” Xia Wei was so angry that he didn’t know what to say. He looked at Lin Lan like two hundred and five.
“Lao Xia, I don’t want to argue with you here either. It’s true or not. You’ll know if you come with me and see.” Lin Lan said with confidence.
“Okay, let’s go over, but first say yes, don’t call Chen Feng and Mengyao.” Xia Weiguo slowly said, this is a matter of millions, after all, he really can’t just watch Lin Lan being cheated, but his The bottom line is still that Chen Feng cannot pay.
“Don’t call that trash, do the two of us walk up?” Lin Lan gave Xia Weiguo angrily, as if she knew what Xia Weiguo was worried about, Lin Lan said again: “Don’t worry, I never thought about letting that trash. Pay for the money. The reason why I said that yesterday was just to see if the waste had any intentions. Besides, I have a 30% discount and I have enough money to buy an ordinary house.”
“Then…you Scream.” After hesitating for a while, Xia Weiguo nodded and agreed.
The corner of Lin Lan’s mouth raised a touch of complacency, and she dialed Chen Feng’s phone. She is just holding Xia Weiguo in this picture. When she reaches the mountain, she will definitely make Chen Feng bleed. Even if she writes an IOU, she will let Chen Feng took out several million.
“Chen Feng, your dad and I are going to Yuquan Mountain to see the house. He has inconvenient legs and can’t drive. You immediately come over and take us over.” Lin Lan said in a commanding tone. She also knew that she couldn’t drive Chen at all. Feng, you have to use Xia Weiguo as a guise.
“Okay.” Chen Feng sighed. Lin Lan made this move. He really had nothing to do. He could not give Lin Lan face, but he had to give Xia Weiguo face.
Fifteen minutes later, Chen Feng’s Audi arrived downstairs in the Xia’s house. Xia Mengyao was sitting in the co-pilot. Her pretty face was a bit cold, obviously dissatisfied with Lin Lan’s means.
Lin Lan helped Xia Weiguo go downstairs and sat in the back row.
“Why don’t you rent a luxury car here today?” Lin Lan frowned and gave Chen Feng a little dissatisfied. In her opinion, Chen Feng drove this broken Audi purely to embarrass her and make her She couldn’t lift her head in front of Sister Fang.
“No money.” Chen Feng said lazily.
“Huh, I don’t think you have no money. You are purely trying to embarrass me and your father. Sister Renfang’s son-in-law drives a Porsche 911. If you are better, you just drive a broken Audi and you are also the son-in-law. Why is the gap so big?” Lin Lan snorted coldly. She had thought that Chen Feng would rent a luxury car to fill the facade like last time, so that she would have a long face in front of Sister Fang.
Unexpectedly, Chen Feng drove the Audi bought by Xia Mengyao this time. He didn’t pretend to be forced when he was supposed to be forced, and he was more active than anyone else when he shouldn’t.
“What’s wrong with Audi? Just can run on the road. We are not a wealthy person. What do you do that swell your face and fill up fat?” Xia Weiguo sighed helplessly. Lin Lan has become more and more vain lately. I can even think of things like renting a luxury car.
As for Chen Feng renting a luxury car, Xia Weiguo didn’t believe it. Yesterday Chen Feng used Koenigsegg as a bumper car driver. He even hit several Ye family bodyguards and killed Xia Weiguo. Xia Weiguo didn’t believe it. Chen Feng would rent it. People in luxury cars.
Lin Lan curled her lips and didn’t say anything. Anyway, when she arrived in front of Sister Fang for a while, she was not the only one who was ashamed.
Chen Feng walks on the road of Yuquan Mountain every day, so he is familiar with the road. It took less than ten minutes to reach the place agreed by Lin Lan and Sister Fang.
On the way, Lin Lan triumphantly talked about the discount quota again. After finishing speaking, she couldn’t help but mocking Chen Feng’s yin and yang. He was also the son-in-law of the door, and the son-in-law of Sister Fang was Yuquan at a young age. The sales manager of Shan’s sales department, while Chen Feng, is still a takeaway.
Chen Feng sneered at this, and Xia Mengyao also had a weird expression. If Lin Lan knew that the food delivery person in her mouth was the real owner of Yuquan Mountain, with 50 billion assets, what kind of expression would Lin Lan look like? ?

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