Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 276

“Have you brought a dagger?” Chen Feng asked with a smile.
“Take it.” Chen Zewen was taken aback for a moment, and hurriedly drew a dagger from his waist and handed it to Chen Feng.
At the same time, I was stunned. Does Chen Feng want to do it himself?
As soon as Chen Zewen’s thoughts fell, Chen Feng picked up a rabbit and began to peel and shave the tendons.
The proficient technique is breathtaking, as if Chen Feng has done thousands of times in front of him.
The four brothers and sisters of the Chen clan opened their mouths wide and dumbfounded. They would never have thought that Chen Feng would do it.
In their cognition, the elders like Chen Feng should live a life in which clothes come to stretch out their hands for food to open their mouths. Isn’t this kind of cooking done by domestic servants?
The four brothers and sisters of the Chen family didn’t know that when Chen Feng was a child, he was thrown into the mountains by his mother and survived alone.
At that time, he fought with tigers and wolves, filling his hunger with animal blood.
Throughout the years, Chen Feng has not only accumulated a knack for fighting, but his skill in roasting game has also been trained first-class.
During the time in the deep mountains, there were not a hundred types of game meat roasted by Chen Feng, but eighty.
Naturally, Chen Feng developed a skillful skill in roasting game.
Roasting the hare at this moment, you are familiar with the road.
Fifteen minutes later, two wild rabbits with golden color and fragrance appeared in the sight of Chen’s four brothers and sisters.
Chen’s four brothers and sisters swallowed together.
In the Huo family camp not far away, many mercenaries also moved their throats and moved their eyes to Chen Feng.
Removed the roasted rabbit from the branch, Chen Feng slowly tore it open, and handed the rabbit meat which was burnt on the outside and tender on the inside to the four brothers and sisters of the Chen family.
“Thank you, Shao Chen!” Chen
Zewen wanted to be polite, but the honest and honest Chen Zexiong took the rabbit meat from Chen Feng, and opened his mouth to bite.
At the entrance of the rabbit meat, Chen Zexiong’s eyes widened suddenly, with an incredible expression on his face.
“How is it?” Chen Zeli asked earnestly. The rabbit that Chen Feng baked was delicious at first glance.
Chen Zexiong did not speak, but took another bite, with an expression of enjoyment on his face.
Chen Zeli also took the rabbit meat from Chen Feng. After saying thank you, Chen Zeli couldn’t wait to take a bite. After the rabbit meat entered, his eyes suddenly lit up.
“It’s delicious, it’s so delicious! I’ve never eaten such a delicious thing in my life!”
Chen Zeli chewed rabbit meat in his mouth and slapped flattery without hesitation.
“The rabbit meat roasted by Shao Chen is really good!”
Chen Zewen’s face is not as thick as Chen Zeli, but he also sighed from the bottom of his heart.
Chen Feng’s craftsmanship is indeed not worse than those of five-star hotel chefs, and even slightly better.
Soon, the four brothers and sisters of the Chen family wiped out the rabbit meat they had obtained. After the elimination, they looked at each other, and they all saw the embarrassment in each other’s eyes.
It’s so delicious, I’m not full.
“There is one more here.” As if he had expected the reaction of a few people a long time ago, Chen Feng smiled, took down the other roasted rabbit, and handed it to the four of them.
The four hurriedly waved their hands: “Chen Shao, this is only for you…”
Chen Feng shook his head and interrupted, glanced at the prey piled up in the hills on the ground, and smiled: “There are so many here, and I will roast it.”
The last time he roasted a hare was when he was hunted down three years ago. Today, he finally had a chance, and Chen Feng naturally had a good time roasting it.
After half-pushing and half-stopping, the four of them took the roasted rabbit and started to chop them.
Everyone in the Huo family could only watch eagerly.
Although they also brought cooked food such as roast duck, they were obviously not in the same class as those of Chen Feng’s game.
Huang Feihao’s face is green at the moment, and the four brothers and sisters of the Chen family are not good at baking, but Chen Fengcheng, and seeing Chen Feng’s method, is very familiar with the road, obviously not the first time.
Huang Feihao felt his face hurt fiercely.
Huo Hongyan’s stomach rang softly.
Although the voice was very small, it still fell into the ears of everyone. For a while, everyone’s eyes were very strange.
Huo Hongyan’s face was reddened and she was a little embarrassed. She had eaten a lot of delicacies, but she couldn’t resist it at this moment. The tangy aroma of Chen Feng’s roasted rabbit exudes.
“Uncle Huo, I want too.” Huo Hongyan pointed to the roasted rabbit that was strung by Chen Feng on the branch. At this moment, she has nothing to do with Miss Huo’s family. She is more like a five or six-year-old greedy kid. girl.
Huo Qingsong glanced at Huo Hongyan with a little embarrassment: “Miss, I don’t know how to bake.”
Huo Qingsong is naturally telling the truth. As a warrior of the Huo family, his status is high, and he usually lives a life of pampering and superiority. He might cook in person, let alone roast hare or steamed rice. He has never done it before. Such things have always been done by the Huo family.
“Okay.” Huo Hongyan pouted a little dissatisfied.
Then she retracted her gaze and tried not to let herself look at the rabbit meat on Chen Feng’s grill.
But the more restraint she tried, the more itchy her heart, as if she was scratching with a small hand, making her uncomfortable.
At this moment, Huang Feihao’s eyes rolled, and she confessed: “Miss, do you want me to grab some rabbit meat for you.”
“Get out! I’ll be annoyed to see you!”
Huo Hongyan glanced at Huang Feihao in disgust. I really don’t know what Huang Feihao’s mind is pretending to let her grab someone else’s food to eat?
What if it spreads out?
She is the Huo family eldest lady, not the rogue on the side of the road.
“Miss, don’t be angry, I’ll get out of here.” Huang Feihao smiled and stepped aside, a little unclear. So, isn’t he thinking about Huo Hongyan? How could Huo Hongyan let him get out?
There is plenty of dry wood on the ground and the fire is very strong. Coupled with Chen Feng’s skillful technique, he can roast several game meats almost every seven or eight minutes.
The four brothers and sisters of the Chen family ate forgotten and greasy.
After a while, the lower abdomen will be supported.
Chen Zeli burped, and his face showed an unfinished expression.
Seeing Huang Feihao still staring at him resentfully, the corner of Chen Zeli’s mouth couldn’t help but raised a bit of playfulness.
He picked up a roasted rabbit and shook it at Huang Feihao, then smiled and asked, “Brother Huang, do you want one.”
There is no doubt that Chen Zeli is revenge for Huang Feihao’s humiliation.
Huang Feihao gritted his teeth, it was impossible for Chen Zeli to feel comfortable.
Chen Zeli smiled and didn’t care. Like Huang Feihao, he didn’t think about how to treat Huang Feihao with a rabbit, just humiliating Huang Feihao.
But after all, Huo Qingsong said coldly: “Huang Feihao, go get that hare.”
“Huh?” Huang Feihao’s mouth opened wide, looking at Huo Qingsong for some unknown reason. What does Huo Qingsong mean?
“Are you deaf?” Huo Qingsong’s face became cold: “I’ll ask you to get that hare.”

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