Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 275

Taking 10,000 steps back, even if Chen Feng is really a warrior, Chen Feng’s age is there after all. He is twenty-five or sixteen years old. It is the late stage of Ming Jin to die. Anyone can pinch to death here.
“Yes, Miss Huo.” Although unwilling, Huang Feihao could only nod his head.
But he still couldn’t help but ridicule a few words: “Junior, follow us for a while, don’t get lost.”
“Also, protect your trash master, don’t let him be scared to pee by the blind bear on the mountain. ”
Chen Zewen had a sullen face and did not speak, then the group began to go up the mountain.
Huang Feihao walked in the forefront, he walked very fast, almost to the point of flying vigorously.
For the warrior, walking on this rugged mountain road is not much different from walking on flat ground.
But for ordinary people, climbing a mountain is a very laborious task. If you want to maintain the same speed as a warrior, you will have to pay five or six times the physical strength.
The more than 20 mercenaries of the Huo family, although their physical strength is different from ordinary people, still cannot surpass the category of ordinary people.
So after just running for more than half an hour, a strenuous expression appeared on their faces.
Huang Feihao sneered and looked back at Chen Feng’s direction.
Even these warlords who have experienced many battles can’t hold it, let alone Chen Feng, an ordinary person, if nothing happens, Chen Feng should be as tired as a dead dog, panting like a cow.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t look at it, Huang Feihao’s eyes suddenly widened at this look.
Chen Feng followed them less than ten meters!
The wind on his face was light and the clouds were light, and even at Huang Feihao’s gaze, Chen Feng’s mouth raised a joking smile.
Huang Feihao suddenly became angry from embarrassment, this trash, is this provoking himself? !
Taking a deep breath, Huang Feihao not only did not slow down, but accelerated his foot strength again, almost to the point of running at full capacity.
“Huang Feihao, are you running so fast to reincarnate!” A
few minutes later, a cold voice sounded behind him, and Huang Feihao’s body suddenly stiffened.
It is his master, Huo Hongyan.
Huo Hongyan’s face was blushing at this moment, obviously very difficult.
“Miss, I…” Huang Feihao smiled and wanted to explain, but Huo Hongyan interrupted with an impatient look: “What am I? Go slow!”
“Yes, miss.” Huang Feihao nodded hurriedly and he patronized I wanted to make Chen Feng embarrassed, but ignored the fact that his master Huo Hongyan was a late Ming Jin, his current speed, Huo Hongyan in this late Ming Jin simply can’t bear it.
Looking at Chen Feng at this time, he still had a face of wind and light. After running for so long, let alone sweating, he didn’t even breathe.
Huang Feihao glanced at Chen Feng bitterly, there was no doubt that he was beaten in the face.
Chen Feng must also be a martial artist, but it is very likely that he has cultivated some techniques to cover his breath, which can make himself look like ordinary people.
After going through this episode, Huang Feihao was relieved a lot and began to climb the mountain honestly, no longer thinking about trouble with Chen Feng.
However, Huo Qingsong, who vowed to frustrate Chen Feng yesterday, was uncharacteristic today. He didn’t even look at Chen Feng again, as if Chen Feng was a dead person.
Near noon.
Everyone finally reached the top of the mountain, and Yuquan was still at the bottom of a cliff on the other side of the mountain.
Huang Feihao did not rush on the road, but ordered a rest on the spot.
His physical strength is still very abundant, but these mercenaries of the Huo family, and the spoiled eldest lady Huo Hongyan, the physical strength at this moment is already somewhat unable to keep up.
No one understands the situation at the bottom of Yuquan. Facing this kind of unknown, it is natural to show the best state.
During the break, the team’s strengths are reflected.
After all, the Huo family has many people, and more than 20 mercenaries have a clear division of labor. Some are in charge of fighting and some are in charge of logistics and medical care.
In just a few minutes, the logistics team of Huo’s family set up the tent, took out all kinds of high-calorie food prepared under the mountain, and had a picnic on the spot.
Huo Hongyan, the eldest lady, is surrounded by colorful fruits and desserts, as if she was not here for treasure hunting, but on vacation.
Compared with everyone in the Huo family, Chen Feng and his group of five are a bit shabby.
When they went up the mountain, they came up empty-handed.
So at the moment, I can only stand by and watch the Huo family eat.
At this time, Huang Feihao squinted and got up, holding a roast duck with attractive color in his hand.
“Junior Brother, I have climbed the mountain all morning. Would you like to eat something?” Huang Feihao shook the roast duck in his hand and asked.
“No need.” Chen Zewen gave Huang Feihao a cold look, and he could do it with his toes. Huang Feihao must have no good intentions to appear at this time.
Huang Feihao smiled playfully: “Really no need?”
“Huang Feihao, don’t you understand human words?” Chen Zewen was a little angry. Huang Feihao’s small tricks are naive, but they are indeed disgusting.
“Junior Brother, what are you doing so aggressively?” Huang Feihao sighed: “I am not worried that you are hungry? After all, you and I were the same door…”
“Get off!”
“Okay, I get off.” Huang Feihao smiled. Not angry.
But before he left, he threw the roast duck on the ground in front of Chen Feng: “Since my brother doesn’t want it, I will reward you for this roast duck.”
“Enjoy, maybe, this roast duck is you. It’s the last meal in my life, hahaha.” After speaking, Huang Feihao laughed and turned away.
Chen Zewen was furious and wanted to punch Huang Feihao on the spot. Although Huang Feihao’s small tricks did not hurt people, they were extremely disgusting.
“Chen Shao, it’s because I didn’t think well…” Chen Zewen was a little embarrassed. He didn’t expect this to happen.
“It’s okay.” Chen Feng smiled slightly and waved his hand. If Huang Feihao thought that such a small method could affect him, then he could only say that Huang Feihao was too naive.
He has become a Huajin fighter all the way. What big storms and waves have he not seen?
“Go and hit a few pheasants or rabbits.” Chen Feng said, the small primitive jungle like Yuquan Mountain, the most indispensable prey is the pheasant rabbit.
“Huh?” Chen Zewen was taken aback. Could Chen Feng still roast game?
Although doubtful, Chen Zewen didn’t think much about it, but took Chen Zexiong to the mountains not far away.
Ten minutes later, the two returned with a load.
For a dark warrior like Chen Zewen, a small stone on the ground can be used as a hunting weapon, so in this mountain, it is simply a simple matter to hit a few game animals.
Seeing that Chen Feng and his party began to pick up wood and roast them on the spot, Huang Feihao couldn’t help but sneered. He knew the details of the four Chen brothers and sisters. They knew nothing but murder. The pheasant and hare they roasted were probably similar to black charcoal. The undead is lucky.
As Huang Feihao thought, the four Chen Zewen brothers and sisters really had nothing to do with the pheasant and hare in front of them. They were good at hunting, but they did not know where to start if they were asked to roast the pheasant and hare.

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