Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 248

Lin Dong was furious, but these two wastes have not left yet? !
Lin Dong walked up to several security guards, pointed at Chen Feng and Zhu Guangquan, and cursed angrily: “What do you do for food? Why do you let this thief and this fat pig stand here?!”
“Not yet. They tow away!”
Tow away? !
Hearing this, Lin Zhaozhong and his wife who had just walked in front of Chen Feng to say hello to Chen Feng, their hearts suddenly tightened and they almost stopped beating.
So dying, at this moment, Lin Dong walked up to Lin Zhaozhong and his wife again, with smiles on their faces:
“Sanshu, Sanyi, don’t get close to these two people, these two are thieves, be careful they steal your things.”
Lin Zhaozhong’s face was pale again.
Lin Fang had weak calves.
However, Chen Feng had a smile on his face.
“Uncle San…” Lin Dong smiled charmingly, and wanted to say something more.
But with a “pop”, all his words were beaten back into his mouth by a big mouth.
It was Lin Zhaozhong who made the shot.
At this time, Lin Zhaozhong’s face was distorted, his complexion was blue, and even his lips began to tremble.
Lin Dong covered his face. He was frightened and stunned, and said, “Uncle San, why are you hitting me…”
responded to him, Lin Zhaozhong slapped again firmly.
Lin Dong was slapped to the ground with a dazed expression, his lips bleeding.
The guests around were also looking at each other, not knowing why.
The next second, everyone took a breath.
Because Lin Zhaozhong walked in front of Chen Feng, bowed respectfully, and then apologized.
“Mr. Chen, I’m sorry.”
Everyone in the audience, like sculptures, was plunged into petrification. The inside was quiet, and the needles dropped!
Mr. Chen? ! !
The third uncle turned out to be a thief, Mr. Chen? ! !
What an international joke!
“Uncle San, did you admit the wrong person? This kid is just a plain rice eater!” Lin Dong also widened his eyes, his face full of disbelief.
“Shut up!”
Lin Zhaozhong gave a deep voice, his face sinking like water.
Can someone who can afford Koenigsegg be a plain meal? !
“Mr. Chen, Lin Dong is just a distant cousin of mine. His relationship with me…”
Before Lin Zhaozhong finished speaking, he was interrupted by Chen Feng’s smile, “Mr. Lin doesn’t need to explain, I understand.”
“Ah. Cough.” Lin Zhaozhong smiled awkwardly: “Mr. Chen understands, and Mr. Chen understands.”
“Niezi, don’t kneel down and apologize to Mr. Chen!”
Lin Zhaozhong ordered harshly. He didn’t know how Lin Dong offended Chen. Feng’s, but Chen Feng’s details, he probably guessed something, that is a figure that even Shen Hongchang would greet him with a smile. If Lin Dong doesn’t apologize and makes Chen Feng angry, then he will definitely not see the sun the next day. .
Even the Lin family will be implicated.
“The third uncle actually let Lin Dong kneel down and apologize?!”
“What is the identity of this young man!” In the
hall, many guests talked endlessly.
Lin Dong covered his face, embarrassed to death.
“Don’t kneel!” Lin Dong gritted his teeth. If there was only Chen Feng alone, he would kneel down, but beside Chen Feng, there was his biggest love rival, Zhu Guangquan.
Ask him to kneel in the face of his biggest rival, he can’t pull that face down.
“What are you talking about?!” Lin Zhaozhong’s face suddenly became gloomy.
“I said no to kneel!” Lin Dong looked directly at Lin Zhaozhong, without giving up. Although Chen Feng obviously had a lot of background, he didn’t believe it. What would Chen Feng really do to him? The big deal. After today, he took Nie Qian away. Cangzhou.
The world is so big, where can he not go?
“You…” Lin Zhaozhong was furious, hating iron and steel, raising his hand, ready to slap Lin Dong.
“Forget it.”
At this moment, Chen Feng faintly said: “Lin Dong, since Nephew Ling Xian doesn’t want to kneel, then don’t have to kneel.”
“Well, listen to Mr. Chen.” Lin Zhaozhong put down his hand, eyes low. Chui, speak respectfully, he doesn’t know what Chen Feng’s words mean, but he has done his best, and Lin Dong wants to die, so he can’t help it.
“Guangquan, let’s go.” Chen Feng glanced at Zhu Guangquan and was about to tell Zhu Guangquan to leave, only to find that Zhu Guangquan’s eyes had always been on Nie Qian next to Lin Dong.
Nie Qian also bit her lip and looked at Zhu Guangquan with red eyes.
“Xiaoqian…” Zhu Guangquan’s lips moved, as if he wanted to say something, but when the words came to his lips, he swallowed back.
Zhu Guangquan’s performance made Nie Qian feel ashamed in an instant, and tears welled up from her beautiful eyes like broken beads.
“Are you willing to go with him?” Seeing Nie Qian about to turn around and leave, Chen Feng couldn’t help sighing. Judging from the current situation, if he doesn’t help Zhu Guangquan, Zhu Guangquan will never go with Nie Qian again in his life. Any links.
Chen Feng’s words seemed like a thunder, and finally awakened Zhu Guangquan.
“Xiao Qian, are you willing to follow me?” Zhu Guangquan took a step forward and grabbed Nie Qian’s little hand.
“Let go of him, fat pig!” Lin Dong’s eyes were red, and he slammed Zhu Guangquan’s face with his fist.
Chen Feng frowned, then stretched out a hand lightly, holding Lin Dong’s wrist.
“Let go!”
Lin Dong looked crazy, like a fierce beast always choosing people and devouring.
“When she makes a choice, I will let it go.” Chen Feng said coldly. He could see that Zhu Guangquan and Nie Qian had each other in their hearts. If they missed it, they would regret forever.
Chen Feng does not want Zhu Guangquan to regret, he hopes that Zhu Guangquan can overcome the hurdle in his heart.
“Xiao Qian, are you willing to go with me?” Zhu Guangquan asked again.
Nie Qian did not speak.
There was a puff.
This time, Zhu Guangquan knelt on one knee, picked up a glass bottle cap from the ground, and held it up high.
“Xiao Qian, marry me.” A
very dramatic scene.
However, no one laughed, but many people were moved.
Nie Qian burst into tears and took over the bottle cap in Zhu Guangquan’s hand.
“Ah! Bitch!”
Lin Dong was hysterical and mad, picked up the wine bottle on the table, and rushed towards Zhu Guangquan like a mad dog.
Chen Feng snorted coldly, kicking Lin Dong seven or eight meters away.
“Xiao Qian, I love you.” Zhu Guang weighted Nie Qian in his arms, tears in his eyes.
“I love you too.” Nie Qian could not cry.
“Don’t marry!”
At this moment, an old man in a suit walked over with an angry face.
He pushed Zhu Guangquan away, pulled Nie Qian behind him, and glared at Zhu Guangquan and said, “Our family Qianqian, now I am Young Master Lin’s wife, what kind of green onion are you?”
“Why do you propose to her!”
“Dad! Nie Qian burst into tears and wanted to plead for Zhu Guangquan.
But the old man in the suit raised his hand and slapped it on her pretty face.
“Do you still have any sense of shame! You are Young Master Lin’s wife, not a bitch who can do everything!” the old man in the suit shouted angrily.

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