Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 272

In China, apart from the six great powers, there is no one force that can fight against the three leagues.
Only the warriors of the six great masters do not need to register in the Wu League.
Except for the Six Masters, all warriors must go to the Wumeng to register and make a record, leave their own identity information, and be supervised by the Wumeng.
Of course, registration does not mean joining the China Wu League.
What’s more, it’s just a warning to warn you not to do anything wrong in China.
Wumeng, watching you all the time.
The old man in white clothes walked up to Huang Feihao expressionlessly.
firm slap was slapped directly on Huang Feihao’s face. Five blood-red handprints appeared on Huang Feihao’s face.
The old man’s realm was in the middle stage of Dark Jin, and was no different from Huang Feihao. Huang Feihao could completely avoid this slap.
But Huang Feihao did not dare to hide at this moment, and even had to accept it obediently.
Because the old man’s slap was fanned on behalf of the Wumeng!
“Don’t you know the rules of Wumeng?” the old man asked coldly.
“I know.” Huang Feihao lowered his head, like a kid who made mistakes.

Slap ” was another slap on Huang Feihao’s face, and several bloody teeth popped out of Huang Feihao’s mouth.
“Know that you committed it?”
“Elder Xie, I’m sorry, I won’t dare anymore next time.” Huang Feihao lowered his head and admitted his mistake, with a crazy undisguised resentment in his eyes.
In Malaysia, let alone killing a few ordinary people, no one dares to trouble him.
But in Huaxia, he just hit a few ordinary people, but the people from the Wu League had to slap him in front of a few ordinary people!
“It’s best to be like this.” Xie Qianshan gave Huang Feihao a cold look. The Wumeng’s rule is not to deal with ordinary people for no reason. Even if there are any grievances that are difficult to alleviate, you must apply to the Wumeng. After approval by the Wumeng, Fang Can do it.
The same is true among warriors.
If every warrior would do whatever he wanted and would do whatever he wanted, the day of China would have changed long ago.
“Elder Xie, Huang Feihao, who first came to China, did not understand the rules of the Huaxia Wumeng, so he made this kind of behavior. Please forgive me, Elder Xie.” At this moment, the middle-aged man in black suit suddenly spoke. His face was calm and he couldn’t see the joy or anger.

I’m serious, Brother Huo.” Xie Qianshan waved his hand and smiled slightly: “You and me, you can’t forgive me for talking about it.”
“Brother Huang’s behavior, Xie can indeed understand. When Xie just became a warrior, It’s also like Brother Huang, who is above the top and feels that under the warrior, all are ants.”
“But later, the words of the elder Cao of the general league made Xie understand that, in the eyes of the martial master, I wait for the dark warrior. It’s also an ant.”
“So Brother Huang shouldn’t think that by becoming a dark warrior, you can cross the world, and this world is so big.”
Xie Qianshan’s words are both a sigh and a warning. Huang Feihao can do great things abroad. Fu, dominates ordinary life and death, but in China, he is no different from ordinary people, at best he is a stronger ordinary person.
If you commit a crime, you will be brought to justice.
“Elder Xie pointed out that Fei Hao will definitely set his mindset in the future.” Huang Feihao arched his hands in a very respectful manner.
“Elder Xie, my Huo family has neglected to discipline Huang Feihao. Therefore, my Huo family is also very responsible for this matter. To apologize, my Huo family will give them one million each for those who were injured by Huang Feihao today. Apologize.” Huo Qingsong said solemnly.
The reason why Xie Qianshan wanted to slap Huang Feihao in front of so many people, to teach Huang Feihao, let Huang Feihao understand the rules is only one aspect, but Xie Qianshan wanted to use this to beat the Huo family and make the Huo family pay more attention to their actions.
“Brother Huo is magnificent.” Xie Qianshan smiled. There were more than 30 people injured by Huang Feihao, one for one million, and three people would pay more than 30 million in total.
The Huo family, who is rich and powerful, has this financial capability.
“This little brother, what do you think?” Huo Qingsong turned his gaze to Chen Feng. Although it was an inquiry, it carried a sense of supremacy. In fact, if Xie Qianshan was not by the side, let alone Chen Feng. He has an opinion, and he will not pay Chen Feng even the 30 million.
“Not so.” Chen Feng shook his head.
“Huh?” Huo Qingsong raised his brows. He was able to ask Chen Feng’s opinion. He already gave Chen Feng enough face, but Chen Feng seemed to…do not want his face?
“I said before that those who beat me will pay a price.” Chen Feng smiled slightly.
“More than 30 million is not enough?” Huo Qingsong’s voice became cold.
“Not enough.” Chen Feng shook his head.
“Then what price do you want?” Huo Qingsong suppressed his anger and asked.
“Let him break his arm, or… die!”
“Little friend, the old man has already punished Huang Feihao.” At this time, even Xie Qianshan on the side couldn’t help but speak.
In his opinion, Chen Feng is purely ignorant of praise.
Although the Wu League has rules, warriors are not allowed to attack ordinary people at will, but these rules are based on your own strength.
In fact, if it weren’t for Chen Feng’s little background, he wouldn’t be so heavy on Huang Feihao today, but now, Chen Feng doesn’t seem to appreciate it, and he still wants to live with Huang Feihao, or the Huo family.
This is a bit unclear.
“You punish him, that’s your duty. But the person who beat me must also give me an explanation!” Chen Feng said calmly.
“Little friend is also a warrior?” Xie Qianshan frowned. When he first looked at Chen Feng, he found that Chen Feng did not have any fluctuations in his cultivation. He thought that Chen Feng was just an ordinary person with some background, or even a large family in Cangzhou. The heir.
But now that he has said so, Chen Feng is still so tough. This is no longer justified by background.
Chen Feng himself is probably also a warrior, and his strength is not low.
Chen Feng smiled and did not speak.
At this time, Huo Qingsong gave Chen Feng a cold look: “Little brother, stay on the sidelines and see each other in the future. Although Fei Hao has beaten your people, my Huo family has already given you enough compensation and performed With full sincerity, you don’t know how to advance or retreat, you can’t help it?”
Regardless of whether Chen Feng is a warrior or not, Chen Feng has done a little bit over this matter.
After all, it was the Huo family who stood behind Huang Feihao.
Hong Kong Island Huo Family!
Chen Feng is not giving face to Huang Feihao, it is not giving face to the Huo family!
“I do not know advance and retreat?”
Chen Feng eyes some chills: “He wounded me thirty people, and now I just want him an arm, you actually say I do not know advance and retreat?”
“I do not know the real advance and retreat, it is your home Huo . ” ”
presumptuous! ”
Huo Qingsong rage, madness body underlying strength Gudang, if there is a thousand hills Xie in the side, he absolutely shot dead beat Chen Feng!
The heir to a small family, even daring to insult the Huo family, is looking for death.

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