Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 267

Because of a woman, Huang Tianba provoked Chen Feng.
Back then, Chen Feng didn’t know what Yin Ren was. He almost beat Huang Tianba half to death on the street, removed Huang Tianba’s two legs, and blinded Huang Tianba’s eye.
Huang Laosan, who learned of Huang Tianba’s tragic situation, said nothing, entangled with the entire Chinese gang and avenged Huang Tianba.
As a result, Chen Feng was killed by nearly seven.
Even if Huang Lao San, the gang leader himself, did not hurt Chen Feng.
In the end, Huang Laosan could only be soft.
Respectfully invite Chen Feng to the door, let Huang Tianba pour the tea and apologize.
Chen Feng waved his hand generously, ignoring the premonition.
Later, there was turmoil in the Chinese Gang, and the second-in-command Li Haichao joined forces with the leader of the Da Ma Gang to assassinate Huang Lao San and control the Chinese Gang.
Under the chance meeting, Chen Feng saved Huang Laosan’s life, letting the Chinese Gang escape.
Huang Laosan was very grateful to Chen Feng, and the two also became brothers of the opposite sex.
So Strictly speaking, Huang Laosan is Chen Feng’s eldest brother.
Chen Feng’s weird complexion made the Chen’s four brothers and sisters even more confused. They intuitively told them that the relationship between Chen Feng and the master was absolutely unusual, but they couldn’t tell what was unusual.
The reactions of the four brothers and sisters of the Chen family were expected by Chen Feng. Five years ago, they were not in Malaysia, so it is normal not to know him.
Chen Feng did not intend to tell them about his relationship with Huang Laosan.
“You are looking for Bing Tilian for Huang Lao San?” Chen Feng asked.
“It’s for the master, the master was poisoned by fire.” Chen Zewen replied with a bow, his expression a little unnatural. If an outsider dared to call his master Huang Laosan in front of him, he would slap him.
But facing Chen Feng, he didn’t dare, and seeing Chen Feng’s appearance, he obviously had a very unusual relationship with the master.
“The Holy Fire teaches it?” Chen Feng raised his eyebrows. The biggest effect of ice lotus is to get rid of fire poison, so it must be the fire attribute technique that hurts Huang Lao San. There are many local gangs in Malaysia, but those who have the fire attribute technique. The gang is the only one of the Holy Flame.
“Senior even knows the Holy Fire?!”
Chen Zewen was shocked and almost speechless, and Chen Feng knew his master even if he even knew the Holy Fire.
Could it be… Chen Feng lived in Malaysia? Soon, Chen Zewen thought of this possibility.
“Is it weird to know the Holy Fire?” Chen Feng curled his lips. He almost knew about the larger local gangs in Malaysia.
“It’s not strange, it’s not strange.” Chen Zewen also realized that he had lost his temper, and he hurriedly shook his head.
Then he said: “It was Kagon, the leader of the Holy Fire Sect, that hurt the master.”
“Kagon?” Chen Feng squinted his eyes: “Why did Kagon act on Huang Lao San?”
“Because the master’s dark power has come to an end. Consummation is about to break through the realm of strength. Once the master becomes a master of martial arts, it will definitely affect the local pattern of Malaysia.”
“In order to prevent this from happening, Kagon united with Songzhu, Renzan, Malaysia and other big gangs. Sneak attack master…”
Chen Feng nodded slightly. The situation Chen Zewen said was no different from what he had guessed. In a small place like Malaysia, the late Anjin was no longer a master in the world. If there is another master of martial arts , Then other people don’t need to mix up at all.
“Where is your master now?” Chen Feng asked. In this case, it is impossible for Huang Lao San to stay in Malaysia anymore, so he is very likely to leave Malaysia.
“Master is…”
“Big Brother!”
Before Chen Zewen finished speaking, he was interrupted by Chen Zeli behind him. Chen Zeli looked anxious and puzzled, as if he didn’t understand why Chen Zewen told Chen Feng about such life-critical matters.
Huang Lao San is now seriously injured and his life is dying, let alone a warrior, even a random ordinary person who passes by, can kill Huang Lao San.
If Chen Zewen told Huang Lao San’s hiding place, if Chen Feng had a little bit of evil thoughts, Huang Lao San would not see the sun tomorrow.
“Ali, rest assured, this senior is a close friend of the master, he will not treat the master.” Chen Zewen smiled slightly and seemed confident. If he didn’t know Chen Feng’s identity at first, then Chen Feng said the holy flame. When teaching, he knew everything.
At such a young age, he is a master of martial arts, and he has also been to Malaysia. He also calls his master Huang Laosan. It is obvious that Chen Feng is the wizard who saved the Chinese Gang five years ago.
At the same time, he is also a brother with a different surname. Anyone could harm Huang Laosan, but Chen Feng alone could not.
“Senior, Ali is not sensible, please don’t mind Senior. Master is now recovering from Zhonghai. Because the people like Kagon sent people to chase after him, only I know the specific address of the master. If Senior wants to know, Zewen can tell seniors in private for a while.” Chen Zewen said.
“No need.” Chen Feng shook his head: “When I find Bingtilian, I will go to see Huang Laosan with you.”
“Thank you, senior.”
Chen Zewen looked happy and hurriedly bowed to thank him, Chen Feng said. He didn’t mean to visit Huang Laosan, but he made it clear that he wanted to make an appearance for Huang Laosan.
“Old Han, arrange a place for them to live.” Chen Feng turned his gaze to the side of Han Long. Shortly after he jumped from the helicopter, Han Long and Gu Dongchen arrived.
“Yes, Chen Shao.” After a slight daze, Han Long nodded hurriedly. He didn’t expect Chen Feng to let Chen Zewen go.
Seeing Han Long, Chen Zewen’s complexion suddenly became a little stunned.
“Ali, hurry up and carry out the things of Boss Han.” What he said was an antique in Han Long’s vault.
“Yes, big brother.” Chen Zeli was just about to order, but Han Long waved his hand: “No.”
“Those things, just treat them as old Han’s meeting gifts for my brothers.” Han Long groaned and said with a smile. Although the antique calligraphy and paintings here are valuable, they are worth about 200 million yuan, and he does not lack that few money.
But these people in front of them are different. They obviously have a deep relationship with Chen Feng, and the four of them are all martial artists. If they can take this opportunity to bring these four to Chen Feng, then he can make a lot of money. Up.
“Boss Han, it’s not so good.” Chen Zewen was a little embarrassed. He didn’t expect Han Long to be so generous and so many antique calligraphy and paintings.
“What’s wrong, everyone is a family.” Han Long said with a grin.
“Well, Na Zewen is disrespectful.” After hesitating for a while, Chen Zewen accepted with a smile. He naturally understood what Han Long meant, and if he accepted things, he would have to contribute to Chen Feng in the future.
Compared with the 200 million, the value of their four warriors is obviously higher.

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