Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 250

“You don’t believe it?” Chen Feng raised his eyebrows.
“I don’t believe it!” Father Nie looked cold.
“If there are really five hundred million in this card, I don’t want the one hundred million beauties. I can marry Qianqian for what he doesn’t need!” Father Nie also got tempered. He was betting on Chen Feng. Bluff him, want to bluff him, and then get Zhu Guangquan back.
Chen Feng said concisely.
The audience once again heard endless discussions.
“Five hundred million? Impossible, right.”
“I don’t think it is possible, let alone whether he has five hundred million. Even if he does, how can he bring five hundred million people with him?” Nothing
in Lin Zhaozhong. Before coming, if Chen Feng dared to say that he had five hundred million, he would definitely be sprayed with blood.
Lin Zhaozhong came, although it proved that Chen Feng was extraordinary.
But it’s not unusual enough to get five hundred million in one go.
And what Chen Feng said was that Zhu Guangquan had 500 million!
This is even more fantastic.
Many relatives of the Nie family knew about the love between Nie Qian and Zhu Guangquan at the university. They knew Zhu Guangquan’s family background, let alone five hundred million, it took five hundred thousand.
Therefore, everyone felt that Chen Feng was sensationalizing.
Soon, the finance of Junsheng Hotel came over, took over Chen Feng’s bank card, and went to prove his assets.
The atmosphere in the hall is a bit strange.
Many people are waiting to see the jokes of Chen Feng and Zhu Guangquan.
However, Chen Feng and Zhu Guangquan, who were the parties, were extremely calm.
Calm and even made Lin Dong panic, what if there are really five hundred million? Is he really going to jump from here?
Father Nie was also very worried, and even regretted that he had just boasted that he had just gone to Haikou. If Chen Feng’s card was worth five hundred million, then he would give his daughter to Zhu Guangquan for nothing.
A few minutes later, the financial staff of Junsheng Hotel came over with a proof of assets.
Everyone is looking forward to it.
Lin Dong took the lead and was impatient: “How much money is in the card?”
Junsheng Hotel’s financial department did not answer Lin Dong the first time. Instead, he sent the card to Chen Feng to look at him with pity. He glanced at Lin Dong: “Mr. Lin, the balance of the bank card Mr. Chen gave me is 500 million!”
There are actually five hundred million? !
Lin Dong took three steps back uncontrollably, his face pale instantly.
At this moment, he felt his heart, as if he had been hit with a heavy hammer, and his breathing became difficult.
“No…impossible! It’s impossible!” Lin Dong muttered blankly, somewhat unable to accept this fact.
Finance shook his head, did not speak, but looked at Lin Dong with sympathy.
“Where is the card owner? Who is the card owner? Is it him?!” As if thinking of something, Lin Dong suddenly had a look in his eyes, pointing to Chen Feng and shouting excitedly.
Finance only said that the card has 500 million, but did not say who the card owner is. If the card owner is Chen Feng, then he is not a loser!
Because when he bet with Chen Feng, he was betting that Zhu Guangquan had 500 million in his card!
Finance shook his head again and sighed: “The card owner is Mr. Zhu Guangquan.”
Mr. Zhu Guangquan!
Many relatives of the Nie family in the venue took a breath, and the eyes of Zhu Guangquan were full of incredible writing.
These five hundred million are actually the poor ones?
“Impossible! Impossible!” Lin Dong shook his head in loss.
“You must be lying to me!” Lin Dong was a little hysterical, like crazy.
“Mr. Lin has a look for himself and knows if we are lying to you.” Finance handed the asset certificate to Lin Dong.
Lin Dong took it tremblingly, and glanced at the balance above, 500000000.00.
It’s really five hundred million!
Although he couldn’t believe it, Lin Dong took a deep breath, suppressing the dizziness that came from deep in his mind, and continued to look down.
Card owner: Zhu Guangquan.
Lin Dong trembled.
These three characters crushed the last line of defense in his heart.
His eyes began to darken.
There was a puff.
Lin Dong actually fainted on the ground like a puddle of soft mud.
At this time, Father Nie was ashamed of death. From knowing that Kari had 500 million, he knew that he was planted this time.
Regardless of whether the five hundred million is Zhu Guangquan’s, he must marry Nie Qian to Zhu Guangquan today.
Normal people can only see the five hundred million in Chen Feng’s bank card, but he has seen the monstrous energy behind that bank card.
As he had previously thought, if a person can come up with 500 million in cash, then the total assets of that person will be more than 10 billion.
Ten billion assets.
That is a symbol of only a first-line family!
First-line family, does Nie Yuan dare to offend him?
“Qianqian, let’s go with Guangquan.” Nie Yuanqiang smiled, pulled Nie Qian away, and put Nie Qian’s hand into Zhu Guangquan’s hand.
He subdued.
“Dad, thank you.” Nie Qian wiped her tears. Although the process was tortuous, the ending was always beautiful.
“Uncle, don’t worry, I will take care of Qianqian.” Zhu Guangquan squeezed Nie Qian’s hand and said in a deep voice. No matter how arrogant Nie Yuan was just now, he is Nie Qian’s father after all.
When he and Nie Qian get married, they will be a family from now on.
There are no contradictions in a family, which cannot be resolved.
“I believe you.” Nie Yuan nodded, the smile on his face a little reluctant.
At this time, Chen Feng smiled and said, “How many gifts did Lin Dong give you?”
Nie Yuan was taken aback, and said, “Mr. Chen asked what this does? Old man, I am willing to bet. The bride price…”
Chen Feng raised his hand to interrupt: “Will you want it to be your business, but whether to give it or not is my business and Guangquan’s business.”
“What others can give your daughter, we Guangquan, one The points will not be less.”
“Let’s talk about it, how many gifts did Lin Dong give you?”
“Five million.” Nie Yuan paused, he was restrained by Chen Feng’s strength.
“Okay, then we Guangquan, give you 50 million.” Chen Feng said lightly.
Fifty million!
50 million bride price!
Ten times that of Lin Dong!
The breathing of the guests in the room became rush.
Strong wealth!
Typical wealth!
Before, they didn’t know what a local tyrant was, but today they saw Chen Feng telling him without changing his face and giving 50 million yuan as a gift, they knew it.
This is the real local tyrant!
Lin Zhaozhong and his wife were also dumbfounded. The 50 million bride price, even if it was the Lin family, couldn’t get it out?
Chen Feng is really inhumane!
Zhu Guangquan clenched his fists. This time, he did not pretend to reject Chen Feng. Chen Feng had done so much to stand up for him. If he cares about Chen Feng again, he will not treat Chen Feng as a brother.
Besides, just as Chen Feng said, Lin Dong can give Nie Yuan, Zhu Guangquan, he won’t miss a point!
Don’t fight for steamed buns!
This time, he would completely trample Lin Dong to death on the ground.

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