Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 246

“This is the five hundred million yuan given by the Deng family. You should collect it.” Zhu Guangquan smiled and took out a bank card.
“Didn’t I say that, I am not short of money. You take this money, and you will use it for business in the Zhu family.” Chen Feng smiled helplessly and did not pick it up.
“Brother Chen Feng, if you are short of money, it is your business. It is my business to pay back the money. You have already paid back a 500 million loan for our Zhu family. I really have no face to take your money again. Now.” Zhu Guangquan said sternly.
“This is not my money, this is Deng Shiqi’s money.”
“Brother Chen Feng, your words are boring, Lao Zhu, I have a few kilograms, I know better than anyone else, if it wasn’t for you, Brother Chen Feng on the face, so Zhu Deng Shiqi impossible attitude towards us. ” ”
Do not give money to Zhu, Zhu Deng Shiqi not to go bankrupt, it was all we burned incense on Zhu Jiazu. ” ”
well, Brother Chen Feng, don’t talk about it anymore. In any case, you have to accept the money today, otherwise, you just don’t take me Zhu Guangquan as your brother.” Zhu Guangquan said with a stern face.
“Okay, I’ll accept it.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly and took the card. Zhu Guangquan was already talking about it, and if he didn’t accept it, he couldn’t justify it.
Seeing Chen Feng accepting the card, Zhu Guangquan’s face showed a smile: “Hey, this is my good brother.”
Chen Feng shook his head and smiled, not knowing what Zhu Guangquan should say, even if it’s him, facing Five hundred million dollars were unable to calm down, but Zhu Guangquan ended up doing well, and he just returned it without frowning.
“Kiss, kiss.”
Suddenly, there was a loud noise in the hall.
Chen Feng turned his head and looked in the direction of the noisy, but saw many guests gathered around the round podium in the center of the hall, facing the bride and groom on the stage and making noisy.
In the center of the ceremony table, the bride in a white wedding dress closed her eyes shyly, and then the tall groom in a black suit gave a kiss affectionately.
The crowd was noisy again, and applause was thunderous.
Chen Feng couldn’t help but glanced at Zhu Guangquan and found that Zhu Guangquan’s face was still smiling, but there was a touch of loneliness in the depths of his eyes.
“Do you still like it?” Chen Feng said with a smile.
“I don’t like it anymore.” Zhu Guangquan shook his head, still with a cheerful smile on his face.
Chen Feng nodded slightly without saying anything.
Although I don’t know what happened between Zhu Guangquan and his ex-girlfriend, some people miss it for a lifetime.
After the bride and groom kissed, they began toasting at the table.
In the hall, there is a festive atmosphere everywhere.
Only Chen Feng’s table is a bit dull.
After saying that he didn’t like it, Zhu Guangquan poured the wine into the glass without saying a word, then drank it all and poured himself madly.
At this time, Chen Feng did not say anything to explain.
As a brother, the only thing he needs to do is drink with Zhu Guangquan.
Soon, the bride and groom toasted to this table.
Seeing Zhu Guangquan, whose face was flushed, the bride’s eyes dodge a little.
But in the eyes of the groom, there was a hint of coldness.
“Dead pig, what are you doing here?!” A
few steps walked in front of Zhu Guangquan, the groom asked coldly.
At this moment, Zhu Guangquan was already a little drunk. Facing the groom’s question, he was subconsciously taken aback, but he still said apologetically: “I’m sorry, no one asked me to come over. I wanted to come.”
“You want to come by yourself?!” The bridegroom narrowed his eyes, and exclaimed in a cold voice: “This is my wedding with Xiao Qian, what are you doing?!”
“I came to wish you and Xiao Qian whiteheads…”
“I need Your blessing?” Before Zhu Guangquan finished speaking, he was interrupted mercilessly by the groom.
“I think it’s you, a fat pig with a heartless heart, and covet Xiao Qian!” The groom sneered again and again.
Zhu Guangquan frowned: “You think too much, I don’t have it.”
“Huh, no?! A few days ago, you were a fat pig, and you called Xiaoqian and asked Xiaoqian to marry you. Now you say no! “The groom obviously couldn’t control his anger.
Zhu Guangquan was silent, and only slumped after a long time: “I’m sorry.”
He did call Nie Qian a few days ago because he still wanted to save it. After all, Nie Qian is a woman he has liked in college for four years.
“Get out!” The bridegroom pointed out the door mercilessly, and threatened with a gruesome voice: “I don’t want to see you again. If you dare to pester Xiaoqian again in the future, I will break your leg.”
Zhu Guangquan said nothing. , Got up and walked out the door.
Chen Feng sighed and followed Zhu Guangquan.
“What the hell, it’s okay for the dead pig to come here by yourself, and bring a waste to eat rice.” The groom couldn’t help but cursed.
Zhu Guangquan paused, and turned to look at the groom blankly: “Brother Chen Feng, he doesn’t eat rice.”
“Dead pig, I give you a face, right?” The groom was furious, seeing Zhu Guangquan. Even so, Zhu Guangquan dared to talk back in front of so many people, making him even more angry.
“I’ll say it again, brother Chen Feng, he is not eating rice.” Zhu Guangquan’s face was sinking and he spoke word by word. The groom can insult him, but he can’t insult Chen Feng.
After all, it was because of him that Chen Feng came to the hotel. Besides, with Chen Feng’s assets, how could he do something like eating rice?
“Not eating rice?” The bridegroom sneered, stepped to Zhu Guangquan, looked directly at Zhu Guangquan, and spoke provocatively: “You said he wasn’t him?”
“Friends, this rubbish, is this a dead pig? Same, they all eat plain rice?” The bridegroom pointed out and asked loudly, jokingly.
“Yes! Haha.” The
crowd laughed. Now most of the people standing in the hall are friends, classmates and relatives of the groom. At this moment, they naturally want to stand on the side of the groom.
“Have you heard? Fatty! They all said yes!” The groom continued to sneer and provoke.
“Lin Dong, don’t go too far!”
Zhu Guangquan clenched his fists, his cheeks surged, and anger surged in his eyes.
“I was too much, why, you bite Laozi?” Lin Dong stretched out his hand and patted Zhu Guangquan’s face, full of humiliation.
Seeing Zhu Guangquan’s blue veins on his forehead violently, he had to do it. Chen Feng couldn’t bear to take a step forward and held Zhu Guangquan down.
“Forget it, Guangquan, let’s go.” Chen Feng sighed. It can be seen that Zhu Guangquan loves the bride very much, so Chen Feng does not want to let Zhu Guangquan ruin the wedding on impulse because of himself.
“Okay! Go!” Zhu Guangquan gritted his teeth and took a deep breath.
But the two turned around, and after a few steps, Lin Dong suddenly shouted.
Zhu Guangquan paused, and said in a deep voice: “Lin Dong, what else do you have?”
Lin Dong jokingly said, “My friend lost his watch.”
“Your friend lost his watch. It has something to do with me. Is it?!” Zhu Guangquan suppressed his anger.

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