Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 268

Chen Zewen’s sigh was even worse. It is true that he was the fierce man who had saved the Chinese Gang.
At a young age, he is a master of martial arts. Not only is his strength terrifying, he also has a thoughtful confidant like Han Long under his hand.
“Brother Zun’s family name?”
“Chen Zewen.” Chen Zewen smiled slightly, and then introduced Chen Zeli, Chen Zexiong and Chen Zejiao one by one.
Afterwards, the two chatted for a while, and Chen Zewen learned the name of Chen Feng.
When he knew that Chen Feng’s current identity was the son-in-law of the Xia family, Chen Zewen was shocked and almost fell out of his eyes.
Chen Zeli behind him was also dumbfounded, his back was cold.
When Xia Mengyao said that Chen Feng was a warrior last night, he not only didn’t believe it, but also mocked Xia Mengyao face to face, saying that he would pinch Chen Feng to death.
Now Chen Feng has appeared, his realm is a master of martial arts, what will he do in the late stage of Ming Jin?
It’s almost like being pinched to death by Chen Feng!
Han Long arranged several people to his own hotel.
“Brother, this Chen Feng, do you know the master?” Chen Zeli asked anxiously as soon as he entered the hotel.
“More than knowing.” Chen Zewen smiled deeply and said: “He is the only brother of the master with a different surname.”
“Big brother, you mean…” Chen Zeli’s eyes widened: “He is our little uncle?!” Chen
Zewen nodded. , Said: “Ali, Axiong, and Gillian, the three of you, when you see Shishu Chen in the future, you must be polite to Shishu Chen. Although Shishu Chen is still young, in terms of qualifications, he is much higher than us.”
The three of them nodded hurriedly, not to mention their qualifications, Chen Feng’s cultivation base is already there, master of martial arts, this is higher than their master.
And because Chen Feng saved Huang Laosan’s life five years ago, Huang Laosan has been talking about Chen Feng all the year round in recent years, and he values ​​Chen Feng far more than them. disciple.
If any of them dared to offend Chen Feng, they would definitely not be able to pass Huang Laosan.
“Big brother, which family is Uncle Chen from? His talent is too enchanting.” Chen Zeli asked, the 25-year-old martial arts master, let alone China, looking at the world, they are rare. The presence.
“Don’t ask too much, Uncle Chen’s background is not something you and I can argue about.” Chen Zewen’s face sank. Chen Feng’s life experience has always been a taboo topic in the Chinese Gang, because it is Huang Lao San’s lover. He knows more or less.
I know that Chen Feng is the abandoned son of the Chen family, but he is not valued by the Chen family.
Even if he finally came to the master Xiao Guozhong’s school, this situation still failed to change.
Even in the end, Chen Feng fell out with the Chen family, ran away from the Chen family, and came to Cangzhou to become the son-in-law of the Xia family.
Whether it was for keeping a low profile or avenging the Chen family, no one except Chen Feng himself knew.
“Well, big brother, I won’t ask.”
Chen Zeli nodded hurriedly, and Chen Zewen treated it so solemnly, indicating that Chen Feng’s birth must involve an astonishing inside story.
At this moment, Chen Feng took Xia Mengyao back home.
As soon as I walked in, I saw Lin Lan who was wiping tears and Xia Weiguo with a heavy face.
“Mom, I’m back.”
Xia Mengyao couldn’t help but said.
“Mengyao?” Lin Lan was taken aback, she burst into tears of joy, walked a few steps to Xia Mengyao, circled Xia Mengyao, and asked with concern: “Mengyao, are you okay? What did those bastards do to you? ”
Xia Mengyao shook her head: “I’m fine, they tied the wrong person.” These
words were naturally Xia Mengyao’s excuse. Until now, she didn’t know why Chen Zewen wanted to tie her.
“Tie the wrong person?” Lin Lan suspiciously: “It’s impossible.” After
that, she also glanced at Chen Feng, and obviously still felt that Chen Feng was leading everything.
However, she was also very acquainted, and did not talk about Wang Menglong in front of Xia Mengyao and Xia Weiguo.
Lin Lan didn’t mention it, and Chen Feng wouldn’t say much. In fact, Chen Feng also has a headache now, how to deal with Wang Menglong.
Kill directly, then the misunderstanding between him and Xia Mengyao will never be solved. Xia Mengyao will probably always think that he is the master of this matter.
But if you don’t kill, Wang Menglong is like a time bomb buried inside the Xia family. You never know what day he will explode and blow the Xia family to pieces.
“What’s impossible, everyone has returned.” The cloud on Xia Weiguo’s face finally disappeared. As soon as he returned from the hospital, he heard Lin Lan complain that it was Chen Feng who was tied up in order to clear his suspected derailment. Xia Mengyao.
If it were the original him, he would not believe Lin Lan’s words.
But now, as Chen Feng became stronger and stronger, he had to believe it.
As a man, he knows the thoughts of men very well.
The richer the man, the more desire.
Is Chen Feng rich now?
Of course rich!
Moreover, Chen Feng still has power, he has great power!
Ask yourself, if you replace the current Chen Feng with him, he might have derailed long ago.
Rich and powerful, what kind of woman can’t find her, she must hang herself on the tree Xia Mengyao?
Sent Xia Mengyao back to the room.
Chen Feng wanted to turn around and leave, but Xia Mengyao’s unsentimental voice came from behind: “What is the matter with you and Ye Haitang?”
She needed an explanation.
Chen Feng sighed, will he still have to face this problem after all?
Moving his lips, Chen Feng said: “Ye Haitang is my friend.”
“At the bar yesterday, she told me that someone was going to kidnap you…”
“Can’t you talk about this kind of thing outside? Must go to the bar?” Xia Mengyao was cold Asked coldly, she didn’t understand why Chen Feng and Ye Haitang went to the bar to talk about things.
Chen Feng smiled bitterly. He didn’t know how to explain to Xia Mengyao. Could it be that Ye Haitang forced him in? With that said, Xia Mengyao might be even more angry.
Besides, Ye Haitang didn’t force him either.
“If you like her, we can get a divorce.” Xia Mengyao looked calm.
Chen Feng frowned, “Don’t say anything like this again.”
“I will explain my relationship with Ye Haitang sooner or later.”
“The only thing I can tell you is that I have a clear conscience.”
Xia Mengyao sighed. Red lips did not speak.
Chen Feng sighed, “Well, you should rest first, and I will come to see you tomorrow.”
After leaving the Xia’s house, Chen Feng received another call from Ye Haitang.
“Is the person found?” Ye Haitang’s voice was still cold.
“Found it.”
“Would you like me to explain it to you?” Ye Haitang is very clever. She already knew about the video. She thought with her toes how Xia Mengyao would react.
“No.” Chen Feng refused without even thinking about it. Ye Haitang met Xia Mengyao and it was Tianlei hitting the comet. Don’t explain it clearly. If the two of them don’t fight, I’m afraid it will be considered good.

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