Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 245

“What’s the matter of owing the favor to President Shen?” Lin Lan interrupted: “Most people want to owe favor to a big man like President Shen, but they can’t find a way. This waste, it is his honor to owe favor to President Shen.
” You…” Lin Lan’s righteousness made Xia Weiguo a little angry. In his opinion, there must be a higher-level game between Chen Feng and Shen Hongchang. In that level of game, even a small favor It is very important that he does not want Chen Feng to owe Shen Hongchang because of himself.
“What am I? Xia Weiguo, let me tell you, this house, I’ll take it!”
“Don’t go!” Seeing that Lin Lan was going to find Shen Hongchang again, Xia Weiguo was suddenly anxious and grabbed Lin Lan.
“Let go!”
Lin Lan gritted his teeth angrily.
“Don’t let go, you are not allowed to accept the house today!”
The tug of the two men naturally attracted the attention of Shen Hongchang and others.
Xia Mengyao was a little helpless. She knew from beginning to end the relationship between Shen Hongchang and Chen Feng, so she also understood that Shen Hongchang gave Xia Weiguo and Lin Lan a house without any other intention, but to give Chen Feng face.
Shen Hongchang couldn’t help but glanced at Chen Feng in embarrassment. Was his intention like this? Why did Xia Weiguo and Lin Lan quarrel?
Chen Feng walked to Xia Weiguo’s side and smiled and said: “Since Mr. Shen gave you and my mother a house, then you can accept it.”
Xia Weiguo’s thoughts, he can more or less guess some, moved. Yu, Chen Feng couldn’t help being a little helpless. Xia Weiguo didn’t know that the relationship between him and Shen Hongchang could not be affected by a house of more than 30 million.
Shen Hongchang also knows that it is impossible for him to owe one favor to a house worth more than 30 million yuan.
It was Xia Weiguo that had been worrying too much.
“Chen Feng, you and Mr. Shen?” Xia Weiguo was a little worried, which would affect Chen Feng.
Chen Feng shook his head and said, “Dad, the relationship between Mr. Shen and I is deeper than you think.”
“That’s all right.” Xia Weiguo sighed, Chen Feng said so, then he has nothing to say. Of it.
“President Shen, let’s go to see the house.” Lin Lan has already walked to Shen Hongchang and can’t wait to speak.
Two hundred square meters, a house in a high-end residential area, even Xia Yunsheng does not have such good living conditions.
“Okay.” Shen Hongchang smiled, but he felt a little contempt for Lin Lan in his heart.
The typical short-sightedness, a two-hundred-square-meter high-end residence, gave Lin Lan this attitude.
So if Lin Lan knew that her son-in-law, whom she had always looked down on, had owned a villa of more than 1,000 square meters on the mountain a long time ago, what would it look like?
After leaving the house, Xia Weiguo and Lin Lan directly sat on Shen Hongchang’s Rolls Royce in the enviable eyes of the employees.
Chen Feng walked to an Audi and took out the key.
This scene immediately shocked the eyes of many employees of Shen Hongchang Company.
The young man who can make the big boss Shen Hongchang treat so seriously, the car is actually an Audi with more than half a million? !
The grade of this car is less than half of their car.
Many employees are full of incredible faces. They thought that Chen Feng should be the same level as Shen Hongchang. No matter how bad, he is also a super rich second generation.
Such a person, driving a car, not to mention a tens of millions of supercars, at least it should be a Ferrari or a Mercedes-Benz S600, but Chen Feng did well and drove an Audi with more than half a million.
Play as a pig and eat a tiger!
It must be a pig and a tiger!
They didn’t believe that they were killed anyway, and someone who could make Shen Hongchang treat so seriously would drive a car worth more than half a million.
Seeing everyone’s surprised expressions, Wang Dahai couldn’t help but smile. He thought that Chen Feng was good enough to drive an Audi today. You haven’t seen it before. Chen Feng rode a battery car the first time he went up the mountain.
The big boss Shen Hongchang personally led people to see the house, which was the first time in the history of Yuquan Mountain.
Employees in the entire high-end residential area were alarmed and welcomed Shen Hongchang at the door.
Lin Lan’s face was full of red light, and she felt refreshed and ecstatic. She had lived for most of her life. She had never been so proud of herself.
Buy a house and let the richest man in Cangzhou come to accompany him personally. How many people can there be in Cangzhou with this kind of card?
Compared to Lin Lan, Xia Weiguo had to be quite calm, but he was still somewhat flattered in his heart.
At the same time, he sighed that letting Chen Feng into the Zuixia family three years ago was the wisest decision he had ever made in his life.
Without Chen Feng, let alone let Shen Hongchang personally accompany the inspection, whether he can step into the gate of Yuquan Mountain is a question.
The house that Shen Hongchang gave away is no problem.
Two hundred square meters, four bedrooms and one living room, independent bathroom, with a small swimming pool outside.
After Lin Lan entered the room, she followed Grandma Liu into the Grand View Garden. She looked left and had a look, her mouth was almost grinning.
After looking at the house, Shen Hongchang asked the company’s employees to contact several professional decoration teams for Xia Weiguo, preparing to redecorate the house according to Lin Lan’s ideas.
Xia Weiguo and Xia Mengyao and his daughter assisted by themselves.
Chen Feng was too lazy to do these family chores, so he said hello and prepared to go down the mountain.
On the way, I received another call from Zhu Guangquan.
“Brother Chen Feng, where are you?”
“I’m in Yuquan Mountain.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly, and Zhu Guangquan called him a dozen or so calls almost every day, saying that he would send him the five hundred million from the Deng family.
Chen Feng refused to resign in every possible way, but Zhu Guangquan was as determined as he was weighed down this time. No matter what Chen Feng said, he didn’t want the five hundred million.
“Yuquanshan? You wait for me for half an hour, I’ll come to find you.” Zhu Guangquan said.
“No, where are you, I’ll come and find you.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly, half an hour before he left Yuquan Mountain.
“It’s okay. I’m at the Junsheng Hotel, attending the wedding of my ex-girlfriend. If you are not far away, come here.” Zhu Guangquan said in deep thought.
“Good.” Chen Feng nodded and hung up.
Fifteen minutes later, Chen Feng arrived at Junsheng Hotel.
After parking the car, Chen Feng went straight to the wedding hall on the top floor.
In the hall, the sky was full of red lights and colorful lights.
Many guests changed their cups and laughed.
Looking at their handsome appearance in suits and shoes, they are obviously social celebrities and high-level elites.
Zhu Guangquan was sitting on a table by the door. Today, he is still wearing the floral shirt he wore on the mountain last time.
Although it was his ex-girlfriend who got married, there was no frustration on his face, but a smile of blessing.
“Brother Chen Feng.” Zhu Guangquan stared at the door all the time. When Chen Feng came in, he beckoned with joy.
Walking around Zhu Guangquan, Zhu Guangquan smiled and said, “Brother Chen Feng, you can count it.”

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