Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 244

Even high-level officials such as Shen Hongchang completely forgot about 508.
Only Zhang Hong, the sales manager, has the 508 key.
As long as you find a buyer, you can sell the house.
So Zhang Hong was tempted.
After finding out that Lin Lan did not have any background, she asked Sister Fang to take Lin Lan to see the house.
It can be said that everything is seamless.
But unfortunately, I met Chen Feng.
First, I felt the breath in the house was not right, and then I met Shen Hongchang.
Going back and forth, the whole Yuquan Mountain who stabbed this incident was known to everyone.
I had known so long ago that this house could make a billion dollars, and Zhang Hong would not sell it!
“If confession is useful, what do the police do!” Shen Hongchang yelled, “Ahu, give him a better memory!”
“Yes, Mr. Shen.”
“President Shen, forgive me, forgive me.”
Seeing Ahu’s face blankly When he walked over, Zhang Hong was frightened and peeed.
With a cold snort, Ahu rushed to Zhang Hong with a stride, and the dagger in his hand stabbed Zhang Hong’s right wrist without mercy.
The dagger was inserted into the right wrist and then pulled out.
Blood poured out immediately.
Zhang Hong screamed and wanted to cover the pierced right wrist, but the dagger in Ahu’s hand moved again.
Puff again!
This time, the dagger was inserted into Zhang Hong’s left wrist and then pulled out mercilessly.
Zhang Hong’s left hand muscle was also picked up, and the floor was covered with blood. Zhang Hong lay on the ground and howled miserably.
Behind him, several senior members of Yuquanshan shivered.
There is no doubt that Shen Hongchang is killing chickens and monkeys, not only to give Chen Feng an explanation, but also to let them understand that what should not be taken, don’t take it!
Otherwise, you will end up with Zhang Hong.
“Zhang Hong!”
Sister Fang was trembling with fright, and she slumped on the ground like a puddle of slime.
“Send to the police station.” Shen Hongchang glanced at Sister Fang coldly. Sister Fang is not an employee of Yuquanshan. He can’t deal with it directly, but as long as you say hello to the police, let Sister Fang stay in jail for a lifetime. questionable.
Soon, Zhang Hong and Sister Fang were carried out.
Shen Hongchang clapped his hands, seeming to be a okay person, smiled and came to Lin Lan and Xia Weiguo, smiled and stretched out his hand:
“Brother Xia, Mrs. Lin, I am Hongchang Shen.”
“Mr. Shen, hello, hello.”
“President Shen, look up for a long time.”
Lin Lancheng stretched out her hand in fear, and Xia Weiguo was also flattered.
Before, they never thought that one day they would have a relationship with the richest man in Cangzhou.
But now, the richest man in Cangzhou took the initiative to reach out to them.
Xia Weiguo knew very well that all of this was due to Chen Feng.
Even Lin Lan, who had never been self-aware, had to accept the fact that Shen Hongchang was only looking at Chen Feng’s face before shaking hands with her.
“Brother Xia, Mrs. Lin, I’m really sorry, the people in the company are ignorant, this house, at the beginning of the year…” Shen Hongchang told the matter without concealing it.
After listening, Xia Weiguo was speechless, but Lin Lan turned blue with anger.
She didn’t expect that Sister Fang in her mouth would do such a utterly conscience. In order to earn millions, she would sell her the haunted house where four people died!
If she lives in this kind of house, she may die suddenly within a hundred days!
Xia Weiguo was also very fortunate. Fortunately, I brought Chen Feng over today. If it weren’t for Chen Feng, he, Lin Lan and Xia Mengyao would definitely be played around by Zhang Hong and Fang Sister.
Not to mention living in the haunted house, I am afraid I will still be grateful to Sister Fang.
“Brother Xia, Mrs. Lin, there is a high-end residential area on the mountainside, and there is a two-hundred-square-meter house. If Brother Xia and Mrs. Lin don’t dislike it, then Old Shen will take you over to see it now.” Shen Hongchang said.
Lin Lan waved her hand and smirked: “Mr. Shen, we can’t live in a 200-square-meter house.”
The house in the high-end residential area on the mountainside starts at 150,000 square meters, 200 square meters, that’s 30 million!
Even if Lin Lan was sold, he couldn’t make up 30 million.
Shen Hongchang was taken aback, and said: “Mrs. Lin, you may have misunderstood, that house, I am not selling you.”
“Not for sale?” Lin Lan was surprised, could it be…
Shen Hongchang smiled slightly: “That house, Just as old Shen, I gave Brother Xia and Mrs. Lin an apologetic gift.”
the employees behind Shen Hongchang took a breath, and their breathing became rapid.
Shen Hongchang actually wanted to give Lin Lan and Xia Weiguo a house worth more than 30 million!
Even if they are high-ranking members of Yuquan Mountain, at this moment, they can’t help but jealous!
Lin Lan was also dumbfounded, but soon she was ecstatic: “Mr. Shen, you are not kidding?!!!”
Shen Hongchang shook his head and said, “Mrs. Lin, I’m not kidding. This incident was originally our Yuquanshan employee. I didn’t do it right, and I should compensate you and Brother Xia for the shock.”
“Mr. Shen, thank you, thank you.” Lin Lan was so excited that she almost knelt down and kowtow to Shen Hongchang.
“! Lamlam” At this time, Xia Weiguo was dissatisfied stare Ringland, then look to the Shen Red Gate: “Mr. Shen, your kindness, I no thanks and Lan Lan, but this house, we can not accept.”
Can not accept ? !
The audience was quiet again, and there were more than 30 million houses, and you actually said no!
Even Shen Hongchang was slightly surprised. Lin Lan’s reaction was completely in his expectation, but Xia Weiguo’s reaction was beyond his expectation.
“Old Xia!”
Lin Lan stomped angrily. Did Xia Weiguo get water in his head or something. The more than 30 million houses were delivered to you, but you didn’t want it?
Pulling Xia Weiguo aside, Lin Lan said in a low voice, “Why don’t you want a house?”
“Since Shen Hongchang gave it to us, then we can accept it with peace of mind. This is a house worth more than 30 million, not more than 300.
Ten thousand!” “Even if it is three hundred million, you can’t ask for it.” Xia Weiguo snorted and said.
“Xia Weiguo! Are you always confused?!” Lin Lan’s teeth tickled, “You tell me, why don’t you? Do you want to pretend to be noble?”
“Pretend to be noble.” Xia Weiguo cursed, “I am. The reason why I don’t want this house is because of Chen Feng.”
“Obviously, this house was given to us because of Chen Feng’s face. Without Chen Feng, let alone give the house. Mr. Shen. I’m too lazy to look at you and me.”
“So what?” Lin Lan asked, “Since Mr. Shen gave it away, we just collect it. The waste has been in our Xia family for three years, so it should be used. a. ” ”
What do you know? “Xia Weiguo face plate down:” you have not heard a word, called non-profit can not afford early Shen Why do we send to the house, who is certainly because we have an interest to be made?. ”
“To be precise, it should be that Chen Feng has a profit. We accept the house of President Shen, which means that Chen Feng owes President Shen a favor…”

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