Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 253

“What do you want to say?” Chen Feng said lightly.
“My Maserati was imported from abroad. The original price was more than 4 million. The modification cost more than 1 million. The total value is close to 6 million!”
“But I only bought the TM for less than half a month, today It was knocked down by your girlfriend. What do you want me to say!” The yellow-haired youth stared at Chen Feng viciously.
Chen Feng nodded gently: “You want money, right?”
“Yes, I want money!”
“Six million, no one cent can be less.” The yellow-haired youth gritted his teeth.
“I have no money.” Chen Feng spread out his hands, simply neat.
The yellow-haired youth was furious: “You TM play with me?!”
“Well, I just play with you.” Chen Feng smiled slightly.
“Grass!” The
yellow-haired young man was furious, clenched his fists and slammed towards Chen Feng’s front door.
Chen Feng smiled disdainfully, and casually stretched out a hand and pinched the neck of the young man with yellow hair.
He tried hard.
The yellow-haired young man lifted his feet directly off the ground, his whole body froze in the air, his breathing began to swiftly, and his face turned pale.
“Ho… ho… let go… let go…” The
yellow-haired young man’s complexion flushed, almost squeezing these words out of his throat.
But Chen Feng smiled slightly, instead of letting go, he increased his strength a bit.
A strong feeling of dizziness came from the depths of the yellow-haired young man’s mind, and the yellow-haired young man was panicked.
Just when he felt that he was about to be pinched to death by Chen Feng, his neck suddenly loosened, and then the whole person flew back uncontrollably.
There was a “puff”.
The yellow-haired young man fell heavily to the ground and was thrown to pieces.
He panted heavily and looked at Chen Feng with horror.
He couldn’t even think of killing him. The rubbish in front of him that could be scared off the car by a word of him had so much strength to lift him up with one hand.
At this moment, the roar of sports cars came from the corner.
In the next second, deafening sound waves followed.
Five or six convertible sports cars of different colors and styles lined up in a long line, roaring in an extremely pulling posture.
After reaching Chen Feng’s side, several sports cars did not stop for the first time, but rather arrogantly surrounded Chen Feng in the middle, and began to circle Chen Feng.
Demonstration, provocation!
The young Huang Mao smiled grimly, his helper, here comes!
The harsh brakes sounded, and several sports cars stopped together.
Five or six young people with earrings and different hairstyles got out of the car with an arrogant look.
These young people have different looks and figures, but the looks of their female partners are surprisingly consistent.
Big eyes, pointed chin, high nose.
Obviously the assembly line works of the same plastic surgery hospital.
At this moment, these dozen young men and women stood together, looking up and down Chen Feng, with different eyes.
“Brother Duan, is this kid who crashed your car?” The
headed young man with an inch head had nostrils upside down, looking at Chen Feng with an arrogant expression.
“It wasn’t him who crashed my car.” The young Huang Mao gave Chen Feng a cold look.
“Who is that?” The inch young man was taken aback.
“It’s that stinky bitch!” The young yellow-haired man pointed at Ye Haitang.
More than a dozen gazes flocked to Ye Haitang, after seeing Ye Haitang’s appearance clearly.
The eyes of everyone suddenly changed.
“Brother Duan, this girl is pretty good.”
“It’s not so good, it’s the best!”
“She’s mine, don’t grab it with me!”
“Grab a fart, tie it back, and play together tonight!” Huang Mao Youth Speak coldly.
It can be seen that he has a very high status among the people. With just a word, a dozen young people are silent.
The young yellow-haired man walked to Chen Feng with a sullen face. Before tying Ye Haitang, he had to deal with Chen Feng.
“Boy, don’t say I didn’t give you a chance, now kneel down, give me three beatings, and then I will judge the hand you just hit me, and I will let you go.” Huang Mao youth said in a deep voice, he was Explore the depth of Chen Feng.
“Are you sure you want me to kneel?” Chen Feng seemed to smile.
The yellow-haired young man’s eyelids jumped, and he felt a little uneasy. He thought that when so many people were called, Chen Feng would be a little bit scared, but looking at Chen Feng’s appearance, let alone fear, and even a little joke. With the meaning of, looking at their eyes is like a cat looking at a mouse.
Chen Feng is not easy!
Almost subconsciously, this idea popped out of the yellow-haired young man’s mind.
“Brother Duan, what are you talking nonsense with this kid, just interrupt his two legs, won’t he kneel for you.” The young man with an inch head spit out the smoke ring, his face was daunting.
“Wang Kun, this kid is a practicer.” The young Huang Mao said in a deep voice.
In front of Chen Feng, he didn’t even have a chance to punch. He was picked up by Chen Feng like a chicken. If Chen Feng hadn’t kept his hand, he would have become a corpse.
“Lianjiazi?” Wang Kun looked disdainful.
“I’m pooh!” He spat, and said arrogantly: “I’m hitting Lianjiazi!”
Throwing the cigarette in his hand heavily on the ground, Wang Kun walked up to Chen Feng and raised three fingers at Chen Feng.
“Boy, three tricks!”
“After the three tricks, if I can’t
kill you, I will kneel down and be your grandson today!” Chen Feng frowned, ”
I want to be beautiful!” There are many people who want to be his grandson. Now, this young man with an inch, what a thing.
“You’re looking for death!” Wang Kun became a little bit irritated. It was the first time he saw Chen Feng so mad.
However, he did not do it the first time, but took off his jacket, he must do his best.
After all, he just boasted about going to Haikou, saying that Chen Feng would be solved within three strokes. If he couldn’t solve it within three strokes, he would just hit himself in the face.
After Wang Kun took off his jacket, the tight-fitting vest he wore perfectly revealed his muscular figure, especially the bulging muscles on his forearms, which looked like iron blocks, which was daunting.
It is in sharp contrast with Chen Feng, who is thin.
“I think Wang and a trick that can be solved sucker, did not take three measures.”
“Humble, modest understand? Wang and this is modest.”
“Ha ha, yes, humility. Man to be humble.”
Dozen The young men and women laughed and discussed, with a relaxed expression.
If Duan Chao is the highest-ranking person in the circle, then Wang Kun is the most capable person in the circle.
At the age of fifteen, he was sent to a military academy. At the age of eighteen, he made his mark in the army competition and became the king of soldiers.
The current Wang Kun can play at least ten, which is not the ordinary ten.
Wang Kun stomped his foot abruptly, and his muscles tightened like molten iron.
He leaped high, his whip legs slashed towards Chen Feng’s head like a long knife!
The air was chased by friction.
This whip kick, the bearer’s momentum is pressing against Chen Feng!
More than a dozen young people jumped for joy and cheered for Wang Kun.
On the other hand, Chen Feng under Wang Kun’s legs was motionless, as if frightened stupidly.

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