Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 251

“Too…too much, too much, I can’t ask for it.” Nie Yuan waved his hand hurriedly, speaking a bit uncomfortably.
He wanted the bride price, but he didn’t want so much at all.
Ten million, just want to scare Zhu Guangquan, let Zhu Guangquan retreat.
But when Chen Feng opened his mouth, it was fifty million.
Where would he dare to accept this?
He is greedy for money, but he hasn’t been greedy enough yet, to the point where he even dares to ask for 50 million.
“Compared with Guangquan’s happiness, not much.” Chen Feng smiled faintly.
“I will let someone transfer the money to you when I look back.” Chen Feng turned and left without looking back.
Nie Yuan was stunned, looking at the enviable eyes of many guests in the hall, feeling a little at a loss.
“Keep this card, the five hundred million, just as I lent it to you.”
After getting out of the elevator, Chen Feng handed the card to Zhu Guangquan again. For him, five hundred million is unnecessary. But these five hundred million are in the hands of Zhu Guangquan, but Zhu Guangquan can do many things.
“Okay, these five hundred million, just treat it as if I borrowed it from you. When I make money in the future, I will double it back to you.”
Zhu Guangquan took the card and was not polite with Chen Feng. Today everyone’s ugly cheeks are for him to see Now, how important is money in this society.
Without money, you are not as good as shit, at least not everyone wants to step on it.
He didn’t want to owe Chen Feng too much before, just because he felt that he could not repay it.
But this time, he wants to try it once. He wants to use Chen Feng’s five hundred million to earn more five hundred million.
He wants to force himself once.
“Okay.” Chen Feng smiled slightly. Actually, Zhu Guangquan’s potential is extremely huge. What he lacks is an opportunity to soar into the sky.
As long as he is given the stage, what he does will not be worse than others.
After leaving Junsheng Hotel.
Chen Feng returned to Yuquanshan Villa.
The villa was empty, and Xia Mengyao was not at home.
Chen Feng sighed. Since Xia Mengyao knew his identity as the heir of the Chen family, there was an invisible barrier between him and Xia Mengyao.
The last brief separation did not make this barrier disappear, but it deepened a bit.
Chen Feng was a little helpless. It was the first time he encountered this kind of thing, so he didn’t know how to deal with it.
At this moment, an unfamiliar phone call came in.
“Chen Feng.”
The voice on the other end of the phone was crisp, as sweet as a yellow oriole.
Ye Haitang?
After a few seconds of contemplation, Chen Feng finally remembered that it was Ye Haitang’s voice.
“Something?” Chen Feng’s voice was a little cold, if he could, he didn’t want to get too involved with Ye Haitang.
“Can’t I find you if I’m okay?”
Ye Haitang’s tone sounded a bit irritating.
Before Chen Feng could speak, Ye Haitang continued, “I want to see you tomorrow.”
“I’m not free.” Chen Feng frowned.
“I have something to tell you.”
“What’s the matter?” Chen Feng raised his eyebrows. He just killed Ye Haidong yesterday. Did Ye Haitang look for him for her brother?
“About Xia Mengyao.”
“Meng Yao?” Ye Haitang’s answer surprised Chen Feng. What happened to Mengyao?
“If you want to know, see you on Queen Street tomorrow afternoon at four o’clock.” After finishing speaking, Ye Haitang hung up without waiting for Chen Feng to reply.
Chen Feng shook his head helplessly, Ye Haitang really took him to death, knowing that he would lose his sense when he heard about Xia Mengyao.
At four o’clock in the afternoon the next day, Chen Feng arrived on Queen Street on time.
Queen Street is the city center of Cangzhou City, and it is not necessary to say more about the prosperity here.
Although it was four in the afternoon, Queen Street was already overcrowded.
Chen Feng stopped the car to the side of the road and waited for Ye Haitang quietly.
A few minutes later, a black Range Rover stopped beside Chen Feng.
The car window rolled down, revealing a delicate and fair face.
It was Ye Haitang.
“Get in the car.” Ye Haitang smiled sweetly.
Opening the car door, Chen Feng took the passenger seat.
For some reason, he was a bit uncomfortable. Ye Haitang’s temperament was like the weather in June, unpredictable, sometimes indifferent like an iceberg goddess, and sometimes charming as a lovely witch.
“Let’s go, what’s wrong with Mengyao?” Chen Feng couldn’t help asking.
The corner of Ye Haitang’s mouth raised: “I’ll go shopping with me, and I’ll tell you after shopping.”
Chen Feng’s mouth twitched. He thought about thousands of conditions that Ye Haitang would offer, but he just didn’t think about this, shopping?
“Why, not willing?” Ye Haitang picked up the pretty willow eyebrows.
“Yes.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly. If he could, he would rather help Ye Haitang kill someone than go shopping with Ye Haitang.
“Hehe, let’s go.” Ye Haitang smiled and stepped on the accelerator suddenly.
There was a strong sense of pushing back, Ye Haitang’s Range Rover, like a wild bison, roared and drove on the highway.
Pedestrians are paying attention.
“Drive slowly.” Chen Feng frowned. This is a downtown area, but Ye Haitang raised the speed to 140. What should I do if I hit someone?
“Are you scared?” Ye Haitang’s mouth raised a touch of playfulness.
Chen Feng rolled his eyes and did not pay attention to Ye Haitang.
“The champion of the dignified car god cup is afraid of express.” Ye Haitang muttered again, instead of slowing down, he stepped on the accelerator again.
The black Land Rover Range Rover, like a flash of lightning, passed through the traffic, leaving cars behind.
“Damn, is this guy taking drugs?”
Not far behind the Land Rover Range Rover, on a yellow Maserati, the yellow-haired young man sitting in the main driver’s seat patted the steering wheel heavily and couldn’t help cursing.
“Shao Duan, you…you drive slowly, I’m afraid.” Sitting in the front passenger seat, the girl in a cropped T-shirt trembled.
Since Maserati was overtaken by a Range Rover, the yellow-haired young man has stepped on the accelerator like crazy, and he has run through several red lights on the road.
She used to think that Huang Mao Youth racing was cool, but when she was sitting in Huang Mao Youth’s car and racing with Huang Mao Youth, she was not cool at all.
Drag racing is a typical person flying in front and the soul chasing in the back.
If one is not careful, the soul is gone.
“What are you afraid of?” The young yellow-haired man glared at the net red-faced beauty, and then hit the gas pedal, and said viciously: “I must catch up with this stupid today.”
“Let him know, in Queen Street. Son, who is the boss.”
Two flashes of lightning, one black and one yellow, interlaced on the highway.
Ye Haitang had already noticed the Maserati who was chasing after the car.
“Fool.” She sneered and stepped on the gas pedal.
As the co-pilot, Chen Feng simply closed his eyes, ready to get some sleep.
He didn’t intend to reason with Ye Haitang, because there was absolutely no reason for Ye Haitang, a mad woman.
Ten minutes later, Ye Haitang parked his car at the entrance of the mall.
She did not get out of the car immediately, but waited for Maserati behind to catch up.

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