Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 271

“Don’t say hurting them, I killed them today. That is also their honor, and let me cut my arm. I think you are purely seeking death!” Huang Feihao sneered again and again.
He has given Chen Feng a lot of face, but Chen Feng repeatedly provokes him, really when he Huang Feihao is in a muddle?
“Huang Feihao, don’t be rude to Chen Shao!” Chen Zewen said angrily, but Chen Feng was even regarded as their master Huang Laosan as a guest of honor, and even by generation, Chen Feng should be their teacher. uncle.
If Huang Feihao beat Zhou Jinlong, even Chen Feng dares to humiliate him. What is this not to deceive the master and destroy the ancestor?
“Shao Chen?” Huang Feihao sneered.
“Junior brother, you are really going back.”
“It doesn’t matter if you are friends with a few hillbillies.”
“Now you are still a running dog for an ordinary person, and you still call this kind of stuff a young master?”
Huang Feihao shook his head:
“I am. The face of the Chinese Gang has lost you!”
In Huang Feihao’s eyes, Chen Feng is a real ordinary person, without the slightest amount of cultivation.
The only thing that is unusual about Chen Feng may be his identity, a child of a large family in Cangzhou.
Rich second generation, or official second generation.
This identity, perhaps in the eyes of ordinary people, is an unattainable existence.
But in the eyes of a warrior like him, fart is not!
In today’s world, only those families with top martial artists can enter the eyes of Huang Feihao.
Huo’s family on Hong Kong Island, Xiao’s family in Yanjing, and Ye’s family in Zhonghai…
These families have martial arts masters, and even martial arts masters!
Only such a family is the top family in the true sense!
Such a family, even if you look at the whole world, have unparalleled influence.
They can decide the domestic economic trend and policy situation with a single word.
Even families with great influence overseas, like the Ye family, can directly step down the leaders of some small overseas countries in one sentence.
Heirs who come out of such a family can be called the young master.
Is he worthy of this shameless young man in front of him?
The frog at the bottom of the well dare to talk?
“You’re looking for death!”
Chen Zewen was furious and made a bold shot.
Huang Feihao sneered, greeted him with an iron fist, without any fear.
“Bang” The
two met together, their energies overlapped.
Chen Zewen retreated three steps uncontrollably, his face flushed.
On the other hand, Huang Feihao had a face of wind and light.
“Junior brother, do you have this strength?” Huang Feihao smiled disdainfully, and sneered: “It’s no wonder that you will be a runaway dog ​​for such rubbish.”
Chen Zewen gritted his teeth. He was in the early stage of Dark Jin, but Huang Feihao did. It was the middle stage of An Jin, a level difference, he was indeed not Huang Feihao’s opponent.
“Brother, let’s go together.”
At this moment, Chen Zeli, Chen Zexiong, Chen Zejiao and the three also stood up with angrily.
“Okay, let’s go with you four wastes. I want to see if you four wastes can support me.”
Huang Feihao still looked arrogant, the warrior reached the realm of dark power, a gap in the realm, the gap in combat power brought about by it was totally upside-down.
Not to mention the four brothers and sisters of the Chen family, even with a team of the four brothers and sisters of the Chen family, he has the confidence to win.
Soon, the five were fighting together.
The five of them are all battlefield veterans with a long history, but sometimes, the gap in realm cannot be made up by experience.
Huang Feihao used all his strength to push others back, pushing back the four brothers and sisters of the Chen family.
Chen Feng frowned. It was not that he could not shoot directly, but he had already noticed that Chen Zewen’s realm had been stuck in the early stage of Dark Jin, unable to make progress.
It takes an opportunity for Chen Zewen to break through.
Right now, it is a good opportunity.
Although Huang Feihao’s realm is higher than Chen Zewen’s, he is not directly crushed. He can bring pressure to Chen Zewen.
Heavy pressure and life and death are the best agents for warriors to break through.
Huang Feihao kicked Chen Zeli’s chest and directly kicked Chen Zeli seven or eight meters away, landing like a kite with a broken line.
Chen Zeli vomited blood violently and instantly lost his combat effectiveness.
When Chen Zeli fell, Huang Feihao’s four brothers and sisters’ battle line was instantly torn open by a gap.
One punch, one kick.
Chen Zexiong and Chen Zejiao flew out at the same time.
Only Chen Zewen with red eyes was left.
Chen Feng sighed and prepared to take action.
But at this
moment , an indifferent voice came from behind: “Stop.” Huang Feihao’s figure froze, and his fist stopped three feet in front of Chen Zewen’s nose.
An indifferent old man in a white exercise suit walked over with his hands in his hands.
Walking with him is a middle-aged man in black costume.
The middle-aged man has a large body, his back is straight like a sword, and he walks with an impenetrable momentum.
The two came together, and everyone involuntarily gave way.
When they walked to Chen Feng, neither of them glanced at Chen Feng, but turned their eyes to Chen Zewen.
“Who are you?” The old man in white practice clothes had a torch, and his eyes were full of scrutiny when he looked at Chen Zewen.
“Back to senior, junior Chen Zewen.” Chen Zewen bowed slightly, cold sweat on his forehead.
“Chen Zewen?” The old man frowned: “Is there any registration
in the Wumeng ?” “Back to seniors, the juniors have just returned to China, and they have not yet registered in the Wumeng.” Chen Zewen respectfully spoke. All Chinese martial artists must be registered in the Wumeng. Make a book and leave your identity information.
This is the rules of the Wumeng. Although overbearing, none of the world’s warriors dare not be convinced.
“Give you three days to go to the Jiangbei Wumeng to register and make a register.”
“Three days later, if there is no information from you in the Wumeng, please get out of China!” The
old man spoke calmly, his tone extremely domineering.
“Yes, senior.” Chen Zewen nodded respectfully. Although he was scolded, he didn’t dare to be dissatisfied.
He can’t afford it because of the China Wu League!
Those who dared to provoke the Huaxia Wu League were all dead.
Even the master of martial arts is no exception!
China has three leagues.
Wumeng, Zhanmeng, Longmeng.
Within the Wu League, the responsibility is to supervise all the warriors in China, maintain social order, and prevent the warriors from disrupting the lives of normal people.
In addition to the leader of the war alliance, the duty is to conquer overseas, only when China’s interests are violated, the war alliance will go out.
As for the Dragon Alliance, it is also in the main, but the existence of the Dragon Alliance is not for ordinary people, but for the top group of people in China, political and business minds, scientific research academicians, economic predators and other top talents.
The Dragon Alliance exists to protect these people from harm.
The China Three Leagues can be said to be the cornerstone of China’s Zhen Country.
The Three Leagues are here, and China is here.
The Three Leagues are destroyed and China is dead!
There is no doubt that the three leagues have martial arts masters, and there is more than one!
Who would dare to mess with the three leagues?

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