Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 247

“It has nothing to do with you, but it has something to do with him.” Lin Dong glanced at Chen Feng playfully.
Chen Feng frowned.
“Lin Dong, what do you mean?!” Zhu Guangquan was furious.
“It’s not interesting, Xiao Yan, tell everyone how you lost your Rolex.” Lin Dong lazily glanced at a young man with gold glasses beside him.
The young man reacted quickly. Almost as soon as Lin Dong finished speaking, he pointed to Chen Feng and said angrily: “It is him. When he entered the hall just now, he bumped into me and the Rolex on my wrist was gone.”
“Huh?” The
crowd was in an uproar.
“I thought this kid was just eating rice, but I didn’t expect to be a thief.”
“Damn, stealing things came here, really
looking for death.” “And it was a Rolex, Xiao Yan’s Rolex. It’s more than 300,000 yuan.”
“Everyone, go up and kill this thief!” The
crowd was eager to try.
The crowd surrounded Chen Feng and Zhu Guangquan with bad eyesight.
“Lin Dong, are you playing yin with me?!” Zhu Guangquan gritted his teeth. He didn’t expect that Lin Dong would dare to embezzle so blatantly in front of everyone.
“Dead pig, what are you talking about? I don’t understand.”
Lin Dong smiled openly, and didn’t take Zhu Guangquan to heart.
Since Zhu Guangquan and Chen Feng had a good relationship, he turned Chen Feng into a thief.
In short, he is willing to do everything that can fight and humiliate Zhu Guangquan.
“Call the security guard up and send these two guys to the police station.” Lin Dong said lightly, as if everything was under control.
“Look at yourself and see if you have lost anything else. After all, the thief doesn’t go empty. This person may have stolen more than one Rolex.” Xiao Yan reminded with a smile.
“Yes, everyone, take a look.”
“Where’s my necklace?”
“And my wallet!”
“My jade Buddha is gone!”
Lin Dong’s many friends, friends, and friends started in panic.
“It’s over.”
This is, Chen Feng said lightly, his expression calm, he couldn’t see the joy or anger.
“It’s over?” The corner of Lin Dong’s mouth raised: “Mr. Thief, are you talking to me?”
Chen Feng did not answer, but asked calmly, “Do you know what the end of slandering me is?”
“End? Hahahaha “Lin Dong laughed wildly, tears coming out of his laughter, he pointed at Chen Feng’s nose bone: “You are a stinky thief, will you talk to me about the end?”
“Do you know who Lao Tzu is?”
“Lao Tzu called Lin Dong! Lao Tzu’s uncle, named Lin Zhaozhong, he is the heir of the Lin family!”
“The Lin family? Does the Lin family know? Tu Baozi!”
“I don’t know.” Chen Feng shook his head calmly.
“I don’t know, hahaha, you don’t even know the Lin family?!” Lin Dong smiled and covered his stomach, as if he didn’t know what incredible things the Lin family was.
After a while, he put away his smile.
“It’s fine, you kind of stuffed buns, I don’t know that the Lin family is normal.”
“But as a member of the Lin family, I have to let you know what the Lin family does.” Lin Dong said a hideous look in his eyes. He raised his hand.
But at this moment, there was a loud shout of welcome from the door.
“Uncle San is here!” The whole
hall was sensational.
Lin Dong’s raised hand was also stuck in the air, and then he was ecstatic.
The third uncle is here? !
At the moment, Lin Dong can’t bother with Chen Feng and Zhu Guangquan.
Instead, he walked to the door in a stride and greeted the third uncle personally.
“Lin Dong is such a big face, he would come over when he gets married to his third uncle.”
“The third uncle loves Lin Dong very much. Although Lin Dong is just his distant cousin, his third uncle will give Lin Dong some condolences every year.”
Chen Feng frowned and couldn’t help but glance at the door. He wanted to know who the third uncle in the crowd was and why he was so famous.
After seeing a familiar face staring at the big bald head, Chen Feng couldn’t help being dumbfounded.
Isn’t this bald the one who paid Lin Lan 5 million in Yuquan Mountain a few days ago?
What kind of Lin… Lin Zhaozhong?
Chen Feng suddenly remembered that Lin Dong had just said this name. Although he felt familiar at the time, he was not right.
Now that he saw the bald head himself, Chen Feng understood that the Lin family heir in Lin Dong’s mouth was Lin Zhaozhong.
“The third uncle is coming here, Xiao Dong has lost a long way to welcome him.” In front of Lin Zhaozhong, Lin Dong was as docile as a rabbit, without the slightest arrogance before.
Although he is a member of the Lin family, he is a member of the Lin family.
But only he knows that he is a distant relative of Lin Zhao who can’t beat him. The only relationship with the Lin family is that he is also surnamed Lin.
If it hadn’t been for the good performance in front of Lin Zhaozhong in the past few years, which left an impression on Lin Zhaozhong, he would have nothing to do with the Lin family at all.
“Hahaha, Xiaodong, Sanshu came here today, not to listen to your polite words, Sanshu is here to have a wedding wine.” Lin Zhaozhong smiled and patted Lin Dong on the shoulder. Today, he is full of red and he looks in his mood. It’s pretty good.
“Xiaodong, my aunt and your third uncle came over in a hurry and didn’t prepare anything for you. Just keep this watch. It’s your new wedding.” Lin Fang smiled and took out a watch. .
The crowd was in an uproar.
The watch presented by Lin Fang was actually Vacheron Constantin Calliste.
The market price of this watch is as high as 1.99 million!
The implication of Lin Zhaozhong and Lin Fang sending this watch to Lin Dong on this day is already obvious.
I just hope that Lin Dong and Nie Qian will last forever!
Lin Dong was a little frightened: “Uncle San and Auntie, Xiaodong is already very satisfied if you two can come over. Xiaodong would never accept such an expensive gift.”
“Xiaodong.” Lin Zhaozhong’s expression was flat. pretending to be angry opening: “?.? how to speak it only a watch, you have a precious life would get married once, Uncle send you block table, how the ‘ ‘
take it, if you do not accept, Uncle now Go.”
“Thank you Sanshu.” Lin Dong looked happy, took the watch, and looked at the enviable eyes of many relatives and classmates, Lin Dong only felt red, and his whole body was about to float to the sky.
In fact, the price of this watch is not important.
The important thing is that the watch was sent by Lin Zhaozhong.
This means that Lin Zhaozhong respects him!
He Lin Dong is also expected to enter the Lin family and become a real upper-class person in Cangzhou!
“Sanshu, Sanyi, please come here.” Lin Dong bowed respectfully, intending to let Lin Zhaozhong and Lin Fang take the lead.
“Okay.” Lin Zhaozhong said with a smile, just about to take a step, but a familiar figure was caught in his sight.
Suddenly, Lin Zhaozhong’s pupils shrank.
Seeing Lin Zhaozhong’s footsteps stopped, Lin Dong couldn’t help but wonder. Following Lin Zhaozhong’s gaze, he saw Chen Feng and Zhu Guangquan standing there.

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