Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 252

Chen Feng shook his head. The Maserati owner behind him was obviously not a fuel-efficient lamp.
He could see it, and Ye Haitang could see it naturally.
Obviously, Ye Haitang wanted to find something.
A minute later, a harsh brake sounded.
Maserati is here.
Huang Mao’s youth was furious and frustrated. He boasted in front of his woman and said that he wanted the Range Rover to know who the boss of Queen Street was. As a result, he was thrown several kilometers away by this Range Rover. .
Lost face!
“Bang” the
young yellow-haired man got out of the car and fell heavily on the door.
I walked to the Land Rover Range Rover and patted the window.
The window rolls down.
Ye Haitang was expressionless.
The young Huang Mao’s eyes widened, and he swallowed the swear words he prepared.
“Beauty, you have good driving skills.” The
young yellow-haired man put away his frustrated expression and changed a smile on his face.
“Get off!”
Ye Haitang’s response, always utterly neat and the
young yellow-haired young man didn’t care, he smiled: “Get off? Where to get off?”
“The double bed room of the Hilton Deluxe Suite is pretty good there. Let’s go there and get off. ? ”
” Are you sure? “Malus transitoria mouth Raising a touch of banter.
“I’m sure.” Seeing that Ye Haitang seems to have a tendency to get the bait, the Huang Mao youth suddenly became excited.
“I really want to go, but I’m afraid my boyfriend will disagree.” Ye Haitang sighed.
Chen Feng twitched the corner of his mouth, with a bad feeling.
“Your boyfriend?” The young yellow-haired man was taken aback, and then he saw Chen Feng sitting in the co-pilot, and a touch of disdain was in his eyes.
“Beauty, don’t you tell me that this kid is your boyfriend?”
“Why, is there a problem?” Ye Haitang smiled slightly, revealing two small tiger teeth.
The young
yellow-haired man slapped his tongue : “Beauty, your taste is too bad, how can you make this kind of stuff your boyfriend.” Said the young yellow-haired man, he walked to the passenger seat and opened the car door. Looking at Chen Feng arrogantly, he shouted in a commanding tone: “Boy, get out of the car.”
Chen Feng smiled playfully, then got up and gave Huang Mao’s seat to the young man.
This bastard!
Ye Haitang’s beautiful eyes widened and she was a little angry. She didn’t think, Chen Feng actually got out of the car.
“You’re a trash, you’re quite familiar.” The Huang Mao youth sneered, thinking that it would take some trouble to drive Chen Feng down, but he did not expect that Chen Fengcheng would be so embarrassed.
Without even saying a harsh word to him, he got out of the car obediently.
Chen Feng got out of the car, and the yellow-haired youth took his seat by himself.
“Beauty, Hilton or Junsheng, you choose…”
“Fuck!” The young Huang Mao was interrupted coldly by Ye Haitang before he finished speaking.
She just wanted to tease Chen Feng and see Chen Feng’s reaction, but she didn’t expect that Chen Feng would not eat her at all.
I would rather admit it in front of her than disgust her.
“Beauty, it’s boring for you to pretend? Your trash boyfriend told Lao Tzu to get out of the car. Why are you still here?” The young yellow-haired man curled his lips. It was obvious that the woman in front of him was talking to him. Play hard to catch up.
“One million! Stay with me for one night, and I will give you one million.” The young yellow-haired man stretched out a finger. The price was one hundred times that of the net red-faced girl he had in the car just now.
Ye Haitang is worth the price. He has been in Cangzhou for so many years. He has never seen such an outstanding woman like Ye Haitang. She leaves hibiscus in the clear water, and naturally goes to sculpting, which can kill the net red-faced beauty in his car for a whole street.
“I’ll give you three seconds to get off the bus.”
Ye Haitang’s voice grew colder.
“One and a half million! Beauty, at this price, I just sleep with some second-tier starlets…”
“Beauty, don’t give your face…”
“Alright, time is up.”
Ye Haitang suddenly sneered. It’s just a kick of the accelerator.
The young yellow-haired man was taken aback, but he couldn’t get any reaction. What did Ye Haitang do.
He didn’t wonder how long.
Because Ye Haitang drove the Range Rover directly and crashed into Maserati!
There was a “bang”.
In the eyes of the yellow-haired youth, Maserati’s flanking body was directly squashed by the Range Rover.
The red-faced beauty standing next to Maserati screamed. She couldn’t understand what happened after the yellow-haired young man got in the car and why he would let the Range Rover hit his Maserati.
“Smelly bitch, you’re looking for death!” The yellow-haired young man’s eyes were red, and he raised his fist in anger and smashed it towards Ye Haitang’s pretty face.
Ye Haitang’s fist was faster than his fist.
The yellow-haired young man didn’t even have a chance to react, so he slammed his head against the car window.
Ye Haitang reversed the car blankly, and then hit the accelerator again.
The Land Rover Range Rover was like a beast that got out of the cage and crashed into Maserati again.
There was a “bang”.
Maserati was knocked over.
However, Ye Haitang seemed to have lost his breath, and controlled the Range Rover again, smashing Maserati from all directions again.
The residue in one place is directly scrapped.
The yellow-haired young man in the car only felt that his heart was bleeding, and the five million Maserati was gone.
Chen Feng shook his head, a little speechless, Ye Haitang, you say she is calm, she is really calm enough, even if she knew she killed her brother, she didn’t react.
You say she is irritable, she is indeed irritable enough, just because this yellow-haired young man molested him, he crashed the yellow-haired young man’s car into a mess.
Ye Haitang closed the car door heavily, and then stood aside with her arms around her chest. Chen Feng’s counterattack made her very upset.
At this time, the yellow-haired youth also got out of the car.
He didn’t trouble Ye Haitang for the first time, but made a few calls first.
After the phone call, he came to Ye Haitang angrily.
“Smelly bitch, do you want to die?”
Ye Haitang didn’t even glance at the young Huang Mao.
The young yellow-haired man was slightly jealous. He didn’t dare to trouble Ye Haitang. Ye Haitang’s hand just now indicated that he was not Ye Haitang’s opponent.
“Boy, what’s the name of this bitch?” Huang Mao’s youth stared at Chen Feng again. He wanted to pick up a soft persimmon. In his opinion, Chen Feng was a soft persimmon, otherwise he would not have said a word just now. So scared to get out of the car.
“I don’t know.” Chen Feng shook his head.
“You TM are his boyfriend, don’t you know?!” The young yellow-haired man was furious, and Ye Haitang let him squat, even if he was a mere rubbish, he dared to treat him like this.
“Is her boyfriend who wants to know her name?” Chen Feng raised his eyebrows.
“You…” The yellow-haired young man choked, but he still suppressed his anger and said: “I don’t care if you know her name or not, in short, you have to give me an explanation for this matter today.”

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