Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 242

“This…Chen Shao, there must be someone in my company who has not long-eyed and ate the guts of the bear heart and leopard. Under my pretence, he wants to earn that black heart money. Chen Shao, you are waiting at 508, and I will come over immediately. “Shen Hongchang gritted his teeth, and now it’s almost obvious.
First of all, the high-levels in Yuquanshan can be ruled out. They simply look down on the 20 million house, and the rest can only be a few sales managers in the sales department.
Shen Hongchang clenched his teeth, he hadn’t been so angry for a long time!
“Are you finished?” Zhang Hong said lazily when Chen Feng hung up the phone.
“It’s finished.” Chen Feng smiled faintly. When he called just now, he didn’t turn on the hands-free, so no one in the court heard Shen Hongchang’s voice.
“When will we come here, President Shen?” Zhang Hong looked jokingly, thinking that Chen Feng didn’t pretend to be decent. He didn’t call Mr. Wang, Mr. Zhang, but instead called Mr. Shen. He was kicked by a donkey. Up.
In Cangzhou, anyone who is an individual knows Shen Hongchang.
“Ten minutes.” Chen Feng smiled slightly.
“Ten minutes? Then you may not be able to wait for our manager Shen.” Zhang Hong smiled playfully, and said: “Because the security of our residential area will be there in five minutes.”
“At that time, they will call you Throw out Yuquan Mountain.”
“Of course, if you apologize to me now, kneel down and beg for mercy, I can let them let you go.”
“Trash, don’t kneel down for Manager Zhang!” Lin Lan was furious, no doubt. Chen Feng just made her lose face again.
The two words stupid can no longer be used to describe Chen Feng now, it is simply no brain.
You pretend to know someone bad, but you just want to pretend to know Shen Hongchang?
He is the richest man in Cangzhou and the big boss of Yuquan Mountain. Who are you?
A takeaway!
The identities of the two are almost indistinguishable from each other. I am afraid that people will laugh out loud when they say it.
Lin Lan was about to die of anger. She did not expect that Chen Feng now had no brains to this point.
“Kneel?” Chen Feng smiled disdainfully, glanced at Zhang Hong, and said: “Mom, believe it or not, he will kneel for me in ten minutes?”
Lin Lan’s face froze, this waste is now rampant. To this point?
Let Zhang Hong kneel down for him? Why is he? !
“Kneel down for you?” Zhang Hong also looked incredible, Chen Feng even dared to say such things, so arrogant to the limit.
Zhang Hong was angry and laughed: “If I kneel down for you today, then I will jump from here.”
Zhang Hong pointed to the window. This is the fifth floor. Jumping down is definitely death or misery.
“Okay.” Chen Feng said lightly. Zhang Hong did his own death, and he would not stop him.
“Then what if I don’t kneel? Are you going to jump from here?” Zhang Hong asked with a sneer.
“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded.
“Haha, if I don’t kneel, and I don’t want you to jump from here, you just kneel in front of me, then go through my crotch, how about?” Zhang Hong looked at Chen Feng jokingly, he prefers to be in front of Xia Mengyao The face humiliated Chen Feng instead of letting Chen Feng die or be disabled.
“It’s good if you are happy.” Chen Feng smiled slightly.
soon as the “bang” voice fell, the door was pushed open, and several security guards in uniforms holding electric batons rushed in.
“Manager Zhang, who is the troublemaker?” Several security guards looked fierce.
“No, I have solved the trouble. You are waiting outside the door…” Zhang Hong said with a smile, but before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by the trembling of the security guard.
“Chen…Mr. Chen?” The
headed security guard’s eyes widened, his tongue knotted, and he would never have thought that he would meet Chen Feng again here.
Originally, he wanted to call Chen Feng Chen Shao, but after meeting Chen Feng’s sharp gaze, he changed his words instantly. Shen Hongchang had told him not to reveal Chen Feng’s identity.
Wang Dahai?
Chen Feng also had a weird expression. He didn’t expect to meet Wang Dahai again here.
The first time I met Wang Dahai was in the villa area on the top of the mountain. At that time, Wang Dahai was still the security captain of the villa area, but because he offended him, he was taken to an ordinary residential area.
“Captain Wang, what a coincidence.” Chen Feng said with a smile.
“Okay… It’s a coincidence.” Wang Dahai squeezed a smile on his face that was more ugly than crying. If he could, he would never want to meet Chen Feng again in his life, but his fate is fickle, so today he was called by Zhang Hong. Here.
“You know?” Zhang Hong frowned. For some reason, he felt that Wang Dahai was very afraid of Chen Feng, which was very unreasonable.
Chen Feng is nothing more than a takeaway. Although Wang Dahai is just a security guard, he is Yuquanshan’s security guard. Why should he be afraid of Chen Feng?
“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded and smiled: “Captain Wang and I are old friends.”
“Yes, Mr. Chen and I are old friends.” Wang Dahai responded with a smile.
“Old friend?” Zhang Hong snorted coldly, and said, “Wang Dahai, your old friend made trouble in Yuquan Mountain and discredited our Yuquan Mountain. What should you do?”
Zhang Hong didn’t plan to care about Chen Feng. Because he had already made a bet with Chen Feng, he asked Chen Feng to drill his crotch without kneeling in ten minutes, but after seeing Chen Feng’s confident look now, Zhang Hong decided to change his mind and give Chen Feng some color first.
“Manager Zhang, did you make a mistake.”
Wang Dahai frowned, and Chen Feng made trouble?
Without telling if it is true, even if it is true, does he dare to touch Chen Feng?
Not to mention him, even if Shen Hongchang himself came, he might not dare to say anything in front of Chen Feng.
“Mistake? Wang Dahai, are you questioning me?”
Zhang Hong’s face turned cold, and a security captain dare not give himself the face of the sales manager!
“Yes.” Wang Dahai bluntly said, “I understand Mr. Chen’s character well. I don’t think Mr. Chen will do things to discredit us at Yuquan Mountain.”
“Then you mean I smeared him? “Zhang Hong was extremely angry and laughed.
Wang Dahai nodded: “It’s very possible.” As
soon as he said this, the atmosphere in the room was instantly suppressed.
The few security guards who had just entered Yuquan Mountain were all dumbfounded. What happened to Captain Wang?
Why did you go against Manager Zhang for your friend?
“Okay! Very good!”
Zhang Hong gritted his teeth angrily. He didn’t expect that Wang Dahai would not give him face so much, and actually followed him for a friend who delivered food.
“Wang Dahai, I announce that you have been fired, and now you will immediately roll up the bedding for me!” Zhang Hong said angrily. Wang Dahai didn’t give him face, then he didn’t need to give Wang Dahai face.
“Expell me? Manager Zhang, you don’t seem to have the authority yet.” Wang Dahai raised his brows and was completely unmoved. He belongs to the security department and Zhang Hong belongs to the sales department. To expel him, he can only be expelled from the security department Song The manager makes a decision.

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