Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 266

“Ice Lotus?” Chen Feng frowned. He seemed to have heard Xiao Guozhong mention that ice Lotus is an elixir with cold attributes blindly worth tens of thousands of gold, and it has a miraculous effect in getting rid of fire poison.
But don’t the ice lotus generally only grow in extremely cold places? Chen Zewen and these people went to Cangzhou to find what ice lotus? Chen Feng thought to himself.
“If you are looking for ice lotus, you should go to Kunlun Mountain to find it. What are you going to do in Cangzhou?” Chen Feng asked. Although Cangzhou is located in the north, the temperature is always extremely high and it is not suitable for ice lotus growth.
Chen Zewen has a great chance of lying.
Chen Zewen was taken aback: “Senior, Cangzhou also has ice lotus.”
“Cangzhou has it?”
” Yes , it’s in Yuquan Mountain.”
Chen Zewen was very sure.
Chen Feng was a little confused. Yuquan Mountain was his site. Would he not know if there was ice lotus?
“Senior, the Yuquan of Yuquan Mountain is connected to an ancient pond, and there are ice stilts in that ancient pond.” Chen Zewen said.
“Why didn’t I know that Yuquan Mountain has ancient pools?” Chen Feng became more and more puzzled. He still understands Yuquan Mountain. After all, he invested 50 billion yuan to develop Yuquan Mountain. But there are ancient lakes in Yuquan Mountain, but he has never heard of it. .
“It’s normal for seniors not to know.” Chen Zewen was not surprised by this: “The ancient pool of Yuquan Mountain, let alone seniors, is not necessarily known to many mountain people who have lived on the mountain for generations.”
“The reason why I know is also because of my master. . ” ”
thirty years ago, I had been to his old master Cangzhou once, in passing Yuquan Hill, his old accidentally discovered the secret of Yuquan Yuquan mountain. ” ”
bottom Yuquan, and communicates with an ancient lake. ”
“The ancient pool is hidden under the ground all year round. There is no sunshine all day long. The water is so cold that if ordinary people enter, they will be frozen into an ice sculpture within a minute.”
“But my master, who had a deep cultivation back then, insisted on staying in the ancient lake. and we have to leave ten minutes. ” ”
ice Tirian was discovered when he left, a total of three, then all but three immature. ” ”
this time I waited over, just to see, then that three ice Tilian, whether it is mature or not, if it is mature, there will only be one of the three ice lotus, and there will be two remaining. I am willing to give it to the seniors as an apologetic for offending Miss Xia.”
Chen Zewen said very well. You are polite, he only needs one of the three ice lotus, and the other two are given to Chen Feng, which shows how sincere he is.
Chen Feng pondered a little without opening his mouth.
The ice lotus is indeed an extremely rare elixir. It matures only once in a hundred years, and it can even be called a treasure of heaven and earth.
In addition to expelling fire poison, it also has the effect of tempering the body and beautifying the skin.
If it is only used for body tempering, it can temper a person without any martial arts foundation into a bright martial artist within ten days!
If only used for beauty, it can keep a woman’s face unchanged for ten years.
This shows how terrifying the effectiveness of Bing Tilian is.
Even in the Chen family, Bing Tilian is a rare thing, and cannot be measured by price.
Now that three plants popped up in Yuquan Mountain at once, it would be impossible to say that they were not moved at all.
However, Chen Feng’s heart was moved back to his heart, and Chen Feng would not have a crooked mind.
“I only need one plant and the other one. I can buy it for a billion.” Chen Feng said. Although Chen Zewen said he would give him two plants, if he swallows both plants, it would be too ugly to eat.
However, none of them were taken, and it was a little unreasonable. After all, Yuquan Mountain is now his site, and Chen Zewen and others are hunting treasures on his site. It is understandable that he is the master.
So the best way is to take one and buy one.
The price of one billion yuan, compared with the true value of Bing Tilian, is not high, or even low, but this is the sincerity expressed by Chen Feng.
As soon as the price of Chen Feng came out, the four brothers of the Chen family were shocked on the spot, and they would not have thought of killing them. Chen Fengcheng was worth a billion.
They have made a lot of money overseas over the years, but they have not made a billion.
And this time the master was seriously injured. In order to manage the relationship, the money was almost spent by them. Otherwise, their four martial artists would not be reduced to the point of grabbing the treasury.
Now Chen Feng is worth one billion, and what they want to buy is still what they intended to give away for nothing. How can he not be surprised?
Although shocked, Chen Zewen did not dare to have any thoughts about the billion.
joked , the two icy lotuses were given to seniors voluntarily by younger generations, and the younger generations would not ask for a penny…” “I’m not kidding.” Chen Zewen was interrupted by Chen Feng before he finished speaking. “I said to buy is to buy, one billion, I will give you a lot of money.”
Everyone was once again suppressed by Chen Feng’s domineering, even Xia Mengyao was a little dizzy at this time, although she knew it a long time ago Chen Feng is very rich, but she never asked how much Chen Feng is.
Until today, in order to buy a lotus flower, Chen Feng had one billion per mouth. She didn’t know that the property that Chen Feng currently owns was probably a figure she couldn’t match.
One billion, enough to buy two or three summer houses.
“Senior…” Chen Zewen wanted to say something more.
Chen Feng waved his hand and said, “Okay, don’t say anything, things are set.”
“At that time, I will go picking ice lotus with the four of you.”
“Yes, senior.” Chen Zewen hurriedly bowed, Chen Feng said that when it came to this, he did not dare to refuse.
Of course, he also understood that Chen Feng still couldn’t worry about him, otherwise he would not propose to go picking ice tylianes with him.
After speaking, Chen Feng was about to leave, but at this moment, the blood jade worn on Chen Zewen’s neck was exposed, and the blood jade instantly caught his attention.
“Who is Huang Lao San?” Chen Feng squinted his eyes. The blood jade worn by Chen Zewen on his neck was seen when he and Xiao Guozhong traveled overseas five years ago.
“Senior knows my master?”
Chen Zewen was shocked. Huang Laosan is his master’s nickname. Only people who are very close to the master know it. How did Chen Feng know?
Chen Feng’s expression at this time was weird. He didn’t expect that the world would be so small, and the four people in front of him were actually Huang Laosan’s apprentices.
“It’s a acquaintance.” Chen Feng’s expression quickly returned to calm. In fact, his relationship with Huang Laosan can’t be explained clearly by knowing two words.
Strictly speaking, he is also Huang Laosan’s savior.
After Xiao Guozhong took him overseas, he threw him to Malaysia alone, where he met Huang Laosan.
At that time, Huang Laosan was quite powerful in Malaysia, he was the leader of the Malaysian Chinese Gang, and Anjin’s later strength.
And he was not in the early days of Dark Jin.
The process of getting to know Huang Laosan was also very interesting.
Huang Laosan had a son called Huang Tianba. Huang Tianba was extremely arrogant and domineering. He liked to bully men and women and sway the market. He was one of the most notorious dudes in Malaysia.

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