Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 269

According to Huang Laosan’s records, the ancient pond at the bottom of Yuquan on Yuquan Mountain will only appear when the spring water returns at the end of each month.
Therefore, the time for picking ice stilts was set to three days later.
During these three days, Chen Feng did not sit idle, but wrote out a few medicinal materials needed to make ice lotus and asked Gu Dongchen and Han Long’s people to buy them everywhere.
There are three ice lotus, and Chen Feng’s plan is to use one for Huang Laosan, one for Xia Mengyao, and save the other for emergencies.
Give Xia Mengyao this strain, and plan to let Xia Mengyao step into the early Ming Jin and become a warrior.
In the future, in case of any accident to him, Xia Mengyao will be a little self-protective.
In a blink of an eye, time came to the next day, but Gu Dongchen’s journey to purchase medicinal materials was not very smooth.
The people who sent out sent back news that several medicinal materials had been bought out, especially the ginseng and fleece-flower roots that were in the last few years. They were sold out without even seeing their shadows.
According to the owner of the medicinal material shop, in the past few days, someone in Cangzhou specially purchased the elixir, and the entire Cangzhou medicinal material market was swept away.
This afternoon, Gu Dongchen sent another message back.
The younger brother who was sent out to buy medicinal materials was beaten.
Moreover, the other party is still a stubborn stubborn dog. Not only did he not leave after beating people, he let Gu Dongchen’s people continue to call people, and called the most awesome people he knew. Today, I will teach Gu Dongchen’s people to be humans.
Helplessly, Gu Dongchen could only call Chen Feng.
“Shao Chen, the cause of the incident was that the owner of Jinzhitang said that he would sell us Polygonum multiflorum, the treasure of the town’s store in their store. When I sent someone to buy, the owner of Jinzhitang suddenly changed his mind and said that someone had a higher price than us. Buy that root of Polygonum for twice the price.”
“And that person’s background is very deep, he can’t afford to offend.”
“I will let Zhou Jinlong stay in Jinzhitang, waiting for the other party to come over, ready to touch the other party’s details.”
“The other party came over. the first time discovered Zhou Jinlong, know to grab Polygonum after Zhou Jinlong, the other on the spot interrupted Zhou Jinlong legs, said Zhou Jinlong, if not satisfied, to continue to encourage people, we have been called up to serve. ” ”
then I continuously send After dozens of brothers passed by, they were all interrupted by the other party. Now the other party is still guarding Jinzhitang.”
Gu Dongchen said with some chagrin.
“So arrogant?” Chen Feng raised his eyebrows, and when the other party did so, it could be said that Gu Dongchen didn’t take it seriously.
“Shao Chen, they seem to be backed by warriors.” Gu Dongchen paused and said: “The medicinal materials in Cangzhou these days are very likely to be bought by them.”
Gu Dongchen’s subordinates are also A Hao, a warrior in the early days of Ming Jin. Sun was also injured by Chen Zexiong, so when he encountered a warrior at this time, there was nothing to do with the warrior.
“I’ll go there.” Chen Feng frowned. After all, Gu Dongchen’s people bought medicinal materials for him. After all, he has to take care of it. Moreover, Polygonum multiflorum is also necessary for making ice lotus. Blindly medicinal materials.
Chen Feng had planned to only take Gu Dongchen there, but when the four brothers and sisters of the Chen family heard the news, they followed them eagerly. In this way, the group of people came to Jinzhitang.
When he got out of the car, Chen Feng saw dozens of Gu Dongchen’s little brothers, but at this moment, they all lay on the ground with blue noses and swollen faces with painful groans on their faces.
The headed Zhou Jinlong was stepped under his feet by a middle-aged man wearing a flowered shirt, wantonly humiliated.
“Let go of him!”
Gu Dongchen roared angrily, Zhou Jinlong was his confidant, and the opponent stepped on not only Zhou Jinlong’s face, but also his face.
“Let go?” The man in the flower shirt smiled playfully and kicked Zhou Jinlong’s chest. Zhou Jinlong slid seven or eight meters on the ground before he slid in front of Gu Dongchen.
Gu Dongchen hurriedly helped Zhou Jinlong.
but Zhou Jinlong vomited blood violently, and a large part of his chest was sunken. Some of his ribs were broken by the man in the flower shirt.
looking for death!” Looking at Zhou Jinlong’s miserable appearance, Gu Dongchen couldn’t help but rattle his teeth. He was about to be blown up with anger. The other party clearly provoke him!
“Don’t you want me to let him go? I let go, why are you saying that I am looking for death again.” The man in the flower shirt laughed, as if he didn’t put Gu Dongchen’s killing intent in his eyes.
At this time, Chen’s four brothers and sisters got off from another car.
The headed Chen Zewen saw the man in the flower shirt for the first time.
“Second Brother?” Chen Zewen was shocked and couldn’t help blurting out. He didn’t expect to see Huang Feihao here.
The man in the flower shirt was also taken aback: “Senior
Brother ?” “Second Brother, why are you here?”
Chen Zewen had a headache. He didn’t expect that he had robbed Han Long’s vault the day before yesterday, and today Huang Feihao beat Gu Dongchen’s people again.
Could this be against Chen Feng’s people?
“I came here to buy Polygonum multiflorum for Ms. Huo, and I came across a bunch of things that don’t have eyes long, so I taught it a lesson.” Huang Feihao grinned.
After speaking, he glanced at Chen Zewen and Gu Dongchen again, and said with dissatisfaction: “Brother, don’t tell me that these short-sighted things are yours.”
Chen Zewen’s head is as big as a cow: “Second brother, they Not my people, but they are my friends’ little brothers…”
“Friend?” Before Chen Zewen finished speaking, he was interrupted by Huang Feihao’s sneer: “Junior Brother, do you say this hillbilly is your friend?”
“What, is there a problem?” Chen Zewen frowned.
“No problem.”
Huang Feihao shook his head, his tone of disdain: ” Junior, who you want to be friends with is your business.”
“But the senior is very disappointed with you. I didn’t expect that you would get here after you came out of the Chinese help. In such a situation, you actually make friends with a local boss in a prefecture-level city?
Tsk tsk .” Huang Feihao sighed, his attitude was high, his tone was full of disdain for Gu Dongchen.
He is a warrior, and his status in the Chinese Gang was not low, so he always looked down on ordinary people from beginning to end.
Gu Dongchen clenched his fists, his face flushed aggrievedly, but he also understood that the man in the flower shirt in front of him was definitely not simple. From Chen Zewen’s name, it was not difficult to know that the man in the flower shirt in front of him was also a warrior, and he was from the Chinese gang. High-level.
At least in terms of seniority, he is higher than Chen Zewen.
“Brother, please be polite to my friend.” Chen Zewen clenched his fists, a little annoyed.
“You are welcome?” Huang Feihao glanced at Gu Dongchen sternly, and said with a sneer: “He is also worthy?”
“Well, brother, I won’t talk nonsense with you anymore. Since you are friends with these rubbish, then I I’ll give you face today. If you don’t clean up these wastes, let them go.” Huang Feihao waved his hand, and said to Gu Dongchen like a fly.

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