Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 254

The whip leg approached Chen Feng’s head, but Chen Feng still did not move. Wang Kun’s mouth couldn’t help but a sneer appeared, and his hanging heart finally let go.
I thought Chen Feng was so arrogant and would have some foundation, but in the end he couldn’t even do the most basic avoidance.
That being the case, he didn’t have to stay…
“Kacha” A
crisp fracture sounded.
A heart-piercing pain came from the calf.
The sneer at the corner of Wang Kun’s mouth was completely frozen and replaced by a touch of horror.
He flew out.
It flew seven or eight meters away like a kite with a broken line.
There was a loud “bang”.
Wang Kun hit the Ferrari front cover heavily on the side of the road.
A dozen young people still talking and laughing instantly lost their voices.
Their faces were unbelievable, as if seeing ghosts in broad daylight.
Brother Wang, lost? !
one move? !
How can this be? !
Although he didn’t want to believe it, at this moment, Chen Feng stood there safe and sound, while Wang Kun was lying in front of the Ferrari and groaning in pain.
Sit down!
They can’t help but believe it!
“Brother Duan, what should I do?” Someone asked in a trembling voice. Among them, the one who could fight most was Wang Kun.
But now, Wang Kun has been solved by a single trick.
Obviously, even if all of them are left together, it is not enough for Chen Feng to fight with one hand.
“Call Sun Shao.” Young Huang Mao gritted his teeth. He didn’t want to alarm Shao Sun if he had to, because Shao Sun had just eaten in the Bohai Bay two days ago. He has been in a fit of anger these few days. Now, look for it. Undoubtedly, it is the mold of Shao Sun.
But he must find his place from Chen Feng!
Otherwise, the status of his circle boss will not be guaranteed!
“Brother Duan, Shao Sun is in a bad mood these days, or…”
“Fight! I will carry Sun Shao’s anger!” Duan Hao said angrily.
A call came to Sun Quan’s cell phone.
At this time, Sun Quan was in a club not far from Queen Street. He was panting, and a tender model was still pressed under him.
After hearing the phone ring, Sun Quan covered the mouth of the tender model under his crotch and connected the phone: “What’s the matter?”
“Shao Sun, Brother Wang was beaten, and Brother Duan would like to ask you to come over. . ” ”
Kun was hit? “Sun Quan frowned, not by sprint action lag a bit. He still knows Wang Kun’s skill, even if it is not much worse than his bodyguard.
“Well, the opponent defeated
Brother Wang with one move .” “One move?!” Sun Quan’s pupils constricted slightly: “Is it clear that the other party is the way?”
“No, we don’t even know the name of this guy until now. ”
Okay, hold him steady first, I’ll bring someone over right away.”
After speaking, Sun Quan hung up the phone and left from the body of the crotch tender model.
“Young Master Sun, where are you going? I haven’t had enough…” The pure-looking tender model winked and caught Sun Quan’s waist.
Sun Quan smiled, slapped the tender model’s buttocks, and said, “Xiao Sao, I will go out and get somebody. When I get back, I will play with you again.”
“I want to go with you.”
“Well, let’s get up together, get up and put on clothes.” Sun Quan said a little bit indulging. In the past few days, relying on this tender model, he has relieved most of his anger. .
So at the moment this kind of showy good thing, I want to bring it.
After solving Wang Kun with one move, Chen Feng was a little dull. He glanced at Duan Hao and asked, “Is there anyone else? I’ll leave if there is no one.”
“Yes! Shao
Sun will come over soon!” “Hope Sun When you come here, you can still be as crazy as you are now!”
Duan Hao said with a sullen face, I have to say that Chen Feng’s skills are indeed far beyond ordinary people.
Even Wang Kun’s abnormality can be solved with one move.
However, in this world, there is a saying that two fists are hard to beat four hands!
You can beat one Wang Kun, but you can’t beat ten Wang Kun!
There are more people than people, and their brother-in-law has never been afraid!
“Don’t worry, I won’t let you down.” Chen Feng yawned lazily. He thought that after revealing that hand, Duan Hao should be acquainted with each other, and led his friends, friends and dogs, to run wild.
But who knows, Duan Hao is still not convinced.
However, Chen Feng is not a person who is afraid of things. Since Duan Hao is not convinced, he will fight Duan Hao today!
A few minutes later, five or six SUVs stopped on the side of the road.
The car door opened, and more than 20 thugs in strong outfits poured out. They were sturdy in shape and looked solemn, and they were obviously all battlefield veterans.
The explosive muscles bulging high on his arms are even more chilling.
“Slap” the
silver weapon box was put on the ground, and the box opened, revealing all kinds of standard weapons with blood.
Long knife, fire axe, three-sided army thorn…
This scene immediately frightened Duan Hao and the rich second generation.
Although they often fight with people bravely, most of them use their fists.
This is where I am looking for a place, this is simply a murder.
The onlookers holding their mobile phones and watching the lively crowds are not calm. I thought it would be exciting enough to take a scene of the rich second-generation street fight, but I didn’t expect it to be even more exciting.
The white Lamborghini stopped and the butterfly door opened.
Sun Quan and Xiaonenmo both got out of the car, and then Xiaonenmo took the initiative to take Sun Quan’s arm. She raised her pink neck and scanned the audience like a proud peacock.
The two talked and smiled, and the crowd retreated one after another, automatically giving way to the two of them.
“Shao Sun, sister-in-law.”
Duan Hao and others greeted him respectfully.
In the early years, they were in the same circle as Sun Quan, but in recent years, the Sun family has embraced the thighs of the Nanning Deng family.
With the support of the Deng family, the Sun family’s business is booming. In just a few years, the family assets have multiplied several times. Not only has it become a second-tier family, but it is also the top group in the second-tier family.
One person wins the way, the chicken and the dog ascend to heaven.
The development of the Sun family also gave Sun Quan the opportunity to rank among the top circles in Cangzhou and become the top rich second generation.
Sun Quan at this time has long been different.
Therefore, Duan Hao and the others had to be respectful.
“Where are the people?” Sun Quan said lightly. The more than 20 people he brought this time were all his confidantes. Many of them were veterans who had retired from the battlefield. The strength of these people, let alone deal with an ordinary person. People, even against warriors, can touch them.
“over there.”
Duan Hao pointed to Chen Feng’s seat, and many young people voluntarily gave way.
Sun Quan glanced casually.
This glance made him freeze instantly.
“Shao Sun?”
Duan Chao and others frowned. What happened to Shao Sun?
“You… is he who provoked?” Sun Quan swallowed, only to feel that his scalp was numb.
Duan Chao nodded, and then said in confusion: “Shao Sun, do you know him?” More
than just knowing!
Sun Quan gritted his teeth, the greatest shame in his life was left to him by Chen Feng!
He once knelt down to Chen Feng in front of so many people, and then learned three dog barks!

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