Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 270

“Brother, you passed!” Chen Zewen’s eyes were filled with anger. When Huang Feihao was at the Chinese gang before, although Huang Feihao was at odds with him, Huang Laosan was there. Huang Feihao would more or less restrain it.
But now that the Chinese gang came out, Huang Feihao was completely unscrupulous, and didn’t take him seriously.
“Passed?” Huang Feihao’s expression also cooled. He glanced at Chen Zewen and said, “What about it? Junior, you want to do it to me?” Chen Zewen’s
cheeks were tight, restrained, and did not speak.
Huang Feihao smiled openly: “If you do, you four brothers and sisters can go together, let the brothers see, leave the Chinese Gang, whether your practice has improved.”
Seeing Chen Zewen not speaking, Huang Feihao shook his head and said:” If you don’t do anything, the brother can leave. Miss Huo is still waiting for Polygonum multiflorum.”
“Who is Miss Huo? You took refuge in her?”
Chen Zewen asked with gritted teeth, seeing Huang Feihao’s first sight here. At that time, he thought that Huang Feihao was also here to help Huang Laosan, but Huang Feihao said that he was looking for Polygonum multiflorum for Miss Huo.
“You don’t have the right to know Miss Huo’s name, you just need to remember that Miss Huo is from the Huo family on Hong Kong Island.” Huang Feihao looked very arrogant, as if it was a glorious thing to join the Huo family on Hong Kong Island. .
Hong Kong Island Huo Family?
Most people present did not understand the meaning of these four words.
But Chen Zewen was shocked.
It’s actually the Huo family on Hong Kong Island!
Chen Zewen never expected that Huang Feihao would hug Huo’s thigh.
Huo family, one of the four big families on Hong Kong Island!
The real Big Mac family!
According to rumors, the Huo family’s assets amount to five to six hundred billion!
Twenty years ago, when Hong Kong Island returned, the head of the Huo family was even received by the No. 1 and 2 heads of China.
Even now, the senior officials of the Huo family can still talk directly with the top group of people in China.
In recent years, although the Huo family has fallen, their investment in various parts of China Land still has nearly 100 billion.
There are schools and factories built by them all over China.
Their influence in China is far beyond the imagination of ordinary people.
Chen Zewen’s eyes were full of jealousy. If Huang Feihao really hugged the Huo family’s thigh, then they wouldn’t want to clear the door for Huang Lao San.
Even Huang Lao San himself can’t necessarily take Huang Feihao, who is sheltered by the Huo family, to do.
Because the Huo family has martial arts masters, and there is more than one!
“Did you reveal the news about Bing Tilian to the Huo family?” Chen Zewen took a deep breath and asked. The situation is clear now. Huang Lao San was seriously injured and the Chinese Gang was destroyed. Their disciples scattered and fled.
Some disciples are still loyal to Huang Laosan, looking for ways to cure Huang Laosan.
However, some disciples betrayed Huang Lao San, and even took Huang Lao San’s past secrets as a tribute to other forces.
There is no doubt that Huang Feihao is the one who betrayed Huang Laosan. He not only betrayed Huang Laosan, but also told the news of the only Bing Lilian who could save Huang Laosan’s life to Hong Kong Island Huo’s family, as himself. Of the vote.
“Yes, I did reveal the news about Bing Tilian to the Huo family.” Huang Feihao yawned lazily, “Junior, you are quite smart.”
“Huang Feihao! The Huo family took the ice lotus, what do you ask the master to do? Do you know that only ice lotus can save the master?” Chen Zewen roared with an iron face, and Huang Feihao didn’t save Huang Lao San. The news of Bing Tilian, which Huang Lao San depends on, was revealed to the Huo family, which undoubtedly made the situation worse.
“What does the life and death of that old thing have to do with me?” Huang Feihao sneered.
“Also, that old thing is your master, not my master, don’t tell him in front of me in the future, his life and death have nothing to do with me!” Huang Feihao’s face was ruthless.
“You…you traitor, if it weren’t for the master to take you in back then, you would have starved to death on the streets. Now that you say this, wouldn’t you be afraid of thunder and lightning!” Chen Zewen trembled and pointed at Huang Feihao’s nose. Scolded.
Huang Feihao curled his lips, with a look of dissatisfaction.
“Okay, Chen Zewen, stop talking nonsense. Since you are my fellow junior, I’ll give you a piece of advice, three days later, don’t show up in Yuquan Mountain, Bing Tilian, Miss Huo has already booked it, it’s not you Things you can get involved.” Huang Feihao looked cold.
“Of course, if you are not convinced and want to touch Huo’s family, then the senior will not stop you.”
“But the senior advises you, it is better to prepare four coffins in advance.” Huang Feihao sneered, and after speaking, he shook his head. Turn and leave without returning.
But after a few steps he walked, there was an indifferent voice behind him: “The one who hit me, do you want to
leave like this?” Huang Feihao paused, turned his head back with a sullen face, but saw that it was A young man of twenty-five and six.
At this time, Chen Feng stood with his hands in his hands, expressionless.
“Are you talking to me?” Huang Feihao said coldly. When Chen Feng appeared, he saw Chen Feng, but he didn’t care about it at the time, thinking that Chen Feng was Gu Dongchen’s little brother.
But now it seems that he was slapped just now.
Chen Feng, who looks shameless, is the leader of the group.
Even Chen Zewen is faintly headed by Chen Feng.
“What do you mean?” Chen Feng took a step forward and looked straight at Huang Feihao blankly.
Huang Feihao’s heart trembled. For some reason, he actually felt a breath of danger from Chen Feng in front of him.
Forcefully suppressing the anxiety in his heart, Huang Feihao said in a deep voice: “Are you going to care about me for a few ordinary people?”
Ordinary people, this is what Huang Feihao thinks of Zhou Jinlong.
In his view, ordinary people and warriors are completely two worlds.
Yangyang Huaxia has a population of 1.4 billion, but the number of warriors is less than one million.
Every warrior is an absolute elite.
Their identities are equally noble.
For ordinary people and warriors, it is an ant-like existence.
So let alone hurting a few ants, or trampling on a few ants, Chen Feng shouldn’t care about him.
To offend a warrior for a few ordinary people, this kind of behavior is very stupid!
“Ordinary people?” Chen Feng frowned and shook his head calmly: “They are not ordinary people, they are my brothers.”
“Your brother, hahaha.” Huang Feihao smiled suddenly, and then he closed his smile suddenly. With a cold face, “How do you want to stand up for your brother?”
“Stop my arm, or… die!” Chen Feng was expressionless.
“Break my arm?”
Huang Feihao laughed angrily: “Boy, are you kidding me?”
“Do you know who I am?”

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